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[Verbouwing kleine toiletruimte]Selection of floor materials ★Re-upholstery from cushion floors to floor tiles. The tiles I chose are… these ♪

good morning♪
Earlier I wrote about plans to renovate the floor of the Japanese-style room on the first floor and the floor of the washroom (・∀・)

Construction is scheduled for September, but I’m really looking forward to it!Reform, expansion, reconstruction

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There were several things to choose from such as the flooring material and the color of the room in Japanese style, but the most difficult wasbathroom floors!

↓I decided to replace it because I couldn’t remove the stains from the washing machine legs…💦
up to nowpillow floorused to be.
At the time of construction, the imported home builder who built our home told me that “cushion floors (cheap materials) are not suitable for imported homes (I don’t want to do it)”.
(He was a contractor who had a higher ideal of the house than the donor lol)

The manufacturer recommended real tiles or floors (solid pine).
The kitchen floor and toilet floor are made of genuine Italian 30 cm square terracotta tiles.
Click here for details

But we still had small children, so the floor of the washroom (dressing room) was…

・If you use tiles, after taking a bath (!) you may run with wet feet and slip and fall. And it will be cold in winter.
・With a solid floor, running with wet feet (!) can get wet and ruin the floor.

We opted for a pillow floor, assuming the kids would run out of the tub and flee into the living room (who cares).

When children are small, they get dirty, and safety comes first~(;´Д`)

I think the pillow floor was the right answer.

If it gets wet, just wipe it off quickly, and it’s fluffy, stretchy, and soft and warm.

However, the softness is the neck and the washing machine leg marks are left behind 💦
This time it was decided to re-stick it after 16 years of construction.

I don’t have small kids anymore, so I was wondering if other flooring materials would work.

What can be considered a bathroom renovation flooring material is…

・Pillow Floor
・Real tiles
・Floor tiles (resin)

There were four types
I’ve used the “cushion floor” so far and found it soft and easy to mark, so I decided not to use it anymore.
The “floor” is much thicker than the cushion floor, so I realized that re-sticking would be a big undertaking, so I rejected it (;´Д`)
The “real tile” is also much thicker than the cushion floor so far, so it is rejected because it creates a stepping stone.

After all, it has moderate hardness and ease of use,floor tileI decided to choose from
Download the catalog~
Floor tiles are not real tiles, they are the same as pillow floors.“Vinyl Chloride Resin Material”floor material.
Not as soft as a pillow floor,Hard and resistant to scratches and dentsYes.
Also, like tiles, it is a 45cm x 45cm board, so if it gets dirty or has a dent it can be repaired by replacing just one of the parts. (I’m going to get some spares!)

That’s why I chose different things from the thick catalog and ordered some samples.

At first I thought of making it dark gray, but my family said it was “cold” and “looks like concrete” (^-^;
Seeing it in the catalog and actually putting it on the floor gives a different atmosphere.
I was told this doesn’t like it because it looks like it has scratches on it (even though it’s a marble pattern).
I was told that the beige on the left should have a warm shade but that would be boring as it is almost the same as now~
Put it in different places and think about it…(´・ω・`)
This slightly sparkling feeling might be good ~
Since it’s on the north side, I don’t want it to be dark and cold.
Catch the family, which one is better? ? I kept asking (laughs)
“Eventually I’m going to do what my mom likes, right?”
Exactly ( ) Ahaha ← Eh
I just wanted you to agree with me on what I chose~( ̄ー ̄)
And in the end I chose this.
Toli’s Royal Stone “Luminous” PST2187
It is the brightest color and has a glossy feel. ← I like flashy.
Because I don’t want the bathroom on the north side to get dark!
Well, how will it be?
I’m looking forward to the build ✨

See you soon♪
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