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[Verhaal over het bouwen van een huis]Part 1. until you decide to buy a house

good morning♪
I’m in the middle of the exam…
I’m a little nervous for my son’s exam (← I’m not going to do anything lol), and I don’t have the mental space to write a blog post💦

So, I’d like to repost the “home making story” I wrote earlier.
There was also a request from Mr. n via email, stating, “I want to hear the story of when the house was built.”

This article was written when I first started blogging in March 2010, but I posted too much personal information (laughs) and made it private later.

If you know this article, you’ve been reading it for a long time~( ̄ー ̄)

I’ll post the text and photos almost as they were then, so if you’re interested, please read them.

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Today is the story of housing transition until you decide to buy a house ′′

The first place we lived after we got married (1997) wasCorporate apartment for newlyweds (corporate housing)used to be.

It was in a convenient location for commuting (we both worked at the same company), but it was a 40 year old cramped 2DK company house with a Japanese style toilet!
The washing machine is on the balcony (outside)!
The bath is made of concrete with a counter top.
There were a lot of ants (when I came back there was a line of black ants from the Japanese style room to the kitchen), and the noise was overwhelming.
but,Rent 17,000 yenSo I endured and lived (laughs)

And if you start with such a house, the advantage is that every place looks like a great place to live (laughs).

The following summer my son was born.
At that moment, my husband’s overseas assignment was suddenly decided ( ̄▽ ̄;)!!
I heard the story in the hospital bed where I gave birth to my son. I was so shocked I cried.

I’m not very good at English or driving.
It was my first time raising a child and I was concerned when my baby got sick.unintentionallyWe go together…(T_T)

I left the company house (after all, I only lived there for a year and a half) and went to America.
He lived in Cupertino, California.

It is the heart of Silicon Valley, where Apple is headquartered.
Luckily there were a lot of Japanese living in my area (I could live in Japanese lol).
There is also a circle of Japanese mothers so you can play together in the park or at someone’s home.
There was a Japanese doctor, and there was even a Japanese supermarket like Yaohan.
A spacious parking lot where you can enter all the shops and parks from above and by going forward you can go outside again!
Even I, who can’t drive well, managed to drive.
But I had a hard time leaving everything to my husband, so my English didn’t improve at all. huh

The house I lived in AmericamansionSo the ceiling was very high, there was a fireplace and a private garden, and it was spacious and comfortable. It was a spacious and spacious home unlike Japan.
The townhouse has a large lawn and play area, as well as a free-to-use swimming pool and exercise room.

My son and I walk the grounds↓
America 4America 3

I traveled to places like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and it turned out to be a much more fun life than I originally thought.

↓My son was placed in Yosemite National Park (laughs)

My son’s ocean debut is in Santa Monica~ (I just saw it)
America 5    

Son lifts a rock in Monument Valley (lie)
America 1 

After I returned this time after working in Japan for about a year and a halfCorporate housing for buyers (this time an apartment)withdrawn.
I have lived here for about 5 years.

After returning to Japan, my son started kindergarten in April and I went back to work.
My daughter was born two years later.
The rent here was 40,000 yen including the management fee.
3DK55 square meters.
I struggled to store things as it was small, but being on one floor there were no stairs and I didn’t have to worry about falling.

↓It looked like this (lol) This dining table is now used at my sister’s house.
It’s messy ~ (laughs) I still use the round table in my daughter’s room.

A small living room of about 4.5 tatami mats occupied by toys.
This table is now used next to the dressing table.

However, this corporate housing for acquirers was limited to eight years.
That means I have to leave the company house when my son is in the third grade of primary school.
I was sad that he was going to switch schools halfway through, and if he were to buy a house, I wish he would move by the time he started primary school.
Until now, I’ve lived in the place specified by the company, even though I was dissatisfied, and never had to worry about finding a place to live.

But what if you were free to find a place to live?
It is a waste of money to always live in a rented house.
But can I buy my own house?

My husband is the eldest son of a farmer in Yamanashi, and only child!
I wonder if they will allow me to buy a house…

But when my husband asked my parents over the phone they said ok. Thank you.
Since I can’t commute to Tokyo from my parents’ house in Yamanashi, my parents seem to have been willing to live here until retirement.

So in the summer of 2003 (when my son was in high school), I started looking for my own house.

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