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Can you believe the time for daily savings is just around the corner?! I can’t lie – I’m pretty excited about the longer evenings. I wrote about getting a good night’s sleep back in December and wanted to share some other routines and products I’ve tried. I told my bestie this week that when I get a good night’s sleep I feel so motivated and ready for the day – I truly believe a good night’s sleep makes all the difference. I’ve also tried Natrol’s Melatonin Gummies as a way to help my occasional insomnia† and wanted to share my review of those as well.

Last year I talked about how bedding can make a difference to a good night’s sleep, which I still swear by; for me, cool linen sheets make all the difference! Anyway, here are some other things that work for me. Let’s be realistic though – nothing is ever perfect, but they’ve made a huge difference, so I hope they can help you too:

1. Set a regular sleep schedule

As much as possible I try to stick to the same sleeping and waking times, which has made a huge difference for me. When I stick to this routine, I feel like my body always knows what time to get up, which means I’m more relaxed. However, sometimes I have to pull a late night to get work done, and I just can’t stick to regular waking hours. When this happens, I try to be realistic and just push my wake up an hour and take a quick 10 minute nap during the day.

2. Exercise every day

Just wait. You reread “every day”, I don’t mean a 60 minute spin class every day. I mean something like a 10 minute walk – or even just stretching. I feel that if I have moved or done something during the day, then I sleep better. Even if that exercise is barely exercise, the fact that I did something makes me feel good and helps me sleep.

3. Stop the screens

I’ve always loved sleeping without lights or even those pesky TV LEDs. In fact, I always travel with some black tape so I can tape it over the TV or phones on next to the bed in hotel rooms! I try to limit my screen time before bed, and instead I read and don’t look at my phone.

I hope these ideas help you, as they have helped me sleep better. However, I still occasionally have trouble sleeping and have tried Natrol’s Melatonin products. I have personally tried their Gummies specifically, and there are also Fast Dissolve or 3 am Melatonin varieties for different needs.

I wanted to share my review of Natrol Melatonin Gummies with you as I have found them really helpful. They come in the little plastic jar that is sealed and I had 90 gummies in the package I received. You only get one gum at a time, and I only take them occasionally when I need an extra helping*. I’ve used the strawberry flavored ones, and they taste and smell just like strawberries. I think they taste great and are very tender too. The gums are gelatin-free – so good for vegetarians – and they also don’t contain any synthetic colours, which I love too. I’ve been taking them about 25 minutes before I want to sleep and the nights I’ve taken them I’ve fallen asleep faster and slept longer.+ In the morning I feel like I had a good night’s sleep. . They have really helped me!

If you’re like me, you sometimes wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep. In this case, you should try another Natrol product. When I wake up at night, I start thinking about all the things I have to do tomorrow, and then I can’t settle down to sleep because I keep going over these things in my head. What I do now is keep some of Natrol’s 3 AM Melatonin in my nightstand drawer. The tablet just dissolves on your tongue, which has been a huge help. This means that in the middle of the night, if I’m awake, then I have something to help me sleep. The tablet dissolves quickly, and I gradually fall asleep. I have to say that I normally sleep for 30 minutes, and that works for me!

All that being said, I do have some sleep issues, but 90% of the time I sleep well – as long as I exercise, avoid screens, and stick to my sleep schedule. Natrol’s melatonin helps me the rest of the time and is something I feel comfortable using as it is 100% drug free and easy to use. However, if you have serious sleep problems, then be sure to see a doctor.

Let me know what you thought of this Natrol’s Melatonin Gummies review. Is there anything else you want to know?

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Melatonin is a solution for occasional insomnia.