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[Verhaal over het bouwen van een huis]Part 3: Choose a home manufacturer

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“Story of building a house”…Today is a story to decide a homemaker.
While I was working and having a small child, I think I searched a lot (laughs).
But at the time, I was obsessed with building houses~ I’ve always pre-recorded “Tenkan Tanbou” and “Dream House” and watched them many times (laughs). I was reading (^-^)

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We bought the land in October 2003, when my son was in the middle of the year.
I liked the kindergarten I went to, so I wanted to move when I started primary school.

So I had a year and a half before I moved.
This was great!
It helped that I had the time to slowly start looking for a home builder.

Because I really couldn’t decide (´・ω・`)

It took about half a year to choose a manufacturer.

I went to the housing exhibition hall and saw most of the big ones.

We then showed some maps and told them what we wanted and asked them to come up with a map and estimate.

↓ I hope I wrote at the time. I gave it to the manufacturer and said, “I want to make such a house,” and asked them to think about the floor plan.

Picture of a desired home A bright home with a natural interior
・Walls are white or ivory
Pillar and floor are the brightest color (light)
・Sash is white or natural (wooden)

“I want to avoid the northeast. (for demon port)

■ 1st floor
Make LDK + Japanese style room (6 tatami mats) + toilet, bath, washroom and dressing room.
I want to make the LDK as wide as possible.
The Japanese style room continues from the living room and when you open the fusuma you want a floor plan that makes it look like a connected room.
If possible, I would like to have the Japanese style room entrance directly from the entrance side, separated from the living room side.

■ Kitchen
I would like an opposite kitchen. I don’t need an excuse.
I want a window in my kitchen.

■ Toilet
I’m not particular about it, but I want ramen.
I would like to avoid the entrance if possible.

■ laundry room
I want it to be as wide as possible.
I want a space to put a storage shelf for towels, underwear, etc.
I also want a space to put a basket for the laundry.

■ Bath
It doesn’t have to be too wide. 1 tsubo is enough. A unit bath is fine.

■ living room
Ceiling as high as possible. Large and high windows. I want it to be as clear as possible.

■ Dining
I’m glad it’s clear.

■Japanese Style Room
I want a Japanese style room with 6 tatami mats or more on the first floor. I also want a closet.

■ 2nd floor
3 rooms (6 tatami mat Japanese style room, 2 6 tatami mat children’s room), toilet, small washroom, closet, and preferably a small study area.
The children’s room should be oriented to the south as much as possible. The couple’s bedroom may be on the north side.

■Parking for 1 car, I also want a bicycle shed.

■ Since the house is on the north road and the house is built on the south side, I want to open the south side as wide as possible.
If possible I would like to open the garden about 5m.

I am a careful owner~💦

If it’s a big country, I think different plans can be made, but it’s a country with significant restrictions, so I’m well aware that it’s going to be difficult.
In fact, there are many things I couldn’t do in my current home. (Continued Japanese style room…)

However, I would like to ask a manufacturer who can convey different wishes and make a plan that best suits their needs.

So, looking at the floor plans made by each company, I realized that Sekisui House and Sekisui Heim have meter modules, so the stairs and hallways are wide.If the land is limited, it will become a bottleneck and it will not be possible to get a large roomThat’s what it means. ← It might be different now, but

In addition, major manufacturers were expensive and impossible (tears)

The initial estimate alone was slightly above budget.
How much would it have been if I actually built it and made several changes… (laughs)

Looking at different things, I almost chose a certain imported home manufacturer whose price is not as high as that of the largest manufacturer. …But I couldn’t be happy with the room layout, and it would be a shame to have air conditioning throughout the building, even in rooms I don’t use.

I still have a copy of it.
I loved the country style and natural interior of the magazine.
It was a small hardware store that I had never heard of.
It may be too expensive to order from a place that’s in a magazine… But if you just want to ask… I mustered up the courage to call the number listed in the magazine.
The president immediately came to my house to listen to the story.
And the next time I came, he and the designer brought me a sketch of the floor plan.
look at the mapgreat emotion!
They made a spacious living room (LDK 23 tatami mats) that no other manufacturer could!
I was happy when I saw this map. . .

What reminded me of the map was the LDK on the south side.nothing butThe ceiling is 270 cm.
Our house has a ceiling of 270 cm only in the LDK area on the first floor, and the north side of the first floor (entrance, Japanese style room, toilet, washroom, bath) has a ceiling of 240 cm.

This allowed us to protect the “Northern Diagonal Line”. ←Strict elevation restrictions on the north side💦

Also, if you go down the hallway and enter the LDK, it suddenly opens and the ceiling gets higher, making the room seem bigger.

In this way, when going up from the north side of the second floor to the south side, there are two separate stairs.
↓ This is an old photo.
small and discreet
Only the manufacturer devised such a floor plan.

Although I was impressed with the layout of this company at the time,broken house” was seen as a problem and I heard a few stories about the manufacturer going bankrupt during construction.
I was very concerned whether it would be alright to ask a small construction company to do the job.
Should I still ask for a stable major…?

But the president there“Housing Performance Guarantee System” of the Housing Guarantee CorporationHe explained that even in the unlikely event of bankruptcy, the registered company will build it and there is a 10-year warranty.
home warranty 
It is a good idea to check whether such a guarantee system exists before signing a contract.

I have visited several houses built by the company.
The house smelled of wood, and the atrium dining room and terracotta floors were very pretty.
I also heard about the impressions of life there.

Later, if I were to determine the details of the house, I would say, “The color of the kitchen door is Mr. ‘s, so I chose that color!” But what brand is it?” and “Please use the same color. color combination for the exterior walls and roof tiles as Mr. △△’s house.”

Even if you look at a small sample, you can’t really understand it, but you can understand it well if you visit the house itself.
It was really helpful and I am grateful.
Then the floor plan was revised little by little (actually it was the same as the original design, but I made an atrium in the middle).

The proposed floor plan (living room)…the kitchen was moved later. There are many other changes… I’m sorry I’m a selfish customer…
Application map 

Provencal style house with Spanish tiles on the roof, Marvin wooden wings on the windows, solid pine and Italian tiles on the floor, imported wooden doors for the entrance door, solid pine for the interior doors and fixtures, and plastered walls on the inside. a house that uses many natural materials.

I was very surprised when I looked at the quote as I thought it was very expensive because it was a certain material.
Cheaper than the first quote from a major manufacturer! I could not believe it.

I signed a contract in May. It took half a year to find a manufacturer and make a floor plan.
Since our house is an imported house, it will take two months to ship the materials from the United States by sea.

I ordered the parts in June and the groundbreaking ceremony was over Obon.
Then construction started, and the contract was for delivery in February.

The following is the story from the groundbreaking ceremony to the foundation construction.

*Please note that we are unable to respond to construction company inquiries.
I was looked after very well, but I think big companies have a sense of security. Choosing a contractor is difficult.

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