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[Wandklok]Anti-earthquake clock! Think of a way to keep it from falling, even if it shakes vertically.

good morning♪
Last month, when I converted a Japanese-style room into a Western-style room, I repainted the wall.
↓ Read here for details 💛

When you make a new wall, you hesitate to drive even a single nail (laughs).
Wondering what to do with the wall clock I’d been wearing so far, I waited a while without hanging it up.

But I came to the conclusion that I still need a watch💦
It’s a room next to the entrance, so when I go out, I always look at the place I’ve always been, and think, ‘Ah, there’s no clock” (;´Д`)
My family also said, “I want you to wear it,” so I decided to put up another wall clock.

Here’s the watch I used to wear.
This is a watch that I got as a wedding gift 23 years ago from the people I worked for (*´∇`*)
A Disney medley will play~

It’s a big watch so I’m worried about itearthquake.
From now on I want to use it as a guest room, but what if an earthquake strikes while I put down a futon and this clock falls… (((( ;゚д゚))))?
A wall clock is usually just hung on a hook, right? ? (I used to do that too.)
However, there are times when there is an earthquake that pushes up from the bottom so there is a possibility that it will fall.

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I’m very anxious (I’m famous in my family (laughs)), so I tried to figure out a way to keep it from falling even if there was an earthquake.
Look behind the scenes and figure out what to do.
I opened the black battery cover and threaded a strong string through it and tied it tightly.
Try hanging it to make sure the string doesn’t break.
Put the lid back on.
I decided to tie this string to the screw like this ↓
I thought if I put a ring in the toolbox at home, the string wouldn’t come off easily.
First I found a post in the wall and nailed a hook for the clock.
(I thought if it was just drywall the whole sheet would crack and fall down💦)
Double check for pillars in the wall.
↓ Check the position of the pillar with the electrical sensor globally.

↓ Make sure the needle is thick enough to be safe.

It was sold as a set of 2. Double checking is best.

First drill a hole under the hook. (i let my husband do it)
Install the washer and tighten the screw.
It looks like this. The screw holds the string, so leave it slightly away from the wall.
Then pass the string through the back of the washing machine and hook it.
Wrap the string once and then tighten the screw.
Then hang the watch on the hook.
Completion ✨ With this, even if the watch is lifted and released from the hook in an earthquake, the string should prevent it from falling all the way down! (What I think is…)
If you have a heavier watch or picture frame, you can buy a fall arrest wire, so you may want to use that.

For now, I used what I had at home and tried to take safety precautions without spending any money v( ̄∇ ̄)v✨
I’m afraid because the earthquake will come if I forget.
It may be a good idea to check for anything that falls or falls on your head while you are sleeping. I want to do what I can.

See you soon♪
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