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[Stofvrij]TEIJIN anti-mite duvet cover

good morning♪
Today I want to introduce a “duvet cover” that I bought more than a year ago, but forgot to introduce (!).
↓It’s this product♪

[Gratis verzending]TEIJIN Anti-mite Pollen Non-Dust Duvet Cover Single

I bought it as a duvet cover for my son’s bed, and I’m so glad I bought it!
The fabric (100% polyester) has a smooth texture and a comfortable feel.impervious to dust.
The dust in my son’s room has completely cleared (・∀・)
My son used to dry his futon alone on the balcony, but at the time it seemed that the dust flew off hanging the futon (duvet) on the railing of the porch💦← Maybe because it was an old duvet…

My son said, “I want a new futon,” so at first I thought I’d buy a new quilt, but I found a duvet cover like this on sale.

It also helps with allergies!

Made in Japan, Teijin’s is safe

The fabric has a high density, so it seems that dust and ticks cannot pass through (・∀・)

No, I’ve been using it for about a year now, but my son is very happy that the dust is gone.
I’m glad I bought it. Your laundry will dry quickly!
Ah, but I should have bought the blue one (laughs) Beige is also good for winter.

We also have pillowcases and futon covers I think it is also recommended for allergy sufferers.

By the way, here on Amazon ↓ Review is good too ♪

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