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[Voedsel dat thuis is opgeslagen]Introducing the current state of the pantry ♪[Rollend materieel bereid tijdens het eten]

[Voedsel dat thuis is opgeslagen]Introducing the current state of the pantry ♪[Rollend materieel bereid tijdens het eten]

good morning♪
Yesterday, from yocchi,
“If you have a delicious recommended stock food, please introduce it.”
I have received a response (・∀・)With thanks

That’s why I want to introduce the current and recommended food stocks in our pantry (food storage) today!

See here for the story of when I built a pantry next to the kitchen two years ago.

Until then, my computer desk stood where the pantry now stands.
But since it’s a laptop, I can take it anywhere, and I’d rather blog at a large dining table or kotatsu than face the wall, so it’s almost like storage space (laughs).
I took the plunge and converted it into a pantry that reaches all the way to the ceiling.

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Storing/cleaning up

Comfortable storage in my house
Making a stylish room, making a useful room
<woonideeën> Storage Domestic Interior</woonideeën>
Recommended storage method/storage goods

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I keep several things that I use in the kitchen, but the top one contains mostly non-food items such as tools used in making cakes and cookies, tablecloths, and aprons.
Oh, but also a little food (゚∀゚) ahaha
In the case of “Gum Calorie Mate” is like that.
My whole family chews xylitol gum after meals, so I buy a box at the OR store (laughs).
Recently, I like the balance power “Hokkaido butter flavor” more than Calorie Mate.
Cheaper than Calorie Mate
The case of “ramen curry” looks like this.
A case of “tea, coffee and cereal”.
The bottom storage rack is full of bottles and cans!
“Etsuko’s Handy Storage Rack” is sturdy and safe to store heavy items such as cans. Really recommended
I have a variety of canned foods that I like, so if I’m having trouble cooking I open this up and think about it (laughs).
I haven’t eaten the minced chicken (128 yen!) I recently bought at a corporate grocery store, so I don’t know what it tastes like.
The Arabiata pasta next door is delicious and I have bought it many times (228 yen). → Click here for details.
↓ Gyomu supermarket has many rare and delicious things ♪ I write it here.

When I asked my daughter, “Do you have a favorite canned food?”Campbell’s Clam ChowderSo.
Just dilute this with the same amount of milk and you can eat mussel soup right away~
I used to buy huge Costco cans, but lately I think this mini size is just right.
It’s pretty cheap, isn’t it? It was 149 yen at the OK store where I bought this!
Retort etc. are placed in the white case on the right.
Rice that can be heated in the microwave is a gift.
This Singaporean chicken rice base is a chicken thigh and 2 cups of rice so you can make a delicious dinner.
↓ I’ve never seen it in a supermarket near me, so I always buy it on Rakuten.

And this is also a popular item from Gyomu Super! “Adult Omori Curry”
It is a retort product, so you can eat delicious curry right away by heating it up.
Oh my God5 meals for 275 yen including tax! The price is also friendly.
It’s really big, and it’s delicious and popular with the family (・∀・) You’ll be full~💦
The best before date of the curry I bought this time was March 2022. It can be used as stock.
I chose medium spicy this time but next time I’m thinking of buying a spicy one (* ̄∇ ̄*)
Nihongo Blog Village Theme Have fun shopping at Gyomu Supermarket!What
Let’s enjoy shopping at Gyomu Supermarket!

And I put a wagon on the bottom. Only the bottom left cabinet contains ingredients.
I put potatoes and onions in this.
↓ I use this for wagons.

In the back of the car I put rice (30 kg) from my parents’ house in Yamanashi, a jar of pickled plums and (from my husband) 3 kg of protein.

We are a family of 4, but this makes me wonder if I can go shopping for a while.
rolling materialIs that the idea?
I don’t have a lot of delicious emergency food, so I usually buy a lot of delicious retort pouches and canned food, and when I run out I buy new ones to store.
As a housewife, one of my biggest fears is not having food to feed my family.
I usually have a lot in stock.

↓ Your pantry will be handy ♪

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