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[Verhaal over het bouwen van een huis]Part 2. land purchase

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Yesterday my son’s center exam was successfully completed. Thank you so much for your support.
I heard I mispronounced the name of the country of Moomin (! I study science, but I chose “Geography B” for society~). The next is the second test…💦

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Well, the story of building a house was 13 years ago (laughs), but since I wrote this article 8 years ago, I also feel nostalgic.
It’s fate to meet the land, isn’t it?

↓A girl who stood on the land before the house was built (laughs)

I’ll be re-posting the article from that time, so if you’re interested, keep going.

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We talked about buying my own house, but I hadn’t decided yet whether I would buy an apartment, a detached house or land.

The commercial housing was in a very convenient location near the station, but was also close to the city center and was popular and the land price was very high.

For the time being I saw a folder in the newspaper and visited several places nearby ♪

Visit 1: Second-hand apartments  
A beautiful second-hand condominium called Won Yong Seon was for sale in front of the nearby station, so I went to check it out.
At the time it was about 12 years old, but a room of about 90 square meters was less than half the price.
There was one lift for each of the two apartments and it felt luxurious but I didn’t feel like buying it as the beams were sticking out and the amenities around the water were so old.

Visit part 2: Newly built condominium 
I also visited a model room of a new condominium planned for the station, but this time it was expensive and narrow… ×.

Visit part 3: Detached house for sale  
I also went to see a detached house at the next station, but the house I could afford was far from the station and on a steep slope.

At the same time, I started looking at housing fairs and housing magazines, and my admiration for single-family homes grew stronger, so I decided to limit my search to single-family homes.

But at the time, ‘defective housing’ was a hot item.
A special feature was set up on TV and images were repeatedly broadcast of marbles rolling on the floor, rotting pillars and mold growth, etc. (;´Д`)
So, if possible, we wanted to buy off the ground and have it built by the maker of our choice.

Therefore, the first choice is “Land without building conditions”.

If you buy land and build a house, you have to buy a place with a lower land price or you can’t afford it.

It took me a long time to commute to work, but I decided to look for a place a little further from the city center.

I bought a free Recruit booklet and “Housing Information” and searched hard for a home.

When I called the real estate agent when I found a property that I thought was good in “Housing Information”, I was always told “The person in charge is out of the office so I’ll call you back so please let me know your phone number. ” (smile).
Then I got a call and said, “The property is decided, but what kind of property are you looking for? I’ll introduce you to others” (laughs).
Come to think of it, it was a “lure property”!

However, if you ask the local broker about the land you want, it will be easier as they will send you new information by FAX.

This is how I became acquainted with a certain country.

It’s only part of this country (laughs)
Country 1 
It was a lot of land being sold at the same time.
It is a country that has always been a field.

By the time we discovered the land, it was nearly sold out, and only two lots on the north road remained unsold. This is a quiet residential area in a class 1 low rise residential area.
The land was perfect for the “50 tsubo” and “no construction conditions” conditions, but the problem was “land facing the north road”.
It was decided to build a house on the south side.
I was told that land with little sunlight was not good, and I was really worried, but all the land on the south side was already sold out and I couldn’t buy it (and the price was high on the south side, so I could do not buy).

But after some research I found out that depending on the floor plan, the sun will come in.
If I take a garden of 5 m to the south, I can leave a gap of 1 m in relation to the previous house, so that I can make a distance of 6 m.
I decided to buy it because I thought there was no more land.

The land was purchased at the end of October 2003.
It’s been about 4 months since I started looking for my house.
On the same day we applied, another piece of land was being sold, so it was hardly safe.

↓I went to visit my daughter who was so small (*´∇`*)

Even now I am very happy that I bought this land.

It’s a relationship~
I have made many friends in my neighborhood whom I will love for the rest of my life (I think), and I help each other raise my children.
At first I was disappointed that the building coverage was 40% because I couldn’t build a big house.

In addition, every house has a large garden, so I think building a spacious space with the neighbors at a distance produces a beautiful cityscape.

I’m really glad I decided to stay here♪

The next step is to choose a home builder. Again, this was a tough one for me.

Until next time♪

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