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Turn a 100-yen tie into a uniform ribbon ♪ I’ll show you how to make an ESTBOY-style school ribbon ♪

Good morning♪

My daughter will be a high school student starting this April, and in her high school, uniform ribbons and cardigans are free (‘・ω・`)
It would be easier if the school decided.
Fashionable girls seem to change their ribbons every day…( ̄∠ ̄)Be in trouble.
My daughter said, “I want more variety.”

So the other day my daughter and I went to “EASTBOY”, a store for middle school and high school girls.

But… it’s expensive~( ̄▽ ̄;)!!

A uniform ribbon was over 2,000 yen (TДT).

…so I thought I could do this, so I made a school uniform ribbon
Handmade school uniform ribbon

What is the material?Series 100 yen tieW (*゚o゚*) W
Mother handmade ribbon

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I tried to find fabric at home, but I couldn’t find a shiny and strong fabric that could be used as a ribbon.
So I looked for 100-yen shops and found a lot of ties
I’ve never seen it before (laughs).
A series of ties

I bought two ties at Seria for 100 yen. After that, when I went to Can Do, I found the tie a bit too bright, so I thought I could find something I liked by looking at different shops.

(4/25 postscript: Thanks for your comment.
Please note that the Daiso tie is not wide enough when I make it with the pattern paper. )

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<እንዴት መስራት>> *I made two, so don’t worry about the two types of fabric mixing together ~(laughs)

① Loosen the thread at the back of the collar and stretch the fabric (easily untie). Remove the core and the cover.
It contains such a core

Put it in a metal cloth.
Iron and expansion

(2) The size of the ribbon pattern looks like this. (referring to the only ribbon I have at home♪)
Add a 1cm seam allowance around each piece.
Pattern paper

Place the paper pattern on the back of the tie fabric, draw with a chalk pen, add a 1 cm seam and cut.
How to place the stencil

③ How to make the upper ribbon.

Sew the long side with a sewing machine, split the seam in the middle, and iron it.
How to make the upper ribbon 1

Turn the fabric.
How the upper ribbon works 2

Fold both sides in a loop and sew with a sewing machine.
How to make the upper ribbon 3

like this.
ring (2)

With the seam in the middle, fold the middle into three folds and tie with thread.
The upper ribbon is complete!
Make a pile of 3 and tie with thread

④ How to make the bottom ribbon.

14 cm wide sewing machine.
How to make the bottom ribbon 1

Spread the seam allowance and iron it in the middle.
How to make the lower ribbon 2

One side is closed with a sewing machine, then the fabric is turned inside out, and the other side is sewn by hand.
(Make sure the stitches are not visible)
How to make the lower ribbon 3

The bottom ribbon looks like this (about 6cm x 14cm)
Looking from the table

Make a pile and a half and tie the center with string. Completing the bottom ribbon.
Make half a mountain

Connect the upper and lower ribbons with thread.
Connect the ribbon at the top and bottom

④ How to make a string.

Make a thread with a width of 1 cm.
I turned it inside out first and sewed it with a sewing machine, but it was so thin that I had a hard time turning it out.
Then sewing by hand is quick!
So, I folded the fabric so that it was 1 cm wide and sewed it on the back side.
Be careful not to impact the table
Hand sewing

Once you have the two cords, tie them to the ribbon.
Make two strings

First, knit the long thread (necklace) in the middle of the back side, and then glue the back side with the thread in the middle of the thread.
The back looks like this

It has been done so far.
Sew on the back

⑤ Finally, make it elastic for the neck.
I think there are many ways to do this, but I found the bow tie iron on Okadaya to be ideal♪
Metal tools for bow ties

As expected from Okadaya ♪ , I thought it was sold out by Rakuten ♪ .

Please refer to the diagram on this site for installation instructions.

The rubber is a standard 100-yen tire that I had at home.
100 yen rubber

Pass the tire about 5 cm through the triangular bracket.
Pass the rubber

Insert the string on the left side of the ribbon and sew down.

Next, cut the rubber to 30 cm and sew it like this in the metal material.
The opposite side

Sew the end of this elastic to the string on the right and you’re done!
The size can be changed freely, which makes it easy to wear and take off.
Bow tie hardware

That’s it, done☆
Handmade school uniform ribbon

I’m thinking I did the first one so it took me about two hours but I did the second one in an hour♪
It may be possible to produce in large quantities☆
I think it will be sold in the bazaar or the market (laughs).
You may be able to make an unused tie at home.
Handmade school ribbon

When I showed her my daughter who came from school, she was very happy♪
I immediately wore it today~.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚
Blue is beautiful

The ribbon is so beautiful~
On the other hand, I’m glad my daughter used it because I can’t wear it anymore♪

Save money by making handmade fun with 100 ingredients
I’m glad ~(* ̄∇ ̄*)

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