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Use what you have at home without spending money ♪ Name your toothbrush and make cleaning the sink easier ☆ Toothbrush storage idea

good morning (´∀`)

Cleaning around the toilet is a chore every day.

WEB view * toilet

Wipe the moisture around the cup and toothbrush and change the towel…

I want to make cleaning a busy morning a little easier! i think

So this time I changed my toothbrush to a new storage method.

By the way, I improved another thing that I was worried about.

If you have a big family, are you confused about which toothbrush is the best, even if the colors are different?

This time I attached a name tag to my toothbrush.

As for how I did it, yes.
How to store a toothbrush

It’s easy because you just replace it when you throw away your toothbrush ☆

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Until now, my family used to put their toothbrush in the MUJI toothbrush holder.

Until then → MUJI toothbrush stand
Hand basin

blog about rural topicsI really like MUJI MUJI
blog about rural topicsItems recommended by MUJI~ ♪♪
blog about rural topicsMUJI information

Replacing it with a MUJI toothbrush holder made brushing easier than the type I used before…

Here is an article from that time. → Think about where to put the set of toothbrushes

But still the MUJI toothbrush stand is dripping with water… Each brush was a pain to pick up, wash with water, wipe back and so on!

So this time I changed the toothbrush storage as follows (・∀・)

yes. Hang up! This is a strategy.
How to hang it?♪

Any thread will do. Make a loop with the thread and hook it to the hook.

I was wondering if I could do this with what I had at home without buying as much as possible.
I thought plastic would be good so I searched the house and found this.
cable tie

This is an item called a tie that I bought from Daiso years ago.

I think the different lengths are sold at any store for ¥100 at home centers.

This means that if you put it through the hole, it won’t come out again.

It is disposable, but in the hole of a toothbrush.
Skip it like this and cut the excess thread. (I later cut it more narrowly.)
skip the fasteners

Then you can hook it.

For toothbrushes that don’t have holes (there are quite a few!), use two crossed cable ties.
cross two

If you do it this way, it’s perfect! But the next time I buy a toothbrush, I’ll make sure it has a hole in it (laughs).
just like that

If you hang it this way, you can clean the sink by simply wiping it down, making cleaning a lot easier than before.
new toothbrush storage


Also, I thought about it, but I want to name my toothbrush (laughs)
Anything goes with this binding tape, so all you have to do is pass something that serves as a mark.

For young children, buttons of their favorite characters can be used or the colors can be coded with beads of their favorite colors.

I looked around the house thinking plastic would be good because it has water around it.
I prefer one that can be cut to any size with scissors.

・Plastic food packaging (slightly thicker)
· clear the file

I came up with something like this, but I have some extra at home, so I decided to give it a try.
silicone cup

This is a silicon cup to put in lunch.
Since it can be washed and used multiple times, I thought I wouldn’t need that much.

Cut the bottom of the silicone cup in the shape of a circle with scissors and make a hole.
make a hole

Create a tag like this ↓I tried to write “mom” (laughs)← Because I can’t put my name on the blog.

I wrote this with an oil pen but it’s thin and I can’t write well (;´D`)
The names of the others have not yet been released.
treatment with a toothbrush

Hmmm. I wonder if there is a better way.
It would be good to put a sticker with the name of the land on the plastic plate.

If you have any good ideas, let me know~♪

Yes Yes! Shops sell plastic card rings for ¥100.
I think it would be nice to use this instead of a bandage ♪ It’s colorful and cute ♪

It’s more fashionable than a bandage (laughs)

But this time I thought about things I had at home instead of buying them and it turned out like this ヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ

I don’t like metal when it rusts, so I think plastic is better.

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In addition, this time I specifically pushed him away so that no photos would be taken (laughs).
I also figured out how to flip a cup over in the bathroom.
I will introduce them next time☆
toothbrush (2)

See you soon♪
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