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Good morning♪
The other day I went to a patchwork group.
It’s been almost four years since I started going to a patchwork club (^^). The article about the first time I went there is here.
I’m not a serious student at all, so I feel like I’m always saying “I didn’t make any progress this time (><)". I'm sorry sir. I'm grateful that it's completely normal even at my own pace.
Hand sewing is a good place to be able to do it while talking. It’s fun to talk to everyone while sewing, just like in Anne of Green Houses’ Needle Gathering. This is the fun of souvenirs (^ ^)

↓Have you read the new issue? ? I also like stories about the people around Anne, like The People Around Anne, so I enjoyed reading this book.

Before my son entered elementary school, I worked, but then I didn’t sew at all. I asked my mother to make all the futon covers and bags for my children’s daycare and the entrance supplies for my son’s elementary school because I don’t have a sewing machine (–;)

When I was working, I didn’t have much free time or feelings.
But now that I have a lot of time, sewing has become a hobby.
Thus, the number of tissues steadily increased ~(–;)
When I do patchwork, I can use even a small piece of fabric that is about 2 cm long, so I’m afraid to throw it away (^^;) Even if I don’t like the pattern, I can cut it into small pieces and use it (laughs).
The increase in fabric became uncontrollable, so this time I organized the fabric storage area.
Today I will introduce them.

Hobby clothes are stored in a Japanese-style room closet on the first floor.

I placed it in the middle row to the left of the three doors.

Recently, the fabric spilled like this ↓
(Sorry, there were actually more, but it was really bad so I deleted it…)
protruding tissue

Placed the fabric in the tri-layer case, but accidentally placed the fabric on the front side….

After thinking for a while, I realized the problem.

it isThere are drawers that are above eye levelThat means.

From the perspective of this drawer, I can only see the second row from the bottom at my height.
Then it goes without saying that the contents of the top row will be unlimited ~… _〆(´・゚・`*)

So this time we removed the top row.

Instead, I decided to use a tension shelf that was lying around in the attic.

You can put a stylish shelf on it, but it’s in a closet, so it’s cramped!
The height can be changed freely, the wall can be used without a base, and the dense shelf is wonderful.

And on top of that I put two IKEA KASSETT boxes.

Contents: “cotton wool”, “glue core” and “cotton”.

Those of you who are into patchwork will probably agree with me, but quilt cotton takes up space. But if you don’t have one, you’re in trouble.
It’s lightweight, so putting it on that tight shelf won’t be a problem.
…There is something on the right that does not fit in these two boxes…I bought this the other day ↓ (← I bought too much)

And I put the fabric in the bottom 2 steps, but I sent the fabric and I think about it …

I decided to throw away the “Anpanman Pattern” and the “Thomas Pattern” which I will never use again. (Since it’s scrap, it’s not enough to give it to someone…)
But my niece is still little, so I’ll keep the Hello Kitty pattern (laughs).

So, the inside of the case is put away like this.

And on the costume cover, I put a medium size fabric (about 50 cm to 1 m) in a basket made of ecokraft.

For those of you who were thinking, “You look like a fabric store!

it’s sweet.

There is more….

Small patchwork fabrics, which did not fit here, were placed in a box of a low chest of drawers in the Japanese-style room.
low chest

This place was empty when I tidied earlier.

Yes, sorry, I have too much (thinking).
I will not buy fabric yet! I will do my best to do something!


The cardboard materials on the side were placed in a plastic bag, which was placed separately.

This one looks nice.
cardboard materials (2)

Embroidery frames and quilt hoops are hung on hooks.

January 2012
Storage of handicrafts 2

December 2012
Cloth seat 2

And this time. November 2013
After tidying up

It might not look like much, but it’s easier to use ♪
But don’t use a cloth. I’m planning to step it up a notch this winter, so let’s do some sewing…

By the way, I wrote in detail about the organization of small needlework such as lace and threads here, so if you are interested, take a look.

See you soon~♪

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