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[Renovatiewerk 4]Applying plaster to the walls of the room in the Japanese style ♪[Spaanse pleister]

good morning♪

Continuing the story of the Japanese style room renovation (*´∇`*)
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While using tatami mats as a floor, I painted the walls of the room in Japanese style with Spanish plaster♪
The dirt on the wall was a bit noticeable so at this point we talked about cleaning it 💦
Our house has never used wallpaper.
All the walls on the first floor are painted walls.
(The ceiling and the room on the second floor were sprayed because of the budget ^^ 😉
It is a painted wall of “dry wall” made of natural stone.
(My house is an imported house, but it appears to be a common painted wall in North America.)
It’s hygroscopic, and it’s been 16 years since the building was built, and the walls have never gotten mold, so I’m glad I did.

The downside to drywall, however, is that if it gets dirty, it soaks in and can’t be wiped off.
If you spill coffee, it’s over~(´;ω;`)(←experienced)
It dissolves in water and leaves brown spots

This time I cleaned the floor of the room in Japanese style, so let’s clean the walls of this room too! I decided to have “Spanish plaster” painted.
What is the difference between Spanish plaster and Japanese plaster? ? I tried to find out, but…
Spanish plaster contains marble aggregate, so it looks like it can be applied thickly.
I wonder if that means? (← I’ll ask next time💦)

There are only two colors available, pure white and light yellowish, so I chose the one with a little bit of yellow in it. It is a color called “crema” of plaster called Molsemda.

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Remove and take care of all curtain rails.
I took that opportunity to wash the curtains (laughs).
and undercoat. Not sure what you painted, but paint something yellowish first 💦←
And this time I applied a base material that contains carbon material.
It seems that plaster has no bonding strength if left as it is.
So I’m going to do an undercoat with carbon in it like this one ↓.
Since it is necessary to dry when the undercoat is ready, the first day is over.
The next day the undercoat was dry, so I applied the patch with a trowel.
It appears to have been mixed with water. It looks heavy and I think it would be difficult if it wasn’t a craftsman ~
I got to choose how I wanted to paint.
Because you showed me many examples…
I wanted it to be unobtrusive so I asked if it would leave a small mark on the iron (・∀・)
As expected from a professional! It was beautifully painted in no time.
Looks like you have to paint the whole surface at once before it dries so it’s a speed game.
I thought it was much more yellow than before…
After it dried, it turned white.
Newly built room
The wall is so beautiful I don’t want to make a hole in it so I’m thinking about giving up the wall clock (・∀・)But if my family says I still need a watch, maybe I’ll hang it up
This is the number of trowel stripes♪
Brighten up your room with fresh white
I have to try to ventilate ~.
The surface was dry so it was fine to touch but there was moisture in it so I was told it would be better to let the air flow for about a month.

It’s getting cooler and I’m glad it’s the season when I can open the window~(* ̄∇ ̄*)

And yesterday the contractor came to the final inspection, and he gave this to me at that time.
was written by me. If it’s just a bottle, you won’t remember later
He gave me some leftover plaster so I could fix it myself if I punch a hole in the wall or scrape the wall. I’m glad I can fix it myself.

Since the room looks different due to the renovation, I think I’ll slowly bring it back into the room as I clean up and throw out the furniture one by one.
I’ll let you know when this room is ready!
It’s fun and helpful to see home renovation examples from bloggers~(*´∇`*)

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See you soon♪
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