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[Laat het probleem over aan de professionals]We let you come to the small construction of the bath.

good morning♪

Our house is 14 years old.
When I heard about the neighbor’s house (built around the same time), everyone was about to have problems with the water supply.

A friend’s house replaced the gas boiler,

We also replaced the gas stove.

Got a new dishwasher (because it was leaking water) ↓

I live taking care of myself (*´∇`*)

this time,bathroom repairWe had a LIXIL service representative come to us.

I can use it, but it’s still hard to use, so

Due to repair… No, I’m really glad I asked!

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Our unit bath is from INAX (now LIXIL).
Actually, there were 3 problems in my bathroom that I wanted to solve.
I called Rikusil and explained.

・The folding door is incorrectly set up.
It rattles and I can’t open and close it easily.
My husband made several adjustments, but several years passed without it getting any better.

・I can’t adjust the temperature of the shower & Karan!

If you normally think about it, this would be a big deal, but since the temperature was fixed at about 40 degrees (laughs), I had no problems showering.
But it cannot be turned into water, and it cannot be turned into hot or lukewarm water…💦
Years passed without knowing what to do.

(There was another problem, but I didn’t solve it this time, so I’ll write about it separately.)

I’ve been using it for a long time because it’s not a problem like “I can’t take a bath until I do something about it right away!”

I didn’t even know where to ask for repairs like this,
Maybe it’s too expensive? That is what I thought.

Repairing around water is scary because there are unscrupulous contractors
I heard that an acquaintance’s house had a clogged toilet, and when he hastily searched the Internet and called a company, he was charged 40,000 yen. I can’t help but pay… looks like I paid cash… it’s too expensive💦

So I thought it would be safe to ask a store that has a store in my hometown, so I asked a neighborhood refurbishment store first.
“When it’s 14 years old, you’ll have to renovate the entire bathroom.”(´・ω・`) Eh
It would be better to have a new bath, the floor of the recent bathroom is beautiful, etc.

I said, “It’s old, but it’s still clean enough, and there’s no problem other than the folding door and the shower…”. (smile)

□ ■ □ ■ stranded

So I called Lixil customer service.
When I told them about the problem, they responded politely and immediately dispatched a local construction company.
(I waited about 3 days because I ordered the parts)

The contractor first tried to remove the folding door and there was mold on the rail under the door!
I’ve never taken the door off and washed it!
I was in a hurry to clean it up…(;´Д`)

When I let you look at it, it looked like the door roller stopped turning and was worn out and rattled.
That’s why I replaced the top and bottom of the door.
(The parts cost 570 yen and 510 yen for the two bottom hinges and 1200 yen for the top hinge.)

And as a result of spraying lubricating oil and adjusting the standard of the door…

The folding door now moves very lightly and smoothly! !
I thought I would have to replace all the doors, so I’m happy~.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

Both my children and my husband were surprised by the movement of the door, which was different than before (laughs).
I thought it was normal for it to rattle so much that it was always hard to open
I also forgot that I had done the construction, and opened the door with all my strength (until now I had to do it 💦), I opened it easily and said: “Oh, it’s already fixed…” I’m getting impatient…
It is a bit out of focus, so it will take about a month to get used to this lightness.

And another place was where the temperature of the shower could not be adjusted.
It seems that the parts still don’t move here, so I replaced the parts.

It was 5,700 yen for a part called temperature control ASSY.
↓ It looks like this part adjusts the amount of water and hot water, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.

It was the work of stopping the main valve of the water supply.
It seems that it was quite difficult (because nobody touched it after moving…), but it seemed difficult, but the replacement is completed safely.
Cold water (because it’s water) came out fine!
Hot water is now available!
Aren’t you happy? ()

My family was impressed too ← It’s an exaggeration but everyone talked to each other after taking a bath (lol)

And about the cost of this construction, he left a detailed item like this.

Parts reimbursement ¥7.980
Work allowance ¥7,000
Business trip costs ¥2,500

Including consumption tax,¥18,878

I paid immediately in cash.
I thought cheap!
I thought it would actually cost more.
I should have asked earlier (*´∇`*)

If there is something wrong with the tub, call the tub manufacturer first.That’s what I understand.
I think this is the cheapest and most reliable.
There is a number on the folding door, so take a picture of it with your smartphone (←Because I have presbyopia💦)

When I gave my number on the phone, the call went smoothly.

When I spoke to the construction worker,
Unit bath can be used for 20 years(The manufacturer assumes that) Yes.

If you ask a remodeling company, they can recommend a full remodel right away, but keep in mind that you can use it for 20 years, and you can use it for another 6 years (laughs)
I want to take good care of it, repair it and use it for a long time (*´∇`*)

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