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good morning♪
It looks like Tokyo is going to snow in the afternoon today.Looks like it has already started descending in Setagaya! ? Hurry!
I hope it doesn’t pile up.

National university applications start today.
During the application period, there is only “Taian” today (on a weekday), so I plan to go to the application in the morning.
Usually I don’t care about rokuyo at all, but my mom only cares about happiness in moments like this…(^^;)

Today I get a “web preview” when I move.
Still, there aren’t many photos from that time, and I can’t find any pictures of children’s rooms or Japanese-style rooms (TДT)
I never thought of writing a blog back then.

So I only have pictures.
Today is the 1st floor.

↓Dining room and kitchen 13 years ago♪ I have a sofa and chair for my daughter~.

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This is the laundry room on the first floor where there is nothing like a washing machine.
Only here the floor is a cushion floor. At first it was supposed to be made of pine wood, but since my kid is small I will definitely get it wet! Thought. I was right.
1st floor washbasin
The sink is Reliance. Mirrors are also relaxed.

It can be unusual to have a mirror next to the sink.

Why didn’t you put the mirror in front of the sink?

I was planning to install a dryer on top of the washing machine (gas dryer) ← I didn’t put that one anyway 💦

In that case, the only place to make a window was over the sink.

Is it okay to have the mirror on the side? (laughs)

However, it’s easy to bring your face closer to the mirror, so I think you can put it on the side v( ̄∇ ̄)v

Now I have white tiles (again INAX Mystikiramic No. 0) on the top and side walls of this sink, but I didn’t apply them before.
The splashing water was terrible so I asked if they would put it on later. When my kids are little I always make them bounce so I should have thought about it from the start~.
1st floor washbasin 2

The lighting above the mirror is from Oderique.
1st floor washroom lighting

The ceiling lighting is also oderic.
1st floor washroom lighting 2
All lighting was provided by the owner.
The lighting in the dining room is made in Spain, bought from Lampus.
However, this chandelier does not appear to be a standard item.
dining room lighting

All the chandeliers in our house were bought after seeing them in the actual Lamps store.
dining lighting

The lighting in the living room is from Panasonic.
The nice thing about this lamp is that it hangs about 30 cm from the ceiling.
The ceiling height of the living room is 270 cm, so I thought it would be a bit lighter if it was a bit lower.living lighting

Downlights are installed in the four corners of the living room.

Lighting from ordinary large manufacturers, such as downlights, was purchased online en masse.

This is the toilet under the stairs on the first floor.
The iron towel rack and paper holder are provided by the customer.
The toilet floor is equal to the kitchen, with terracotta tiles.
toilet on the 1st floor

The lighting is a cracked glass shade.
It’s sparkly and beautiful, but it’s hard to clean. Fabric gets stuck in tears💦1st floor toilet lighting
Since the living room was spacious, the toilet could only be built under the stairs, but that’s not a problem (laughs).

This is the chandelier above the entrance.
The white round thing on the back is a motion sensor and it’s set up to turn on the light when someone stands at the entrance.
This motion sensor can be attached to any lighting (I believe it was made by Koizumi).
Depending on the sensor settings, you can also adjust the distance that can be detected.
It was a pain to turn on the lights at the entrance so I installed this one but it was the correct answer.
It could be a natural feature now (lol)
entrance chandelier

This is the recessed spot for the hallway. It also has a motion sensor.porch recessed spot

It would be helpful to have a motion sensor set up automatically for places where people pass, such as hallways and entrances.

There weren’t many pictures, so here are some pictures of the kitchen when we first moved in…
I didn’t have much
The microwave stand next to the cabinet has been used since the company’s housing days when I bought it from Belle Maison.

The cabinet we often get questions about is from RUSTIC TWENTY SEVEN.
I bought it online without actually seeing it, and waited three months, so I think it was a good challenge at the time (laughs).
I really like it.It’s very expensive now, but it was very affordable then…

An old computer desk. I used a desktop computer.
This cabinet is also from RUSTIC and is the same as the lower part of the cabinet.
Well, looking at the picture like that… In the past there weren’t many things…

Next time I will suggest the second floor.

See you soon♪
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