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Pump is a must see for refugees! This is a recommended brand that alleviates the problem of heels coming off quickly!

A group of refugees who can immediately take their heels off!

“My corks are popping”

“I’ve never met a perfect pair of pumps”

“Pumps come off easily and it’s hard to walk”

People who wear pumps every day,
People who have to wear pumps to look for work, etc.

I’m sure there are many people with these pump problems.
Actually, I am one of them.

I bought pumps when I was looking for a job,
I’ll be removing it soon though. I can’t walk normally, it’s more than running.
If you are not using pumps and straps (sold separately),
Not really, but I couldn’t walk comfortably.

Pumps, no more.

It was such an event, and I decided not to wear pumps anymore ←
Sneakers and flat shoes all the time.
But at the end of the day, they are pumps for beautiful coordination,
There are times when you have to be at work.

This time, we will introduce recommended brands and services for pumps for refugees.

Find out your foot type in 30 seconds for both feet! ?

Wacoal original automatic foot measuring machine

First, to find the perfect pair of pumps for you,
From knowing your feet.

Wacoal’s automatic foot measuring machine “REAL FOOT special customized for WACOAL” automatically measures the size and shape of your feet without contact.

The length and width of the feet, the circumference of the foot, the accuracy of the big toe and the curve of the heel, which is important for fitting the shoes, are measured.

Measure heel type with Wacoal

Each measurement result is displayed on the screen and can be viewed in detail.

By the way, I used to wear 23.5 to 24 cm,
It was 22.5 cm. . I’m already in shock at this point.

But what is even more surprising,
each persontype of heelIt seems
This is very important when choosing pumps.

3 types of heels

The type of heel that can be determined with Wacoal's automatic foot measuring machine

After reading the QR code displayed on the screen,
You can also watch it on your phone.

The type of heel written here.
I have a left leg“line type”right leg“round type”That’s what it means.

According to Wacoal’s foot measurement data, there are characteristics in the shape of this heel for each age,
It seems that the younger you are, the higher the percentage of “line type heels”.
thisline typeteeth,Lack of rounded heelspersonally,
Many people have problems with pumps falling off easily.I do not know.

Exactly this! This is exactly what I was.

Although the round type has rounded heels,
Some people are close to line types,
It seems like a lot of people have a problem with the pumps coming out easily.

I certainly also have the impression that the heel was often removed on the left foot.
I just thought the size of the left foot was smaller,
The shape of the heel is also different.
Really amazing.

A common type of line among people in their 20s

Pump is a must see for refugees!  This is a recommended brand that alleviates the problem of heels coming off quickly!  _Four

By the way, this linear type of foot seems to be increasing in people in their 20s and 30s.
According to Professor Kaoru Abe of Niigata University of Health and Welfare, it seems that the amount of exercise until the age of 8, when the legs grow, is affected.
Perhaps the transport system has developed and the possibility of walking has decreased.
He said it could be one of the factors.

Recommended pumps for line and round type

Wacoal Success Walk series pumps

After the measurement, they also told me about the recommended pumps.

In Wacoal’s Success Walk Series,
Depending on the type of line and the type of circle,
Pumps with thin heels are also available.

Wacoal's success is walking where the heel is hard to remove

I tried wearing the recommended “Success Walk” WFN550 pumps.

My heels don’t come off…!

Until now, I thought it was normal for my heels to be flat, so I was pleasantly surprised!
I can’t believe the day will come when I can wear pumps and walk normally.

Wacoal pumps recommended for those without rounded heels

22.5cm is the same, but the right side is Success Walk’s WFN550,
It seems to be designed for people who don’t have a lot of rounded heels.

Heels definitely look different.

Honestly, this is amazing, you don’t see it in shoe brands
It appears to be an original Wacoal design.

You will not be able to wear any other pumps.

Three reasons why walking to success is not tiring

Wacoal's Recommended Pumps Walkthrough of Success

In addition to the heel design, the ride of success
The insole and heel position were figured out, and there was a secret that fatigue was difficult.

① Heel position
Compare the images above.
The top is the heel position of regular pumps.
Next, the ride of success.

In comparison, so that the heel comes directly under the heel,
The heel position is slightly forward.
This is because the heel position is under the heel,
It reduces the load on the forefoot.

I really put it, and of course it’s easy to ride,
At first, I thought I was wearing 3cm heels because I didn’t feel the height of the heels.
Later I heard they were wearing 5cm heels (laughs).

Even I, who am not so good at heels, will not be shaken,
I felt comfortable walking.

② Heel direction
It’s hard to tell from the outside, but it looks like the heel direction of the successful walk is slightly skewed in the direction of the kick.
For those who walk in normal heels or have difficulty walking, try the Success Walk pumps.
It may make walking easier.

③3D insole
It has a unique 3D insole that matches the shape of the sole.
Thickness, width, size, etc. vary according to the shape and design of the pumps,
It reduces the forward slippage of the foot.

New AW shoes

Success Walking New Shoes

By the way, new shoes suitable for fall and winter were on sale at Success Walk.

With 3D insoles, it’s easy to walk and less tired,
Design is also considered,
The offer includes heels, pumps and boots.

Throw this short
Made from material that can be worn even on rainy days, you can be sure you have a pair.

Pump is a must see for refugees!  This is a recommended brand that alleviates the problem of heels coming off quickly!  _Ten

This is cool too!
Suitable for work shoes.

pumps up the graduation of refugees

For those who have not been able to find the perfect pumps
This is a brand and service you should definitely try ♡

I was really surprised~~! I wish we had met earlier (laughs).

In the store, a “feet measurement consultation” is done by the porter at the pump,
“TRY FIT” is celebrated where you can freely try on different sizes of pumps.

Since “REAL FOOT” is sequentially supported by which you can measure your heel type yourself,
Please try it out at a store near you.

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