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The correct answer for this album♪♪

This is a continuation of the tidy up of the last photo, but the album in binder form is very nice ♪
I was able to save a lot of photos and I was able to neatly store photos that were in a lot of albums.
(Although I also got rid of the photos to some extent)

↓HAKUBA album.

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I removed the photo from this album.

I’m going to dispose of the fuel album system because it can’t be used if it’s cleaned.
I think I will use the pocket album system elsewhere.

The album I bought this time is the type where you insert photos from the top, and there are 30 sheets that can hold 6 L-sized sheets on one side.
album 2

In other words, you can store 6 x 2 x 30 = 360 photos in one album.

However, I can add 10 more sheets, so I decided to buy extra sheets for larger photos like group photos (replaceable size K mount) and place them on top of the album.

When the kids go to kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, etc., the number of group photos is amazing!
“Memory Photo”, “Spring Excursion”, “Autumn Excursion”, “Skiing Class”, “Fun Party” and others.
Group photo

These group photos are of different sizes.
When you use this K size mount, any photo will fit neatly.

okPoints for organizing this album~♪

1 Place them in chronological order. 
They are not separated by children.
They are arranged in order from oldest to newest. (There are many pictures of the two children together♪)

The father made a photo album for each child, but as a result, all three left the photos at the parent’s house. That’s why I don’t think it’s necessary to make an album for every child. If you have a photo you want, you can take it with you and the data is on your PC or CD.

I didn’t organize them properly, so I had to guess about the undated photo (explosion)
My kid would tell me things like, “I’m with 〇〇-kun, so it was a field trip when I was in second grade!” (^^;)

Yeah, there are times when old photos are discovered later (laughs)?
In that case, this album is a binder and you can insert a sheet in the middle, so it was very convenient♪

② When transferring from an old album, pinch it with herringbones (laughs)

Things that were put in the fuel album, etc. stuck hard.
When I try to remove it with my finger, my nails hurt.
Halfway through, I deboned the fish (→ ¥100 product purchased at Seria) to remove the fish.
remove the bones

It was comfortable ♪ I think tweezers are good ♪

(3) Wear it with some space.

Don’t glue them all together, just leave them open every now and then.
For example, if it’s a “travel” photo, I’ll start with a new sheet, and even if there’s an extra sheet, I won’t have any other photos on it.
make a space

The following drawings start on a new sheet.
Photos will come later (^^;)
It is better to put it freely.

④Similar photos are discarded or accumulated.

Do you have similar photos? In the days of cinema, everything was developed.
I compared them, kept only the good ones, and threw away the bad ones. So the numbers have dropped significantly.
But I really want to keep both, so I left it and put it on the sheet.

⑤ Write the comment in pencil as much as you can understand (laughs)

Write dates, places you’ve been, episodes, etc. in pencil.
There is a field for notes at the top. 
I write in pencil because if I make a mistake, I can erase it right away!
The sheets in this album are plain paper, so each photo has a line on which you can write with a pencil. I think it is very easy to use.

So I made 4 books. When you put it in the living room closet, it looks so refreshing☆

Book 1 “Birth of a Son ~ 1 Year”
Book 2 “Son from 1 to 3 years old”
Book 3 Birth of a Daughter ~ Graduation of a Son
4th book “Son to Elementary School, Daughter to Kindergarten ~ Daughter to Elementary School”
4 books complete

Fits like this.
I pasted it on the back of the cover with the name of the land.

Eh, as you can see from this, not yet
Ever since “my daughter started elementary school” I can’t do that.
I didn’t wear it for the rest of the 4 years (^^;)

↓ Other photos.
not really

I still have some left over from my 4th album, but it was around this time that I realized I hadn’t developed any of my travel photos. All the travel photos from the last four years were on my computer (^^;)
I will study this data, select only good photos and work on them.
If you don’t open it, you will forget it… (><) I still have some closet space so I bought two more. I think two books will be enough.
additional purchase

I’ll do my best to post them all next week!

↑ On the left, photos of Shichi-go-san by Studio Alice and a group photo of the wedding.
Different photos for memory

I played Shichi-Go-San 3 times, son 5, daughter 3, and daughter 7, so I have 3 books (^^)
This photo is exactly that.

The album on the top left is the album I invited a professional photographer to my wedding.
wedding photo

I think it was around ¥100,000, but I really shouldn’t have asked for it ( ̄ロ ̄lll)! !
A lot of my friends have photographed weddings and it’s disgusting with weird blurs (laughs).

In addition, a sticker with an inscription is attached to each photovery embarrassingwith
“Wrapped in happiness…”
“I was born for this day”
“Your smile is a refreshing breeze”
Anyway, it was with a line that made me cringe!
this seal is redundant

It was a big mistake.゜゜(´ `.)゜゜. .
At the time of the wedding, I was paralyzed by the unimaginable price, and I thought, “Ah, if it’s around 100,000, I’ll ask.”
I think it was a waste.
By the way, the honeymoon was in Australia too and the plan was to stay in a fancy hotel for the honeymoon so it was about 500k per person, can’t remember (explosion)

See you soon~♪

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