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Perfect for Christmas decorations ♪ You can make a balcony star with 0 yen of materials!

Good morning♪

Today, I would like to introduce a handmade “Barn Star”☆
It’s a little weird, but that’s a handmade taste! (← Huh)

This has been popular for a while~(^-^)♪♪ Is it popular? ?
I recently learned, so it’s fun to work on.
It looks like a tin (?), but it is made of cardboard.
Barnstars can be easily made from origami or cardboard.
If you make it at home with paper, the material cost is 0 yen!
Origami is very easy, so I think it’s fun to do with kids (^-^)

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I will write about how to make barn stars later.

Make a star with 5 origami pieces (square paper).

I bought gold and silver cartridges at Daiso. It was 100 yen with 3 pieces each.

By cutting into 8.5 cm squares, 12 squares can be obtained from one piece of cardboard.
The balcony star is made of 5 pieces of origami paper, so you can make 2 stars from 1 piece of cardboard.

Since it was gold and silver, there were only 3 pieces, so it seems that there are more pieces for other colors.
Thick paper of different colors is sold, so please check the 100-yen shops.
If your child is small, I think it is good to make a colorful painting and decorate it on the wall of the room! !

100 Yen Items for Nihongo Blog Village Theme☆   100 yen product ☆

I made 5 barn stars and gently punched the holes.

and through the hemp thread.

Make a round for the hanging part. I made the star in the center a bit bigger.

I garlanded him. Good for Christmas decorations
I decorated the bar star

Cardboard is stronger than origami, so I think it will look like cardboard when you decorate it!

When I showed it to my friend, he said he’s going to use this for all his tree decorations this year (^-^).
It is good to make them in different sizes and colors and hang them on the tree

For example, even if you just put it on the kitchen cabinet.
In the kitchen cabinet

good vibes

Even if you put it in the living room.

It might be nice to make the back shine more~♪

Well, I had a lot of fun with the Daiso cardboard, but I was wondering if I could do it with the paper I have at home.

I came up with the idea of ​​a paper bag.
I think every family has a few, but if you find something you don’t want, it can be fun to do it before you throw it away♪
It is a strong paper, so I think it is suitable for making barn stars.

Take 5 squares with a diameter of about 8 cm.It’s better not to use the part containing Japanese as much as possible (laughs).

So when you make a barn star, it looks like this.

The designs are also interesting.

But black has no pattern.

It was better to use only the black part of the paper bag.

Well, if you use familiar paper, the material cost is 0 yen.
Thin paper is very fragile, so I think it is better to use a little strong paper as a paper bag.

Please find something around you (laughs) ♪
Purple barn star

Crafts are fun (‘∀`*)

I will mention your works♪

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Barnstar is sold on Rakuten♪

If you’re interested in how Barnstar works, read on.
See you soon~♪
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How to make a barn star ☆
I added a lot of pictures to make it easier to understand, so it’s long (‘∀`*;)ゞ


5 square paper (same size) + glue

<እንዴት እንደሚሰራ>

Turn the origami back side up and fold it along the dotted line.

Open it once and fold both sides to the middle.

Fold the other side from both sides to the middle.

Turn it over and fold it on the dotted line.

So, this is a little tricky, but bring back the part you just cut and fold the left part up to the ↑ point so the yellow part will be the top.

Place it back on the fold line.

When you open the left side.

Got 1/5 stars.

When you open the inside, the edge will come out on one side, so spread it out.

5 Do the same.

Apply glue to the previously laid part and insert it into the other sheet and glue it together.

It’s a bit hard to assemble 5 pieces and if you use glue sticks it’s going to fall apart like this (laughs).

In such a case, it may be better to attach it with an emergency glue.

Even if there is a hole in the center, you can close it by applying quick glue and sticking it firmly.


So three-dimensional ☆
So three-dimensional

If you search for “Barnstar” you will find how to videos on Youtube etc.
If it’s hard to understand, please look it up.
It’s hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be up and running in minutes.
Cardboard is difficult and difficult to bend, but you can make a strong product.
Please try to work with your favorite paper before Christmas

Today’s post was long ~(;’д`)
Thanks for reading to the end.

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