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Make a wet tissue box with Bitatto & Futapon

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Well, yesterday I made a seat cover using Bitatto and Futapon, which are sold as wet seat covers.

The back (square) is a bitat and the front (circle) is a futapon.
seat cover

Do you know Bitato?
Those who know about it may think “I’ve known about it for a long time”, but I first heard about its existence about two months ago (laughs), and thought it looked interesting, so I decided on Rakuten to go. I bought one to try.

It sells for about 200 yen.

Looks like similar items are sold in 100 yen stores (^-^)
These are plastic lids that clip onto wet wipes or baby wipes.
Just by attaching it, you can keep it wet to the last by preventing it from drying out like a case.

Maybe you know someone who has a baby.
When my kids were little, that convenience didn’t exist.

I’m no longer interested in baby wipes (laughs), but recently I’ve been using pet sheets and wet wipes to wipe the limbs and buttocks of Hide-chan, a turtle.

Therefore, I decided to make a cover that will look good even if it is placed in the living room.

This is the article I referred to.

“How to make a butt wipe” by Gingamuchikku

It was written very clearly

I made it the same way.
Materials are 24.5cm x 34.5cm laminated fabric, 30cm zipper and Bitatto.
bitat material

This cloth is a laminated fabric from Decollections.
Thanks Decollections. Nice fabric despite being laminated

↓Brown is nice too!

Use the one-sided metal attachments to attach the zipper.

After attaching the zipper, fold the gusset (fold 2.5cm to form a 5cm gusset) and sew both ends.

Then a pouch was made with a wedge of 5 cm.
This is the back

Apply a bitatto to the center of the front.

Open a hole.

Attach the fabric to the lid with double-sided tape and stick the bitatto to finish.

But when I finished it, it was too big (T_T)The tag was also upside down ~ failed

The wet wipes and toilet paper I wanted to put in were all thin and less than 5 cm high, so they were too baggy.

I sewed it again with 1 cm on each side and stuffed it, but it was still too baggy. Are the seats getting smaller these days? ?

Since the bitat is attached to the lid side, I also thought that if the seal on the seat body were removed (usually said to be removed), moisture would build up in the lid.

Won’t moisture escape from the back zipper and dry out? I wondered.

So when I searched for it, it turned out that with this type of cover, the seat sometimes dries out and the inside of the cover starts to mold due to moisture.

So I was wondering what to do so I searched again and found that a product called Futopon was recommended.
It is a 100 yen product sold at Can Do.
Yesterday I immediately went shopping by bike (laughs) to Can Do.

Oh, I’m glad it’s made in Japan~ヽ(≧∀≦)ノ

In this case, the inner attachment is attached to the packaging side of the sheet from below and the lid is clicked into place from above.
There are also 2 sizes of attachments inside, so you can use them depending on the size of the outlet.
Disassemble futapon

This secures the cover to the seating area side so it doesn’t dry out and you don’t have to worry about moisture filling the cover.

So I tried again to make it the same way, but this time I measured the size of the toilet seat I had with a tape measure first.

Given the 1cm seam allowance it should be about that much (← appropriate lol)20cm zipper on 30cm x 20cm canvasSo I made it.
make with futapon

This is just the right feeling♪

The corner plate was bent 1.5 cm (that is, it was 3 cm high).

This time the opening hole in the front is small and looks like this. I cut it to size for the button part to come out.

Then click the lid on from above, and attach the cloth to the lid with double-sided adhesive tape, and you’re done!

A cute shawl with a duck pattern is ready.

It doesn’t cost that much material.
I used four 100 yen Can Do zippers for the 20cm zippers (laughs).

You can attach a string and make it for your car.
I think it would be cute if you made it with a handle to walk your pet p(*^-^*)q

I think this futapon is better because it can be attached directly to the seat and the mouth is small.

If it’s a futabon cover, maybe it’s possible to use a regular non-laminated cloth? ?

Just like the previous food storage clip, there are several new ideas for sale♪

Looks like this product called Futapon can also be bought on Rakuten☆


It seems there is still room for improvement.
Please try to make it yourself.

tram traffichandmade cloth

tram trafficI like handmade.

See you soon♪

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