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My niece’s new room♪

I helped my sister clean the house again.

This time I made my niece’s room like this.

I placed three colored boxes side by side.

I brought here the color box that my daughter used at home (← I bought an IKEA bookshelf, so I don’t need it anymore) and the two color boxes that I used on the first floor of my sister’s house and put them to good use.
Don’t buy as much as possible, it’s important to “use what you have”!

life saving

If your child is small, I think a cheap colored box will do.
When you get a little older and your preferences are revealed, I think you should buy your favorite furniture.

↓The color box can be used in many ways♪

I bought 6 white cabinets for the two lower shelves and put them together.
I thought that if I used white casing for all the steps, it would look too inorganic and lonely for a child’s room.
If it’s an adult room, you can tuck everything away neatly, but in a kid’s room, I think it’s good to see the toys to some degree so you can immediately think, “Wow, that’s cute. I want to play with it.”

Also, if the drawers are too tall, it is difficult for children to look inside and use them. It is dangerous to put it on your feet.
When I have a small child, I’m a worried aunt who thinks about “safety” (laughs)

The white case inside is the same plastic case I use at home for “vegetable” and “bathroom”. Light, beautiful and durable, I like it ♪

I brought all my niece’s toys from the Japanese-style room and closet on the first floor and put them in this white case.

“Home Tool Game”

Meru-chan’s Clothes

“Bag” (Girls love small bags and purses, don’t they?)

“Soft Toy” (Not so much~)

“Playhouse” (small series?)

I forgot to take a picture of the “ball” case (^^;)

My niece can already read Hiragana and Katakana, so I named her Hiragana.
the name of the land

↓ I brought the name of the land and the toolbox (laughs)

↓Free Shipping on Amazon♪

As you can see from this, it is only half full.
I think it’s important to still have storage space.

This allows for easy cleaning.

Throw something in the case and you’re good to go.

“Where do I put it?”

I got tired of it and left it

dirty room

this is a model of my sister’s house (laughs)

Throw anything into this thing, not even there!

Even my sister said, “I can do it.”

Children’s toys are often very small.

Even if you keep order, there is no end.

In a box that roughly says “ball” or “play toy”as correct as possiblePut it in, take it out when you want to play, and play as much as you want.

And another thing I told my sister.

“Children from kindergarten and primary school age cannot be asked to clean themselves.
Mom will put the toys away when she’s done playing.
It’s fine to suggest they clean up together, but don’t scold them for not cleaning up.
Of course, I can’t yet.”

and complain.
“Children watch their parents, so if the parents are not tidy, even the children will not be able to clean.”

However, when I used this “drop-in” storage, my sister was thrilled and said, “This is the storage for me.”

The low board on the left side of the color box had belonged to my sister for a long time, so I moved it up to the second floor.
(Thus, the Japanese-style room and closet on the first floor have been vacated, so food supplies and bags of rice can now be placed on the first floor!)

I forgot to take a picture of the contents of the drawer, but the largest drawer contains a “puzzle”.
Stationery, drawing paper, origami, etc. are stored in a small box.

This is what the other side of the room looks like.

There was a chest of drawers. There is no closet in this room, so I wonder if I will be storing my niece’s clothes in the future.
But now I have my sister’s clothes (–;)
I need to gradually tidy up here and make room for my niece.

The reason I made a room for my niece is that until now the living room was the only place to play, so when my brother studies at the table in the living room, I can’t invite my friends over.

Now that I have this room, I am happy that I can invite my friends over anytime from now on.
Girls don’t have to worry about being alone in a separate room (← They don’t do dangerous things like guys do ~ experience lol)

After that, I have to choose a curtain… Choose a cute study table ♪
At the moment, it looks like the desk will be located in a Japanese-style room on the first floor (^^)
I think it will be fun to go shopping with parents and children to slowly prepare the room.

My niece was very happy when this room was finished and it looks like she and her brother played together.
After my younger sister was born (I couldn’t go out because she was sick), I had to put up with a lot of things, so I’m glad (^^)

See you soon♪

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↓The book I read yesterday was interesting♪

This is a very old essay, but Shion Miura’s essay is wonderful! More details~

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