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(Put the mask away temporarily) Easy ♪ We made a temporary mask holder ♪[ለመታጠብ ቀላል]

Good morning♪
The other day, I made a “Temporary Mask Case” (・∀・)

Because from my friend Ten-chan
“I wanted a mask holder to keep my mask temporarily at the dentist or during school (music).”
Line came ♪
(I was going to tell you the easy one to do because I do it myself ^^)

When you go out, you should take off the mask for a while.
At that time, instead of leaving it empty on the table, I wanted to put it in a beautiful container ♪

↓ If you search for mask case on Rakuten, you will find many hits! A new demand is emerging.

It looks like Ten Chan is using a “three-dimensional mask”, so it would be nice to have a shape that can be folded in half~
I thought it would be nice to have a type that can be pinched and the lid can be opened.

I created something like this (*’∇`*)
This is what it looks like when you open it. If you enter a three-dimensional mask…
Just fold it in half and stop the hook.
Make sure only the rubber of the mask is exposed. If you press the button, the mask will not fall.
I made it with fabric left over from my grandmother’s bag that I made the other day

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Thank you always

If you have a sewing machine and an iron, you can make it in 15 minutes ♪
I wrote how to do it here, so please take a look.

[በጣም ቀላል! ]How to make a temporary mask container ♪[ጊዜያዊ ጭንብል ማከማቻ]

I also made green Lisa Larson dog dough.
Some time ago, I received fabric for a couturier kit from a patchwork club…(・∀・)
Is it for small bags? I don’t plan on making a bag, so I decided to use this (laughs).
“Couturier” has many handmade kits that will delight even beginners
↓ This is the fabric of this kit.

I tried to connect them like this.

It is sewn with a hook.
Ten-chan who loves dogs looks like this~(・∀・)♪
I also worked with Liberty.
You can easily make it at home.
This shape is a single fabric, so it’s easy to wash!
I think it’s good to prepare a few and wash them every day to keep them clean.
Like this, all three were completed in no time. I ran out of hooks, so I finished this, but if I buy another hook, I’ll have a lot of scraps (!) so I’ll mass produce it~( ̄ー ̄)
In a world where masks are needed, people who are interested in crafts are very busy.
People in the patchwork circle are also busy making masks and masks.
But if you’re happy with it, it’s worth doing ♪
Yesterday, I mailed Ten Chan the bag and various items I made before (* ̄∇ ̄*).
I hope you like it~💛

I’m glad my hobby craft is useful (*’∇`*)

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Thanks as always ♪

Here’s a story about making Martin’s “fish mask” before (・∀・)

★I’m in a Rakuten shopping marathon~
↓ Login is required, so login first ♪

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Today’s score increase is amazing~♪

① Because Rakuten Eagles won…

Congratulations victory! All store points double with entry!

(2) If you have a Rakuten card, please check it as it is a 5-day multiple.Don’t forget to enter!

You can earn 5x points by inserting and using the Rakuten card on the 5th and 0th days of every month!

↓Rakuten card accumulates more points.
I use my Rakuten card to pay for everything that can be paid for by credit card.

I will start shopping soon!

1. My son is running out of coral, so I bought it in bulk!
Buy Rakuten Nanohana Drug Rakuten Ichiba at the lowest price! Cheaper than the local pharmacy

Also, Lana Ken S., which I wrote the other day about atopic dermatitis is recommended.

(The Yuskin i they recommended is not sold at this store, so I will buy it separately.)

2. Sanwa Direct Rakuten Ichiba offers a variety of PC and smartphone peripherals~♪

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15:00 Kin-chan has a question in the comments, so I’ll add it!

Here is my son’s school bag.
Rakuten’s shopping bag is the first product of the bag ♪.

It has a pocket for a computer.
Love that it’s square and can hold lots of notebooks and books.
There are also many pockets.
You can also store the shoulder strap and carry it as a business bag.
Free shipping is 5,980 yen. Now you can get 500 yen discount with coupon ~♪

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