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Refrigerated storage using ¥100 trays

Good morning♪
“Autumn Reading Week” from October 27 to November 9 (^-^)
Have you read any books lately~?
I have been unable to read heavy books for the past few years.
I don’t want to read stories where the main character or his family end up in miserable circumstances and I feel like I only read things that make me happy (^^;)
I loved reading Daichi no Ko when I was young, but now I think it’s too painful to read.

It’s tough, but the most memorable book I’ve ever read.

Especially after giving birth, I can’t read stories about pitiful children… (Both news and dramas are useless.)

A book I recently started reading and dropped along the way (^^;)

Zukkoke Sex three middle-aged

(I’ve loved it for a long time, but it’s a shame I’ve reached middle age when I don’t look this happy…I guess real is real.)
New Town at Twilight (Shincho Bunko)

(This is also a story about a family who bought a condominium with a large loan in the bubble…)

That’s why the books I’ve been reading lately are all about worlds completely different from my own.
I, for one, love reading foreign mysteries and stories about Ed’s humanity.

Here is the book I am currently reading. ↓Miyuki Miyabe likes Edo things.

A thick book, but you want to read it carefully during long autumn nights (^-^)

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This is an encouraging update. Thank you for always supporting me.

Well, I cleaned the refrigerator yesterday.

Easy to clean little by little (´∀`*;)ゞ

Things in the fridge change a lot and if you pack them right, they’re hard to get out and you forget they exist (^^;)
This is a place where it is important to tidy up.

Start cleaning from the top!
I removed all the contents, removed the board, washed the basket and the board with water.

and return the contents.
I keep them in groups in something like a “refrigerator tray” that is sold at a store for 100 yen.

On the far left are Chinese spices (Veper, Doubanjiang, etc.).
Flour (wheat flour, tempura powder, breadcrumbs, etc.) is placed in a large tray.


And the “bread set” (jam, maple syrup, etc.) is placed in the enameled tray in the second row from the top.

I’m using enamel here because I want to put it on the dining table as it is.
I thought it looked a little better than a 100 yen tray (laughs).

I use this Noda Horo. ↓

I put another same enamel tray in the middle and this one is used for “everything” like tofu, noodles and yogurt.

And the bowl on the left.

My mother used to make miso at home, but recently she stopped making it, so I buy a packet like this and put it as it is.

Perfect size for a bowl!

Miso is heavy, so this “handle” makes it easy to use.
(I put red pickled ginger and ginger behind)

And in the 3rd row, I put an IKEA tray on the far right, making it a place where I don’t put anything as much as possible.

For example, when making curry, etc., prepare it as a space where you can put the whole pot here.

Then put pickles in the middle and put them in a bag and in the microwave.
pickles, etc.

Put the spices in the 100 yen tray.

I used to put my spices outside, but how long has it been since I started putting them in the fridge?
Peppers are a bit of a hassle, but in the end they are safe to refrigerate.

I recently bought a pull out tray from Daiso and used it to store butter and cheese. Cheese in the bottom row. Sliced ​​cheese, sliced ​​cheese, etc.


Oil and natto are on the top level.

It’s nice to be able to use the height effectively with this rack.

Butter uses this case.

See here for details.

This oil pan is convenient, but the lid does not close tightly. wears

And a room for vegetables.

My fridge has a big compartment for vegetables in the middle, but I also put baskets that I bought at ¥100 stores to separate them.

In the front, elongated vegetables are stored vertically. (Long onions, burdock root, carrots, Chinese yams, etc.)
(Cut long vegetables first.)

I don’t make everything from vegetables, and I put the drink on the left side.

Konjac and shirataki in the back.

And below on the left is an ice machine, an egg, and a chilled room.

And go to the door pocket.
The right side looks like this.
door pocket on the right

Place 5 fresh stones in the top row and add consomme, cocoa, white sesame, black sesame and potato starch.


Second row – seasoning for tubes, etc. This is also stored upright in a 100 yen basket with dividers.

Also, is there anything in particular that you’re trying to improve?

After going over everything, I threw out the natto (!) mustard I had put here and there and am glad it was clean.
storage in the refrigerator

TracommaTips for cleaning and tidying up

See you soon♪
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