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Lilimyu, Haki, Mediheal. Is it really good if there is a buzz in 2021!? ?an honest review

good day! “I can’t lie, can I?” ← Isn’t this statement itself a lie? I’m sorry that I think so.

I really can’t lie~ (faraway eyes)

This year, I didn’t have much time to look at SNS, and all I could do was read magazines.
However, rumor has it that “it was all noise”.

But buy it just because it buzzes…
Maybe that’s the trick…
I thought, and the more noise I get, the further away I get from the product.

(MORE) Is it possible to hold this position as an influencer(s)? I decided.

This time, I will actually use the cosmetics and skin care products that are trending in 2021 and give an honest review of the “easy to use!”

*However, this is just my personal opinion.
*Strengthening the line of defense

At the end of the article, we will announce the 4th day of the SABON Advent Calendar, so stay tuned♪

① Lilimew Pick Me Eyes Glitter 03

Click here to go to the official website♡

Cosmetics produced by Rinohiro Sashihara, who appeared in MORE and DAILY MORE magazines.

Among them, Eyes Glitter became a hot topic, saying that it was “too cute” and “it’s the first time I’ve seen glitter like this.”

In the first half of 2021, it won first place in the eyeliner category of the Petit Pla Cosmetic AWARD.

(It’s amazing to keep a standard black or brown eyeliner and take the top spot)

Lilimyu Pick Me Eyes Glitter 03, Lilimyu Drawstring Bag

Arrived in a satin bag. First of all, the pouch is cute!

*Since then, the pouch has evolved into a hygienic case and is carried around every day. The feel of the size is just right.

    Lilimew Pick Me Eyes Glitter 03

This eyeliner is the type that applies with a silicone tip.

I put the version (top) where the tip is folded down and extended horizontally, and the version (bottom) where the tip is thinly extended.

Lilimew Pick Me Eyes Glitter 03

With that in mind, let’s do an honest review.

user friendly!

First of all, thisto sparkle. Too cute……! !

It’s cute even if you dot it, it’s cute even if you put it on a colored liner, and it’s cute when you pull it over your tearbag.

It’s a silicone tip instead of a brush, so you can adjust the thickness to your liking.

Especially for the upcoming season like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, isn’t this the perfect item for winter events?

Difficult to use…

First, when it dries, it becomes dry, so you don’t get smudged afterwards. I think it’s closer to “stick on glitter” rather than “apply glitter”.

By the way, if you try to wash off the glitter you just got before it dries…

Lilimew Pick Me Eyes Glitter 03 Feeling

A bit of glitter will pick up on a blurry finger. Also, there is a problem with my technique, but it doesn’t blur evenly. Big lame will be prejudiced.

And sorry, this is entirely my fault, but please remember that this is a cosmetic that chooses TPO. I was surprised when I went to work with a lacrimal sac. (I did too much…) (Because the glitter was too cute)

② CANMAKE Silky Souffle Eyes 09 Urban Khaki

    CANMAKE Silky Souffle Eyes 09 Urban Khaki

This is a limited item (it was hard to buy…).
Click here for release
↑↑↑Recommended usage for Iebe-san and Brevet-san has also been published!

In the fall of 2021, I got the impression that khaki shades were still popular. Every magazine had a khaki feature.

Among them, I think CANMAKE Silky Souffle Eyes 09 was the easiest to challenge (price and brand safety).

It was also featured in MORE”[Выпуск 2021 г.]Autumn Makeup – Summary of the latest makeup trends taught by hair and makeup” ♡

Lilimyu, Haki, Mediheal.  Is it really good if there is a buzz in 2021!?  ?  Honest review_7

Apply it on the skin in this order

CANMAKE Silky Souffle Eyes 09 Urban Khaki Usability

The hacks in ④ are less lame than the others.

And now an honest review!

user friendly!

The colors aside from the themed khaki are cute too! Not only does it have no color cast, but it’s also neutral in color, so it seems like it would be fun to use with other eyeshadow palettes.

(Because of the cute color, I can only see my hands from recently)

Khaki is especially popular this year, but it should be one of the classic fall colors next year and beyond.
The list price of Silky Souffle Eyes is ¥825 including tax (according to the official website), so even khaki newbies (like me) can buy it just because they want to try it.

(Since the color was limited, it was hard to get…)

Lilimyu, Haki, Mediheal.  Is it really good if there is a buzz in 2021!?  ?  Honest review_9

First of all, by combining these four colors, you can use khaki both cute and cool. I’m glad I bought it……!

* Things like “It’s moist ✩.*˚” are generic to Silky Souffle Eyes in general, and since this is an honest review of #09, I won’t mention it specifically. Of course, the 9th is still wet and bright!

Difficult to use…

This is common to all Silky Souffle Eyes, but since the base color (① in the picture) and the other colors are the same, the base color tends to fade.

I think it would be good to have 2x more for ① than others.

Also, maybe I don’t know how to use it, but it inevitably accumulates in double width. This is not only a product problem, but also a technical problem, so I will have high hopes for myself in the future.

③ Mediheal tea tree soothing hydrogel

soothing tea tree hydrogel
This gel has been hard to come by for a while.

Along with NMF Aqua Hydrogel, which was released at the same time,
Amazingly, it appears that “the two types have sold over 75,000 units in the three weeks since their release”! !
(Quoted from https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000182.000044062.html)

Speaking of tea tree in Mediheal

3-minute carmidy mask with tea tree

Among the 3 types of 3-minute masks, “Tea Tree Kurmid” is my favorite and I have repeated it many times.

This gel also contains tea tree ingredients (tea tree leaf water, tea tree leaf extract, tea tree leaf oil). Any way you look at it, it’s definitely good for my skin (I love tea tree).
It would be nice if it worked on acne on my back…! (just a wish)

Ingredients of Mediheal Tea Tree Soothing Hydrogel

Purunpurun gel. When applied, it gives a refreshing feeling and makes the skin smooth.

Lilimyu, Haki, Mediheal.  Is it good to have a buzz in 2021!?  ?  Honest review_13

I like Mediheal but I will still give an honest review!

user friendly!

Smooth application, moist without stickiness. (However, it doesn’t have enough moisturizing power to erase wrinkles.)

It doesn’t seem to affect makeup afterwards, so it’s perfect for morning skincare.

There is no specific smell (which I like) after application.

Soothing tea tree hydrogel Mediheal 300 ml

What makes me even happier is the excellent value for money here.

A 300ml gel costs just ¥660.
Moreover, the gel stretches well, so it can be used for a long time.
With the goodness of this cospa, you can apply it liberally all over your body!

Difficult to use…

You can use it all over your body! I apologize for writing this right after I wrote it, but the feeling of coolness remains even after I put it on, so I don’t think it’s wise to take care of my whole body after taking a bath in winter. Cooling with gel is no fun.

Also, it’s a matter of my taste… or rather, “If you say so, don’t buy it!”

Is the pump type already on sale?

(I’m worried about hygiene) (I’ll prepare a spatula)

This is an honest review of the news in 2021 (the one I wanted to use).

Also, it was a blast this year! If there is, please let me know.Anything but Maritozzo, please.smile

SABON Advent Calendar Day 4

Body scrub SABON

It is no exaggeration to say that SABON is synonymous with body scrub and body scrubs are synonymous with SABON.

Gave it to friends before but never bought it for myself so very very happy…

The lid is too hard to open, so check the flavor and comfort later (;;)

I want to use it soon…

SABON Body scrub Citrus flowers

Thank you for sticking with us until the end.

Until tomorrow, cheer up! let’s meet.

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