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The summer performance of Σd(・ω・*) is still in time!! ️ It’s not just about losing weight ✨ The more you know, the more you want to do it!

In recent years[галаданне]gained popularity as <дыета, якую вы хочаце паспрабаваць> and <трывожны метад дэтоксікацыі>.

I go there about twice a year♪

It is said that there are many people who have never tried it, even though it is becoming more and more popular…

For such people and girls with a high sense of beauty
I will tell you secrets and charms[посту]that the more you know, the more you want to do it (*´艸`)

≪❶ What is a sting in the first place? ≫

“Replace dirty cells with clean ones”

Resting a tired digestive organ, suppressing the secretion of digestive enzymes and immediately activating metabolic enzymes
A health and beauty method that replaces dirty cells that have accumulated harmful substances with clean cells (*´▽`*)
Easy to say, detox what you don’t need and boost your body!! ️

Abstain from food for a period of time to cleanse your body and replace your cells!

≪❷ Can I not take anything? ≫

I’m going to cleanse by skipping meals, but that doesn’t mean I’m not taking anything at all!

*Enzymatic drink
*Cold-pressed juice
*Lent camp, etc.
Various manufacturers and stores specialize in fasting (cleansing).

If you don’t give them good nutrition, they will get dizzy (;´・ω・)

≪❸What is the effect of fasting? ≫

1. lose weight
2. beautiful skin
3. Improvement of the intestinal environment
4. up metabolism
5. increase immunity
6. Improvement of sensitivity to cold
7. Balances female hormones
8. Anti-aging
9.Relieve fatigue and feel refreshed
10. There are many happy effects such as improvement of chronic constipation (*^^)v✨

≪❹Enzyme drinks are popular, but what is an enzyme? ≫

There are two main types of enzymes
*Lent enzymes that exist in the human body (internal enzymes)[стрававальныя ферменты][метабалічныя ферменты]
* Extracorporeal enzymes that also support digestive enzymes[харчовыя ферменты][ферменты кішачных бактэрый]
can be divided into

Enzymes produced in the body are limited and decrease with age⤵
It starts to decrease rapidly after my twenties (;∀;)

During fasting, you should pay attention to hidden enzymes
[Стрававальныя ферменты: праца, звязаная з страваваннем і ўсмоктваннем шляхам расшчаплення ежы]and[Метабалічныя ферменты: праца, звязаная з фізіялагічнымі з’явамі, такімі як метабалізм і вывядзенне]
This balance is important! When the metabolic enzymes work normally, the cells are reset and normalized, and the excess substances in the cells are removed, resulting in beautiful and healthy cells★

When fasting when receiving high-quality[харчовых ферментаў]outside the body[стрававальныя ферменты]are stored and[метабалічныя ферменты]are activated (^_-)-☆
That’s why I need it[Enzyme Sting]when enzymes are included!

Three important steps you should know while fasting:
1. Preparatory period: a period of regular and healthy lifestyle to prepare the stomach and intestines
2. fasting period
3. Recovery Period (Recovery Period): If you suddenly switch to a normal diet after your stomach has rested, it will cause rebound and upset! This period is very important!

The ideal food for a successful preparation and recovery period -[ko・to・ma・go・wa・ya・sa・shi・i]✨
Ko: Grains (brown rice, buckwheat, buckwheat, etc.)
G: Red pepper (spices such as red pepper, pepper, etc.)
Ma: Beans (soybeans, black soybeans, natto, miso, etc.)
Go to: Sesame seeds (sesame seeds, walnuts and flax seeds)
In: wakame (seaweed such as wakame and kelp)
Me: vegetables
From: fish
Shiitake mushrooms (champignons)
B: Potatoes (potatoes)

★☆Good food☆★

❶Enzyme-rich raw vegetables and fresh fruits
❷Enzyme-rich fermented foods (natto, miso, kimchi, soy sauce, rice bran pickles, pickles, etc.)
❸ Low GI foods (soba, cereals, etc.)
❹Short-chain fatty acids (wakame seaweed, kelp, pickled plum, black vinegar, etc.)
❺Linseed oil (linseed oil)

★☆NG Food☆★

❶ White sugar
❷ Food supplements
❸ Meat (animal protein)
❹ High GI foods (white rice, udon, white bread, etc.)
❺ Lipid peroxides and trans fatty acids

I think the effect will be different if you are aware of these things or not (*´艸`)

An easy to understand explanation of my stomach condition (/ ω \)

The summer performance of Σd(・ω・*) is still in time!!  ️ It's not just about losing weight ✨ The more you know, the more you want to do it!

This is an enzyme drink fast that took 5 days: 1 day to prepare → 2 days to fast → 2 days to recover!

☆Weight -2.85 kg
☆ Fat -3.6%
☆ Waist -5 cm

I ate too much in the winter and stocked up on this, but it was refreshing (^^)/
The tug-of-war, which has become unequal, is partly equal ✨

Not only did my body feel invigorated, but my sense of taste was normalized and my taste was sharp.
My bowel movements are getting better and I feel like my skin is in good condition ♬

My stomach seems to have become smaller so I don’t have to eat too much and I think I’ve started to like foods that are good for my body (*´艸`)

Juice cleanses are also popular, but I’m the enzyme drink groupie (^^)/

There is a recommendation

Esthepro Laboratory

The summer performance of Σd(・ω・*) is still in time!!  ️ It's not just about losing weight ✨ The more you know, the more you want to do it!

Thank you so much for your products here (^_-)-☆

There is also a fasting salon in Aoyama, where you can not only buy products, but also get a free consultation and measure your body composition.
If you are new to fasting, it’s perfectly fine to just consult, so I think it will be useful even if you visit once (◍ ´꒳` ◍)b

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