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[Tohoho]”Attach anti-scatter film to window glass” as a countermeasure against earthquakes and typhoons… failed (^-^;

good morning ♬
Bought on the last shopping marathon,Impact film for window panesI got it, so I stuck it with my husband on Sunday (*´∇`*)

It arrived a long time ago, but I didn’t feel motivated enough to leave it alone.
But lately I feel like there are a lot of earthquakes happening… (´;ω;`)
I tried to insert it.
The windows in my house are made overseas by a manufacturer called Marvin, and since they are double-glazed, I don’t think either of them will break easily. I wanted to put it on the inside of the window so that even if it did break, the glass wouldn’t fly around the room.
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It arrived tightly packed so it wouldn’t break.
It’s easy not to cut it because it will be cut to size to order and delivered.
(This kind of film is hard to cut~)
▼ Here’s a story about how I cut and pasted a movie myself in the past. (I pasted on the stairwell window and front door ^^)

It comes with a squeegee (spatula), construction fluid (mini bottle) and a spray nozzle.
first of allkitchen transparent windowI taped it. (I failed to put film on this window💦)
(This time I bought films for three places: the sliding window in the kitchen and the sliding window in the children’s room✨)
You can stick it as is, but it’s easier to remove, so remove the window.
After thoroughly wiping the window glass on the dining table, spray the glass with construction fluid liberally.
Then remove the film separator and spray the film generously.
Place the film on the glass.
It’s easier to do if you spray a lot of it ♪
Remove​​​​​​water from the center using a squeegee and crimp. ←I should have done it more carefully~.
I wiped the water around the edges with kitchen paper.
Just stick it on! (But then it fails…)

In the same way, I removed the windows in my daughter’s room and my son’s room and glued them to the dining table.
These two windows are east and west, so they are frosted.
I gradually got used to it, and from the 1st to the 2nd, from the 2nd to the 3rd… so I’ll get dressed soon (laughs)
put the window back
It’s done ✨ It’s originally cloudy glass, so I don’t know what I’m holding on to.
Now I feel safer from earthquakes and typhoons (* ̄∇ ̄*)

The day I put it on, I didn’t notice it, but the next day, when I looked at the clear window in the kitchen…
It might not be obvious at first glance, but…
There were air bubbles like peas…💦Gyaa.
So far the stair window, the entry window, the window in my husband’s room, etc.I used to put it on frosted glass.Didn’t you notice that…?
In the clear window, the air bubbles were quite visible like a polka dot pattern (;´D`)
Wow~ big mistake 💦
after thinkingclear glass is hardI thought.
If it’s frosted glass, you won’t notice if it has bubbles.

If you think about it, yes.
It’s hard to put a movie on a small LCD screen like a smartphone!
It is very difficult to stick on a large glass without air bubbles…

Therefore, we do not recommend placing it on a large transparent glass or similar.
After a little research, it seems that the “crimping process” should not be stopped.
It seems important to gently and carefully push out the water and air.
We made mud so that water and air would remain.
So far, I’m glad I’m wearing it in the sense of “not falling apart” and I always have blinds on this window… Ah, but I sometimes look out of this window while I’m cooking, right?

Do you want to insert it again in the future? ? (I’ll be using it like this for a while because it’s a waste of money 💦)
It might be better to ask the merchant to make clear glass (´;ω;`).

See you soon♪
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▼ The story of how a blindfolded sheet was tied on the bathroom window. I failed the first time here. A job that requires scrupulousness.

▼ Here is the story of attaching the insulation sheet.

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