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new dishwasher

good morning♪
Yesterday afternoon the installation work of the built-in dishwasher was planned.

So I started cleaning the kitchen in the morning.
Remove all contents from the microwave rack, clean it, check the best before date, etc. and put it back.
Take out the kitchen drawers one at a time, take out the contents, wipe it clean and put it back in.
Remove all contents from the refrigerator, wipe it clean and put it back.

Before I started on the freezer, a ping pong was added, so yesterday I ended up with the fridge space.
cleaning fridge

But about half of the kitchen cleaning I was worried about is over
Most of the time was spent in the toaster and microwave (^ ^)If I bake a pizza or something, the cheese falls off~

No matter how hard I tried to polish it, it still wasn’t perfect.
Let me know if there is a better way.

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Well, today about the built-in dishwasher.
Harman’s built-in dishwasher, which we use every day since we built it 10 years ago, recently started leaking water.

I didn’t notice it at first, but my daughter complained that the kitchen mat was wet so I opened the bottom panel and found that water was dripping as it ran.

When I contacted Harman, they said that the inside packaging may have deteriorated and that the leak could be due to a crack in the plastic part that contains the detergent. But that plastic part is 10,300 yen. I was told it would cost about 30,000 yen including the repair costs.

Also, since the product’s life is assumed to be about 10 years, it is difficult to say whether it can be used in the next 10 years, even if it is repaired this time.

So I decided to buy a new one.

I bought it again from Juplo, who was in debt when I bought a stove earlier.

↓It seems that Rinnai is the only domestic manufacturer to open the front now. (January 2018)

I think the front opening type will fit more than the drawer type.
And yet I wonder why domestic manufacturers don’t make them anymore (^^;)? Foreign.

The product was decided, but I was concerned about the construction.
Construction costs are high…(´・ω・`)

I thought about asking my father, but he said that although he knows a lot about electricity, plumbing is difficult.

After thinking about it, I decided to have him come to the construction site, taking safety precautions, because it was all about the plumbing.

But I’m glad you finally came 😉

I looked at the work, but I think it was difficult for an amateur.
In my case, it took two hours, even for professionals.

Because it looks like our dishwasher was plastered with skirting boards and tiles after the dishwasher was installed (!?), and I couldn’t get it out without removing them first!
I thought of many things, but I couldn’t help but take this.

I cut the baseboard on the right side, peeled off the tiles and was finally able to remove the dishwasher.
take out the old one

It is difficult to throw it away as a big waste, so the old dishwasher was acquired for 2200 yen.

When I removed it, the inside looked like this.

Here’s the new dishwasher (although it’s exactly the same as the old one).
It was so heavy that it took two men to carry it.
new dishwasher

It’s a panel that attaches to the front of the dishwasher, but it costs about 10,000 yen if you buy a new one. (black if nothing confirmed)
So I decided to remove and use the board I’ve been using so far.
My panel was originally a wood color, but it turned out to be a very subtle color… about 5 years ago I painted it pure white.
↓ A picture of my daughter trying to paint at the time (laughs)
my daughter paints

While the construction workers were at work, I painted at the dining table (laughs).

When I painted it before I couldn’t paint the edges as it was still installed so I figured it was time to paint the whole surface pure white again.

Installation completed.
new dishwasher

They said it was difficult to get the tiles back on, so they put a white acrylic sheet on top.
The baseboard was also glued on, so the cut edge wasn’t as noticeable.
No, sorry for the inconvenience.

We also have an 8-year warranty, so you can get to work with no money, even if something needs to be fixed next time (laughs). (It cost 8200 yen separately) Well it can’t be helped.

I’ve been doing the dishes by hand for two weeks, but it’s still difficult.
front open

I finally have a new dishwasher, so I’m going to use it every day. I’m happy~♪

See you soon~♪
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