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Organize my husband’s bookshelf!

Good evening♪
The Obony holiday is over, isn’t it~.
My son’s junior high school starts on the 28th (and then suddenly it’s a test ^^;), so it feels like summer vacation is almost over.

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At the end of the Obony holiday, my husband and I made a “bookshelf in my husband’s study”.
If you don’t give the command, my husband will definitely say “I’m fine…” so it’s semi-forced …. I can’t mess with it myself so I have to clean it up with my husband when he’s away .

This “husband’s office” and “wardrobe” was originally intended as a pantry. There are two white dressers (me and my husband’s clothes) and my husband’s desk (170 cm wide), so it is very small.
There is a lot of room for improvement, but my husband says, “It’s good now.”

I want to clean up a little bit.

Photo CONT. This time I am removing the white bookshelf of this glass door.

I brought this bookshelf from my room at my parent’s house.
Depth 30 cm, Width 60 cm, Height 180 cm.
It was originally marketed as a “wardrobe” (^ ^)

When you open the glass door, it looks like this.
To clean up (TO)
When I moved (8 years ago!) I threw it away and haven’t cleaned it since (^^;)
bookshelf before

First, place the contents on the floor one by one…

Divide into “should” and “shouldn’t”.
Put the “needs” back on the bookshelf.

“What you don’t need”
“What to throw away”
“Things to throw away after they’ve been shredded”
“Things that are sold at Book Off (laughs)”
divided into

↓Things to throw away (discard as waste paper)

↓Items are sold at BOOKOFF

I immediately went to Book Off to sell this book, CD and DVD. It was 390 yen in total.

Then the bookshelf was empty just like that ♪
After arranging (AFTER) the suspicious snail above my son made from paper clay (^^;)
inside the glass door

The inside of the glass door is pretty noticeable so I’m glad I was able to get it fixed ( ̄m ̄*)

Next, you should put the upper part of the glass door in order.
This top was purchased to mount this bookshelf.
To clean up (TO)

I used to put an old drawer in this part, but it’s completely open and a little unattractive…so I decided to put three IKEA KASSETTs (CD cases).
later on the bookshelf

Inside the box
“Memories (old coins, school notebooks, etc! lol)”,
“Cable (don’t know what cable)”,
It stores lightweight items like “videotapes of the kids (my husband says it’s best to keep all the original tapes made with a camcorder. Do they last longer than DVDs?).”
Even I will manage to reach it, but I probably won’t touch it, because it’s all my husband’s…

My chemistry textbook is in the sliding door above it, but it’s still rattling.

↓ Morrison Boyd’s Organic Chemistry I still have (top/middle/bottom)

I wonder if current students use it ~. Oh, this is already the 6th edition.

Next comes the middle drawer.
The drawer still had the kindergarten contact records from when the child was young jumbled up.

I decided to move them to the attic and brought cables from somewhere.

It’s a mess, but… my husband says: “I’ll tidy it up soon”, so I’m looking forward to it… (–).

And in the lower door there were things related to cameras and video cameras.
To tidy up (YES) It makes a strange noise.
under the bookshelf before


I also brought here what I put elsewhere.
A collection of camera related items.
・Camcorder, unused cassette, cable and charger
・NIKON single-lens reflex camera
・Nikon Digital SLRs (? Filters?)
・Unused CD-R, DVD-R, Blu-ray disc

For storage, I used a ¥100 Seria plastic case that was used in the closet on the first floor.

My idea is that the 100 yen plastic case is suitable for places that are not directly visible.

That cleared things up a bit.
After putting order on the bookshelf 3

Most of the contents of this bookshelf originally belonged to my husband, but I still have some of mine.
What is left here
High School Chemistry Textbook (I still sometimes use it to teach my son science)
・ New employee list (my husband and I joined the company at the same time, so it’s a memory lol)
・Parenting notebook I made with my maternity swim buddies when my son was pregnant.
・Parenting diary (I wrote it on childcare leave~).

On the other hand, crushed objects
· Old savings book. As expected, the savings account is more than 10 years old, so you don’t need it.

Nostalgic “Sakura Bank” ~ There were many banks with these names during the bubble era.

・Old business cards (I still had a box of business cards from my company. There are several types of business cards because the department changed.)

・Old list
In the old days, personal information was leaked, wasn’t it ~ university graduate lists. This time I discarded the ones that seemed unlikely to open.

…I’m a lot of latecomers.
many shredders

Having an electric shredder is convenient.

This is quite a refreshing bookshelf (^ ^)
Then he put order on the bookshelf

So there are various ripple effects from clearing this place. Move things with…lol)
Also, I was able to do a lot of things I wanted to do ( ̄ー ̄)

I will write about this story next time.
Please visit us again~(^^)/

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