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[Online klasmaatregelen]Lay a wired LAN cable in my daughter’s room

good morning♪
It’s been a year since my daughter’s (2nd year college) classes went online.
This year my daughter has (finally) only been able to attend school once a week, but with the declaration of the state of emergency it’s back online… (As a parent I worry about going to the city center just for that lecture, so I’m thankful for online.)

So far I’ve used wifi for online classes and had almost no problems (often four family members use the internet at the same time), but at my daughter’s university about 100 people attend a ZOOM lecture at the same time yes.
Then, “wired” is good for those connected to the internet, but “Wi-FiIt seems that there are times when the radio waves are not connected.
My daughter sometimes says “The radio wave is bad, it drops out” and “The picture is frozen”, so this isI need to install a wired LAN in my daughter’s room.That’s what I’m talking about.

Wired LAN has the advantage of being able to communicate at faster speeds than wireless LAN, and the communication speed is stable.

When our house (17 years old) was built, we put the wired LAN (internet) socket in the place of “socket at the entrance of the living room on the 1st floor” and from there “next to the TV on the 1st floor” . floor” and “my husband’s room on the 2nd floor”. I did the wiring indoors.
In other words, it has three mouths.
At the time of building I thought that was enough, but…💦

My husband says, “I should have wired LAN in all rooms.”

If you ask for construction now, that’s quite a job.
If you are building a house, refer to it.

At the time, I didn’t really understand it either, so I thought, “Is it okay if I switch to Wi-Fi?”

Well actually I have no problem with wifi but my daughter’s room is far from where wifi router is installed so it seems the signal reception is bad💦
I can’t connect.

So I decided to buy a 30m cable from Amazon and run a DIY wired LAN cable from my husband’s room.
I bought a 30 meter cable.
I thought I didn’t need 30m but when I actually put it down I’m glad I bought 30m.
By crawling on the ceiling or on the baseboard, the length of the cable is required instead of the straight distance 💦
20 meters may not be enough.
It is a flat cable (flat cable), so it’s nice that it can easily be turned on the wall.
In addition, the accessory (cable clip) was also useful✨
I’m not sure, but according to my husband the cable should be “category 6 (CAT6)” or higher.
I bought this.

If it’s Rakuten, it’s around here.

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Start from the hall area on the second floor. Slide the bookshelf away.
At first I tried to put it under the baseboard, butI like ~
And even when I use a vacuum cleaner, it seems like dust gets stuck in it, and I don’t like that (laughs).
I made it so that it would be pulled over the baseboard (;´Д`)
You don’t want the floor to creep as much as possible. I can’t help but go to the door…
The entrance to my son’s room crawls over the door.
I can’t help but see this area.
In my husband’s room I let the ceiling crawl all the way so that he would get up at the desk.
The supplied cable clips were sufficient (30 pieces), but the places where it was difficult to hit I taped with a hammer.
It is useful to have one magic tape ~

This kind of place was secured with magic tape.
At the door of my daughter’s room.
In my daughter’s room, I crawled on the baseboard all the time, so it’s barely noticeable.
I also crawled on the baseboard under the sweeper window and hooked it to the curtain rail hook.
Since there is space in the cable, it is OK even if you move in the room.
You can even use it when you take your computer to bed.
I need this adapter for my daughter’s computer. (my husband had one)

(Afterword: I received a comment. When I asked my husband, normal Windows laptops often have a wired LAN connector, but Mac Book Air does not have a wired LAN connector. My daughter’s old Mac Book Air The only external connectors it has are USB and DP (Display Port. So you need a wired LAN-USB conversion adapter. It seems that different computers need different adapters, so please check carefully before buying.)

I connected it to my MacBook Air at my desk and was pleased with how fast and stable the connection was.
Online classes and working from home will probably continue for the time being…
It was nice to be able to lay the LAN cable.

Still, my daughter and son are busy with their studies.
It seems that the university hands out quite a few assignments every day💦
My son has to read and summarize three papers this weekend (maybe it’s a roundtable?), so he doesn’t seem to have time to study and play with his friends during Golden Week. seems difficult.

See you soon♪
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