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To avoid paper clutter

good morning!
Today I received a question via email the other day, so I’m going to write about “how to clean up documents”♪

They brought a lot of papers to the house, didn’t they?

Today I’d like to share with you what I do to keep my paper clutter free…
(I think there are many duplicates of what I have entered so far)

· Newspaper/advertisement

In the morning, as soon as my relatives read it, I put it in the newspaper box.
If you need it, you can take it out again, but you rarely see it again.
Now you can watch TV programs on your TV screen.
I’m the only one who reads the evening paper, so I put it in the newspaper compartment as soon as I read it.
I keep the newspaper box in a hard-to-see place behind the couch.

Poi and newspaper can be put on top.
Newspaper box 3

I’ve been reading the newspaper since childhood, so I can’t stop. I also like looking at flyers (laughs).

↓ I bought it a long time ago, but that’s all.

・Direct mail ・Flyers that can be placed by mail

You need very little.
Take a quick look at the contents, take only the plastic part and the part with the address (personal information), and immediately put the paper part in the newspaper box.
Place the flyer in the newspaper as is.
Come to think of it, my daughter got direct mail from a popular (?) smile workshop at my house.
This means that the information was leaked from Benesse (–;)
smile workshop

Our family has never bought Benesse products, but it looks like we should have put our name on the brand in the aquarium…

・Personal letter

I mostly use e-mail now, so I don’t write letters much.
I leave letters sent to my husband (many of them from the bank, etc.) on my husband’s desk (in his office on the second floor). When hubby reads and doesn’t need to, he throws in the trash can in his room, so when I pick up the trash, I separate the paper waste and throw it in the newspaper bin.
Other cards and letters that will be used (invitations, city hall response documents, etc.) should be placed in the basket at the entrance to the living room (written below), and the letters that you want to keep – in the New Year’s card increase. (It can be used to confirm a change of address, etc., so keep it there until the end of the year Christmas card.)
The New Year’s card is placed in the intermediate storage next to the computer desk.
A case for a New Year's card

For how to make a casket, see Making a casket for New Year’s cards.

· Letters from your child’s school

Read it and if you have important meetings, mark them on the living room calendar. I put it on my calendar on my phone.
Then place it in the printable school file pictured above. (At that time I took out the old prints and put them in the newspaper box).
Prints that you only need to see once (prints that you consider irrelevant) are immediately thrown into the newspaper section (^^;)

・Documents, tickets, monthly payment bags, etc. that can be used immediately

If you don’t put the tickets and monthly payment bags where you can see them at all times, you’ll forget about them, so I put them upright in the basket at the entrance to the living room.
living room entrance

This basket. I bought the basket for 300 yen at Kitchen Kitchen.

Here you can see it when you pick up your keys when you go out or use SECOM so you don’t forget it.
I currently have a Tokyo Gas construction post, an invitation to Sweets Paradise (my son won the lottery), and a postcard for an upcoming exhibition (I’m looking forward to it!).

· Receipt

When I receive something I bought online, I immediately fold up the cardboard box and put it in the pantry, and put the receipt in the basket in front of my computer desk.
When you come back from shopping at the supermarket, etc., take your check out of your wallet and put it in your basket.
When I have receipts and receipts, I write them in Excel and paste them into my receipt book. (1 year storage)

・Children’s textbooks, notebooks and prints left in the living room

Is it just us? ? Children still do their homework at the dining table or the living room table (–;), so they sometimes leave unused textbooks and printed materials in the living room.
If he’s there, I’ll have him take it to my room on the second floor, but if he’s not, I can’t help but put it on my desk on the second floor. I don’t know the rest (`・ω・´)! !

Getting rid of unnecessary paper in this way, the living room is always empty and clean (laughs)

If you have a family of four, your house will be full of paper every day.
If left untreated, it will grow larger and larger.
That’s why I try to get rid of unnecessary things.

Paper waste is collected as recyclables at least once a week, so I bag it up and take it with me every time.

When I throw it in the trash, the amount of stuff in the house is reduced and I’m happy to be neat ♪

Do you have any other documents…? ? I will write when I have an idea.

See you soon~♪

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