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Visited my sister’s house as an emergency team!

Good morning♪
The other day I helped my sister’s family calculate their medical deductions.
It’s time to confirm
When I asked my sister, she said she didn’t do anything anyway (。´・(JE)・)
I have a lot of receipts, but just looking at them makes me sick and out of control.
So I spread it out on the table, trying to calculate everything at once.

I had my sister get past receipts, sorted them by name, then by hospital, stapled them all together and made a list.
My family deducts medical expenses every year (boring), so I’m already a pro at deducting medical expenses

But my sister didn’t have any “calculator” at home! I heard that you have always used the calculator function of your cell phone.
So I counted with my smartphone, but it was inconvenient.
After all, I want at least one calculator in my family.

The calculator we bought the other day was small but very easy to type on.
↓ That’s it.

My sister said, “I wonder if I can buy it at a store for 100 yen?”It’s not that expensive.

My sister still had her 2014 receipts (2 years ago) so I prepared to apply for 2014 and 2015.
I do orthodontics for two children, and both easily exceed 100,000.

It’s a waste if you don’t apply!

Tracommatax return

Last week I calculated my family’s medical expenses for the past year. This is important because this time I will also declare my hometown tax.
If you go to the final declaration before, it is empty ~.

Tracommathe story of home money

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Well, the flu has spread (´・_・`)

The other day the flu finally hit my sister’s house and my youngest niece ended up in the hospital.

Oh, I was able to leave the hospital safely, so don’t worry (^-^)

However, while I was in the hospital, I was in a separate room because of an infectious disease, and my sister was with me 24 hours a day.

Also, my mother, who always visits my sister’s house for help, also has a fever! ! in an emergency.

Because my husband has a jobVacation at aunt’sShe decided to leave the key to her sister’s house and take care of the older children.

What happened

Before my niece (2nd grader) comes home, I go to see my sister. Let’s clean up! (←The desk was dirty!)”, I said and cleaned the children’s room.

When my nephew (fourth grader) comes home, let him have a snack, finish his homework and go to school tomorrow.

Then we took the two children home.

We don’t have anything for elementary school children to play at home, but Hide-chan played with us a little before lunch (laughs).
↓Hide-chan walks around the house freely. I am very happy to see the children playing with me☆
Free Walk Hide-chan

TracommaTurtle breeding (・∀・)

I also played a bit on the Wii-U.
↓I hardly use it anymore

Hide-chan likes to chase people, so she chases after her niece.
Don't be a target for Hide-chan

Where did you go~?
Don't let Hide-chan bite your leg

It was already past 6pm when my daughter got home from club, so the four of us had lunch together. (My son is at school, so I can’t eat with him.)

I thought I would like a hamburger, so I made it, but my niece said, “I had a hamburger yesterday!”

My daughter and I were going to have hamburger steaks, and my nephew and niece were going to have ginger grill, but when it came time to sit down, they said, “I really want to eat hamburger steaks” (laughs). )
I was fine with either, so I could eat what I wanted (^-^)

I forget how much the elementary school kids ate, but I’m glad they ate a lot.

During such a meal, my niece suddenly said: “Nothing!”

Hide-chan, who was walking at the foot of the table, bit her niece on the leg.
(It’s a sweet bite, so it doesn’t hurt, but it hurts a lot~)

People in my family already have a habit of running away from Hide-chan, so we wear slippers and have perfect protection, but my niece was barefoot, so of course she would be a target (laughs).

However, my nephew and niece fed him carrots and petted him because he thought Hide-chan was cute and cuddly☆

Then it was time for my daughter to go to school, so I put everyone in the car and took my daughter to school first, then took my nephews to my sister’s.

Fortunately, the older children did not get the flu, so I’m glad.
It’s hard when it comes to order.

In times like these, you need the help of your family.
I thought it was good that my sister lives next door (^-^)

See you soon♪

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