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[Vervanging van boiler]I ordered it online (Rakuten) and it was cheap! I was able to replace it for less than half the gas company price[kostenvermelding]

good morning♪
Today I will write about how I switched to a new gas boiler~(・∀・)♪

It’s a super-sized item that I ordered during the last shopping marathon!
I asked Juplo again, who had been happy to replace the heater before.

Our house is 16 years old.
I’ve lived here until now, and I’ve never had a problem with gas water heaters, and I’ve used hot water comfortably…
In early May (during Golden Week), after I had finished eating, I looked to the kitchen remote to turn on the bath.The electricity is out! ?
It was pitch dark in here
That? I thought it was strange that this always shows the time, but I tried pressing different buttons but nothing happened. No answer.
Is the battery empty? I tried to open the panel, but there is no battery (;´Д`)

Well, when I went to see if I could use the bathroom remote, there was no electricity there either.

Gahn (´;ω;`) It is broken.Don’t take a bath! !

I took out the boiler manual and read it, but nothing has been written about this kind of problem (the remote control doesn’t work).

I didn’t go out because of the influence of the new coronavirus, so I was hesitant to go to a public bath, so what should I do?
When my husband and I argued about which public bath to go to, my son (who was doing the dishes) told me there was hot water in the kitchen.
(Since I’m home every day, the kids clean up dinner for me ( ̄ー ̄))

There was definitely hot water.
That means that the boiler itself is not broken! safe!
I was relieved to find that the shower in the bathroom had hot water because the water heater happened to be on and the remote’s power went out.
I can’t fill the bath with hot water but I could use the shower so I managed to spend the GW. (It would have been warm if it was the middle of winter.)
Note: I couldn’t call Tokyo Gas during Golden Week because they didn’t accept calls except for emergencies like gas leaks💦

I called Tokyo Gas as soon as the GW ended, and they came to fix it the same day.

The power cord at the outdoor water heater seemed corroded so they reconnected it as an emergency measure.
(Repair cost 7,000 yen)
I was relieved when the remote control was restored and I was able to fill the tub with hot water.

However, as the water heater has been in use for over 15 years, I was told it was about to expire.
I was told that if the following problem occurred there would be no parts left and I would have to buy a new one so I would recommend replacing it ASAP before it breaks.

I am not dissatisfied with the current one, so when I asked about the price to replace it with an equivalent one,If you ask Tokyo Gas, it will be over 400,000 yen (; ДД ¯)!

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So I did some research and found that the internet was cheap, so I decided to order from Rakuten.

until now
replace gas stove

Replace dishwasher

I asked Juplo twice, and this time I asked Mr Juplo, who was very good at both being cheap.

I’m glad I asked again this time
The person who came to the construction was a very nice person (*´∇`*)

Rinnai gas boiler no. 24 size bought.

I’ve also included a 10-year warranty just in case.
20,900 yen!

It may seem expensive, but when I asked my friends about replacing the hot water heater, they all cost about 400,000 yen, so it was very cheap.
Less than half the price of Tokyo Gasv( ̄∇ ̄)v

The building process was as follows.

Friday 15 MayOrder on Rakuten

On the same day I got an email asking for the desired date for the build schedule, so I replied with the desired date.

Monday 18 MayI received an email confirming the work date. (Decided to start construction on May 25)

Saturday 23 MayThe remote control and main unit will be delivered by courier.
For some reason, the remote was Mr. Kuroneko, and the main unit was Mr. Sagawa… (laughs)
It was written to please keep it as it is without opening it so I left it at the entrance.
Sunday 24 MayI got a call from the construction worker to confirm I would be there at 10am the next day.

Monday 25 May
At 10 a.m. a construction worker came. The replacement of the device was completed in about an hour and a half.
11:30 remote control construction. Replace the remote control in the bathroom and kitchen.
Then check whether the hot water comes out properly.
12:00Explanation remote control and equipment.

Work completed in 2 hours
The contractor only came for the construction, but he was a very nice person (*´∇`*)

new kitchen remote control
It’s the same Rinnai product as before, so the voice of “The bath is boiling” was the same (laughs)
If you press the Enelook button, it’s different to see the gas bill, etc. Well, I don’t think you’ll see it.
The remote control in the bathroom is slightly larger.
The remotes I used to have a lot of yellowing so I’m glad it’s white ✨
The number of functions has increased, but I wonder how much I can use it (laughs)

The outside is now silver
This timeECO JawsEco-Jozu has a better thermal efficiency than before and can save about 10% on the gas bill! Yay v( ̄∇ ̄)v
I look forward to seeing gas prices fall.
(Additional note: A friend of mine who lives in an apartment said he couldn’t use Eco-Jozu. He told me there’s a small drain like an air conditioner, so if there’s a water heater on the common hallway side, I can don’t recommend it.Be careful~)

I threw the old one away and replaced it with the new one.
Do not forget to enclose the Rinnai customer registration card. (You can also register online)
In the event of a product recall, you will be contacted immediately.
So now that I have a new water heater I don’t have to worry about when it breaks.

Replacing the boiler is certainly cheaper if you order online.

But I think everyone is probably worried about choosing a contractor on the internet, but I’ve asked Juplo three times so far, and it’s been good every time, so I recommend it ♪

According to the contractor, the life of the boiler is approximately 10 to 15 years.
It may take some time to fix it after it breaks, so it’s good to replace it before it breaks.
(It also took 10 days from order to installation this time.)
Especially in winter it often breaks down and is often full of repairs. (Looks like the water heater is working hard to heat up the cold water~ lol)
And it is relatively expensive if you ask for urgent work.
But if there is no hot water for even one day in the winter, it is painful.

If you think your water heater may soon be compromised, consider replacing it before winter.Boiler Bits of knowledge about gas stoves

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