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Good morning (*^-^*) ♪
Today I would like to write about cleaning the bathroom.

I was able to clean up easily today.
In the past, when it came to “cleaning the bathroom” it took hours and was a lot of work…

Why do you think it was so easy? ?

To remove moldclothes bleachBecause I started using .

This is all…

This is a cheap bleach that costs about ¥200 for a large one.
bleach 2

I have concluded that it works best for mold.

Up until then I had been using “foam mold remover”.
It is sprayed with a wave, bubbles appear and mold can be removed.

I have been using it for a long time because I thought it would fall off due to the effect of TV advertising.

If there is mold on the floor or in the corners of our bathtub, push it out.

But it ain’t quite clean (tears)

So I worked hard, scrubbing it with a brush and doing my best.

Still, it’s not quite clean (tears)

that’s why
“It’s amazing to have a family without mold in the bathroom.
Be sure to throw away the hot water immediately after getting out of the bath every day,
open the window
They must be wiping water droplets from the walls. »

That’s what I thought.

“The water in the bath is used for the next day’s laundry, so it should not be thrown away,
As the bathroom is on the first floor, the windows cannot be opened at night for safety reasons (although the fan runs all night),
Mopping the walls is a chore, and you can’t do it when you feel good after a bath! ! »


That’s why mold grows and even when I clean it thoroughly (← I don’t do it very often anyway) it doesn’t get completely clean and mold grows quickly.

Mold removal sprays are the best! If you think this will keep your bath always sparkling, read no further (explosion).

One day I understood.
It is easy to clean with laundry bleach.
“The Fall” is quite different.

You can tell by comparing the raw materials.

Clothes bleaches are sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide
Mold removal spray is… sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide + surfactant (ie detergent)

In other words, a mold removal spraydiluted with excessThat’s what I mean.

I think the concentration is probably low.

So, if you’re having trouble getting the stains out completely with a mold spray, you might want to try fabric bleach.

Of course, bleach is a dangerous chemical, so be prepared.

1. Open the window. Turn on the exhaust fan in the bathroom. 

2. Put on vinyl gloves and swim shoes. goggles for eye protection.mask if possible

3. Long-sleeved clothes that can be bleached (laughs)←If you push him away, he will turn white.

4. After cleaning, rinse well with water.

Please be careful with this.

Put some bleach in the bath and use an old toothbrush.

Dip the toothbrush into the bleach and lightly scrub the mold. (Be careful not to splash on skin.)

After a while, some of the black mold turned white.

What have you struggled with so far? The floor and lid of the bellows bath can be easily cleaned.

Our tub cover is a bellows type.
Mold will easily adhere to this groove.
a bathtub cover

But if you wash your toothbrush with bleach, it will be clean.
I’ve been using it for 7 years since I moved here and it’s still beautiful.
Bellows Tub Lid

I really thought about throwing it away. because it’s dirty
However, when I looked in the store, they didn’t sell a lid with rounded corners like this, and even if I bought a square lid, it would be expensive because it’s 160cm, so I decided to use it as is. there is
I washed it with bleach, it turned out beautiful, so I’m glad I didn’t throw it away.
Bath cover 2

By the way, the lid of our house has a plug that was attached from the beginning when we ordered the tub, so we put it in the corner of the tub like this. It was an option from the beginning and it was a great response ♪
space for lids

Once you get rid of the mold completely, I don’t think it will grow easily.
cleaning the bath 2

Since this is a chlorine-based detergent, it should be used with care.
If you mix it with acidic detergents, you have to be careful because it will produce harmful gases.
(butSame with mold removal spray! )

So, before cleaning the bathroom for mold, clean the bathroom with proper ventilation by wearing a mask, rubber gloves, etc.

But I think it will be cleaner than any mold remover.
If you’re worried about mold in your bathroom, give it a try.

There are many different types of mold removers out there like Kabi Killer, Washing Tub Cleaner, Kitchen Haiter, Pipe Finish, etc., but at the end of the day it’s just a mixture of regular bleach and detergent . I think you should think about it. (I bought a lot of them too…)
This is a strategy of manufacturers who want to sell at a high price.
If you put​​​​​​about 300ml of regular cheap laundry bleach into the wash tub (if you look in the washing machine manual it will say this) and run it on a “tub cleaning course” the mold will be removed. This is how I cleaned it yesterday lol

If you don’t need to buy a lot of cleaning products, storage won’t take up space or cost money.

Well, this is my empirical personal opinion… I wrote.
Writing reviews of manufacturers and products is exciting…
I might delete it soon… ( ← super bears.)

See you soon♪

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