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What I got from a boy who started living alone

Good morning (^-^)/
Finally, my second daughter started going to school.
I was planning to submit documents from the winter courses, but then they told me that I would definitely like to take a trial class and if it was free (laughs), I started going two weeks ago.

Tracommashop school, preparatory school

This is where the car transfer is important ~ (–;)You say you don’t like the children’s school next door… Absolutely.

I hate driving… and I do my best to drive at night (tears).
I don’t know how my mother feels and my mother is waiting in the car with my heart pounding, but my daughter is chatting with her friends and won’t leave her nursery school!

Indeed, “a father’s heart does not care about children.”

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Recently, my friend’s son got a job and started living on his own, so he said, “If you have anything you don’t use, donate it.”

It is not impossible to get from home, but it is far, so he decided to start living alone near his workplace.

My house was completely gutted, so I might not have anything.

Having said that, I went to the attic and, oh, it was suddenly different (laughs)

But when I talked to my husband, he said, “I have preferences, so wouldn’t it be nice if I gave you something like that?”

So I decided to come over to my house to have them look it over and bring back just what I wanted.

First of all, dishes (in the cabinet on the left of the photo). It’s a shame to throw it away, but it’s not necessary to have it in my house.
Thanks for telling me to use it! I received the case.

A clay pot for 2-3 people was used when I was young. (It’s now a #10 pot for 5-6 people!)
an oldie but a goodie If you ask me, I’ll use it too! I’m glad you said that (* ^ _ ^ *) It’s nice to eat it in a hot pot when your friends come over ♪

(For our earthenware pots, see Handmade Clay Lids♪.)

I also got a set of spoons and forks from my parent’s house in Yamanashi, but I haven’t used them, so it would be helpful if you could pass them on to me.

Kids who live alone don’t need a tea set like this! ? I said, but he said he would take that too.

You can send it to the bazaar. I’m glad I slept in the attic the whole time.

Also this hangar.
The light blue hangers are attached to the clotheslines with clips. I bought it from the co-op catalog because it doesn’t need to be blown away by the wind, but I didn’t use it because it was hard to keep it in place (^^;)

My friend said, “Don’t give it to my son, I’m going to use it in my apartment because it’s windy in the apartment” (laughs) Please.

Then the goods storage system?

I don’t use the tension rods and tension shelves that I used in the earlier days of the company, so I asked them to be given to me.
It’s not broken so I thought it would be a waste to throw it away so I’m glad.

It seems that he intends to cook with this seasoning container (great!), so he said to use it.

There are also unused curtains that block light, so if the size fits, use it.

In the end, they took everything that was on the table, except for the punisher.
(The cornice is attached to the new house.)

I was sorry that they took unwanted things from our house, but my friend’s son has a very strong idea and wants to avoid shopping as much as possible and start living with what he has at the moment.

I think it’s really good.

When I first got married, I started my life with dishes from my parents’ house and gifts from a friend’s wedding.

The company was over 40 years old, small, Japanese style toilet, there were ants!
The bathroom was a poor life with a bamboo screen laid on the concrete (^^;)
But I could live on 17,000 yen a month, so I did my best (laughs).

Here’s how I saved money and used it as a down payment on my current home ( ^ω^ )

For now, I think it would be a good idea to try living here, and once you have some freedom of action, you should start collecting things that you like little by little.

But I will miss my son when he leaves home.
Somehow this topic became close to me…

Yes Yes. My friend gave me Costco kitchen paper and rice crackers as souvenirs (^-^)
A souvenir

Costco kitchen paper is big, isn’t it ~ it doesn’t fit in our kitchen paper holder

My friend says it’s very easy to use, so I’m looking forward to using it ☆

See you soon♪

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recently read book

This is a book by Marie Wesa, who passed away the other day.
I started reading Uesa-san’s books in the Kamiyu Isanji series, but this was my first time.
This is the story of Shogun Yenari. Love between different social statuses is painful, but I think Saidu and Yuu were happy.
It was a satisfying ending. Also, the story of the family and the loyal vassals who watched over them was also good.
I like Edo things because they reflect the hard working, honest and kind old Japanese people.
This is a novel that leaves a lasting impression even after you’ve read it.
If you haven’t read it, please read it♪

It looks like it was made into a movie so maybe I’ll watch it next time (^-^)

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