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[Tegenmaatregelen tegen zomerhitte]Put a heat-insulating foil on the windows that get the afternoon sun![Elektriciteitsrekening besparen]

good morning♪
It’s been a hot and humid season~(´・ω・`) Let’s be careful not to get sunstroke.
Our family continues to live at home with all family members.
My husband continues to work from home, and my students take online classes (decided not to go to school in the first half…).

During the day everyone is already in their own room with air conditioners on, so I’m worried about the electricity bill~(;´Д`)

So, during the last Rakuten Super Sale,Heat-resistant/insulation foil for window glassI bought v( ̄∇ ̄)v
The first thing I decided to put on was the window on the west side of my husband’s room. It seems that the afternoon sun is harsh in the summer💦
By the way, I decided to put it on the east window of the Japanese-style room on the second floor. In summer, the morning sun warms the room.

For outdoor use (to be applied on the outside of the window)It is a heat protective and insulating film. (There is also a scatter prevention effect!)

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When I entered the window glass size, it was calculated to be -4mm (you can change it yourself), and since that’s the recommended size, I had it cut that way. Bought 6 pieces.
It comes with a squeegee (spatula), construction fluid (mini bottle) and a spray head.
Put the building fluid in a 500 ml plastic bottle and add water to make a spray.
There is also a practice film.
When I put it on the living room window as a test, it looks like this ~ It’s a little dark. (The mesh is a screen door.)
The windows in our house are removable so take them off and wipe them with water to clean them lightly.
This is the outside of the window. (East and west windows are originally frosted glass.)
Spray the construction fluid on the glass surface.
make it all wet
Since the film is a sticker, put cellophane tape on both sides and peel it off.
After spraying the back of the foil with the construction fluid, place the foil on the glass.
Remove the separator and spray the back of the film with plenty of construction fluid.
It holds a lot of water and can be moved around freely, so I’m happy to be able to make fine adjustments even after application.
Gently move the squeegee from the center to the edge to squeeze out the water.
Finish by wiping off any water that has accumulated on the edge with paper towels.
I was able to apply it in about 10 minutes ♪ Once you get used to it, it feels like 5 minutes ♪
When I take it outside, it reflects like this. During the day it is difficult to see inside because of the mirror effect from the outside. (Looks like the mirror effect doesn’t work at night)
When the window is put back, it feels a bit dark, but that’s not a problem.
(because the window is facing the neighbor)
This is the window on the east side of the Japanese-style room.
The window on the west side of my husband’s room has four panes.
First of all, I tried to paste only the two on the right side. It gets a little darker.
I was worried that the reflection would stand out and irritate the neighbors, but when I looked from the outside it was barely noticeable, probably because there is a screen door. was good!

And the most important is the insulation performance…
If you put your hand to the window when the window is actually in direct sunlight,completely different~Σ(=゚ω゚=;)!
If you don’t put a heat-insulating film on it, it will feel warm.
If you put a heat-insulating foil on it, it will feel cool and cold.
This insulation filmoutside the windowSince it’s glued on, I found that it reflects the heat there.

According to the store’s website,

If ordinary glass is assumed to be 100%, if this film is applied
IInfrared (IR) blocking rate 86.7%In other words, only 13.3% of infrared rays pass through the house.
IHeat shielding effect 0.32That means 68% less heat in the house.

With this, the effectiveness of the air conditioner in the summer should be very different!

My house has double glazed windows, so I thought putting it on the inside of the window would allow heat to get in between the glass, so I bought some kind of foil that sticks to the outside of the window, but the foil that sticks to the inside, is also sold.

After confirming the difference in insulation, I also pasted the rest of the insulation film.

I am really glad I bought this insulation film.
My husband’s room is cool and comfortable, and he is overjoyed.
It was good that it was cut from the start!
It was the perfect size and was easy to put on.
My husband and I are very happy that we were able to put it on for the summer.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

*Because it has a heat insulating effect, it can be cold in winter without the sun coming in. I thought, but when I asked my husband, the sun is low in the winter, so the afternoon sun barely gets in. So winter doesn’t matter.

*By the way, the glass on the south side of our house has heat-insulating glass (Low-E glass) from the start, so there’s no need to put a heat-insulating film on it. The east and west glass is a different kind of product… I wish I had used heat insulating glass from the start (;´Д`) Both windows are made by a manufacturer called Marvin.

I think many recently built homes have Low-E glass from the get-go.
(Double Glazing Transition/Low-E Double Glazing Diffusion Rate – Click Here for Flat Glass Association Survey)
My husband’s childhood home in Yamanashi (rebuilt 7 years ago) is also Low-E glass.
When we built our house (16 years ago), Low-E wasn’t common…(´・ω・`)

Replacing the window glass is a chore, but it is not difficult to apply the insulation film yourself.
Given how hot it is in Japan these days, I think it would be a good idea to apply a heat insulating film to windows that are not made of Low-E glass.
The season is getting warmer and warmer. Before the summer comes (・∀・)♪

There is also a type of foil that can be applied from the inside of the room. It seems that there are different types, such as the type that doesn’t get too dark ~

See you soon♪
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