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The 3rd collaboration product of “DAISO x Girls Trend Research Institute” is finally here!

The 3rd “DAISO x Girls Trend Research Institute” collaboration is now available!

“Hello everyone, are you taking care of the 100 yen shop?”

New products are coming out all the time! I am particularly interested in… After all,[DAISO]is ≪Daiso collaboration products≫, which have been featured in some of my articles, are now available as amazing goods!

The collaboration products with Girls Trend are cool this time, and there are also new collaborations, so there are many exciting and fun products!

[Neska modernoa bazara, lortu nahi duzu]

There were nothing but wonderful products, but I’d like to introduce the item I got ♪ among them

Plates are a must for house parties!

I refuse to serve high-quality plates at a girl’s party, but don’t you think serving paper plates is too much? I want to eat on a proper plate at home! This is the item I picked up when I thought “I want” as soon as I found this plate.

The still-popular handwritten lettering and matte plaques are modern and cafe-like.

I want to use them side by side!

I want to use delicious dishes and sweets on plates that are not pretty and cluttered, even if there are a lot of them lined up. There were even cups and mugs of different sizes! There are about 4 models, so choose your favorite ♪

* Bamboo plate 18 cm (star) / 108 yen

I wanted the tote bag

I usually carry a bag under a smaller bag. A sub-bag that you always carry, such as when you go to work to pack a lunch or to quickly pull out your phone. I thought I would like to change the generation of such a subbag, but I found it with a cute bear pattern!

At first, I plan to use it as it is, and when I get a little tired, I want to organize it with tape.

It’s a cute bear!

It’s a simple color, so it goes well with everything from cute clothes to casual clothes! It’s a similar color to kinari, so dirt doesn’t stand out and it seems easy to use. It’s so cool… I have a feeling I’ll be going out with just this wallet every time.

Tote bag (23 x 33 x 10 cm, bear) / 108 yen

▶ 100% Sweetness Guarantee Sweets in cute packages ♪

This time, the most surprising thing about the collaboration with Girls Trend is that it collaborates with sweets. Also, of course the package is cute, but the taste is 100% guaranteed at this price!


The pink bunny package is so cute I can’t get enough of it.
It is a chewy chocolate candy with chocolate puffs. This is manufactured by Fujiya, famous for Milky and Country Maam. The taste is delicious and the packaging is cute.


Baby Star made by “Oyatsu Company” has been transformed into a simple and healthy figure! Speaking of Baby Star, the image of that character is strong, but if it is sold with such a simple design, it seems that women will take it. The simple packaging also attracted me and I finally got it♪ The taste was as good as usual, and I was satisfied after eating it for the first time in a long time!


Colorful chocolates are also sold in collaboration with Girls Trend! Speaking of colorful chocolate, the image of eating it when I was little is strong, but I can eat it for the first time in a long time! I was a bit happy and bought it. Even if you can’t eat it all at once, it comes with a ziplock so you can eat as much as you want when you want. You’ll want to eat at work when you’re hungry and it’s snack time!

Anyway, I want it!

Anyway, it’s packed with cool products that you all want! There is also a collaboration product with a celebrity and there are also cute clutch bags in the shape of a mouth.

Either way, try to find new Daison finds where new products are available.

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