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[Pantry-opslag]Stock buff with Daiso’s Pure White Suitcase & Rakuten Shopping Marathon completed ~!

good morning♪

Recently I found a very nice storage case at the 100 yen shop Daiso.
square storage box“is. Pure white♪
The big one is 200 yen! The small one is 100 yen♪

I’ve been using this to improve my pantry again, so I’ll introduce it~(*´∇`*)

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The large is 200 yen for this size↓

I decided to use this large box on the shelf above my kitchen cart (pictured left) in my kitchen cabinet.

I’ve been using this car for a long time…
Oh, when I searched the blog, I bought it in 2011.

This product.

The case for the paint box fits perfectly under this car.

But even if you want to put the same box on the top shelf, it won’t fit because the height is not enough.
The height of the shelf is fixed and cannot be moved.
So so far I’ve made a basket with eco-craft.
The good thing about eco crafts is that they can be made in any size.
But if you use it for a long time, it will be deformed 💦
Found this Daiso box when wondering if I should make a new one and thought it was just right ♪

I decided to put a lunch box and Tupperware in it.

I have placed vegetables (root crops) in the box below.
It is wrapped in newspaper.

And to use the smaller 100 yen box in the top row.
I put it on the “Etsuko’s Handy Storage Rack” I recently introduced.

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The small is 100 yen for this size↓

Perfect for storing things that don’t have a solid shape, such as retort bags, spices and sprinkles.

You can put small items in it and because there is no lid, you can see the contents at a glance☆

…The pantry is thus becoming more and more beautiful (*´∇`*)
The pantry is a place that is opened and closed many times every day, so I’m glad it’s very easy to use ♪

Having a pantry here made it really convenient♪♪
I’m glad I made it☆

↓ Your pantry will be handy ♪
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☆ Well, the Rakuten Shopping Marathon ends tonight~(*´∇`*)

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Today is your chance to earn points!
If you have a Rakuten card, don’t forget to enter this entry before shopping!

On the days with 5 and 0 each month, you can get 5 times the points by entering and using the Rakuten card!

↓Rakuten card will collect more and more points.
I use my Rakuten card to pay for almost anything that can be paid by credit card.

I bought a large item this time so I have to shop at 10 stores…!

For example, suppose you went shopping at 9 stores and bought a total of 80,000 yen.

Then 80,000 x 0.08 = 6,400…calculate and buy points6,400 pointsThe understanding.
(The 0.08 is because the number of stores purchased will be -1, as the purchase point increase usually subtracts +1 point.)

However, if you buy another item with free shipping for 1,000 yen and shop at 10 stores for a total of 81,000 yen…

81,000×9=7,290 pointsThe understanding!

… That means (although they are points) 7,290-6,400=890 890 points difference comes from ~

It means you can buy the 1000 yen item at the end for 110 yen~!
Since I shop with my card and use Rakuten Mobile, I get even more points, so it’s not 10 times the points, but it’s big. (← I don’t really understand the calculation…)

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