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Kospa is the strongest! 24 years of the best skin care 2021

good day! When I was concerned about the nasolabial folds, my husband asked, “Why don’t you do something about the redness of the nostrils?”

There is no sound hoo, hoo…

Today we will continue to present the best skin care 2021 after the best cosmetics 2021!

It’s almost a cheap price, so I would be happy if you know that “There are good things even with a small price!”, just like cosmetics.

At the end of the article, we will announce the 13th day of the SABON Advent Calendar, so stay tuned♪

CLINIQUE Cleansing Lotion 2

Click here for the official website

I like it already and it would be nice if he was in the Hall of Fame right now. I’ve been using it since my first year of university, so it’s been more than four years.

I have featured this on my blog before.

When I wake up in the morning, I soak a cotton pad in it and wipe my face and neck to complete my skincare routine.

Definitely not moisturizing enough! It looks like it will be reviewed, but for now I think this is the best path for me. I’m 24, so the corners of my skin are flashing right away, but if I’m not happy with the way I’m doing it, I’ll change it.

I used to use CLINIQUE serums and creams in the morning, but the frequency of retouching my makeup was more then.

He’s so popular I don’t even need to introduce him lol
There are different types here
The products you should use will vary depending on your skin type, so we recommend you get a skin exam at checkout.

(Come to think of it, I only went there before I started college, so the quality of my skin may have changed, so I should go.)


Click here for the official website

The old package shows how old it is lol

Anyway, it has a thick texture (not the type that applies with cotton) but it absorbs quickly into the skin and keeps it moisturized.

There are 4 types of AQUALABEL lotion, but I use the one that specializes in whitening.

I’ve been using this product for almost 4 years now, so I can’t compare how effective it is for whitening.

At least it’s too good in terms of moisturizing power, so I’m worried about changing the lotion to another one.smile

Whitening care AQUALABEL

I make sure I never run out of stock by using Amazon’s regular shipping service.

Sorry for my lack of vocabulary,It smells nice. At least there is no habit. I think most people like this fragrance.

The essence of Kiku-Masamune sake

Kikumasamune serum

Click here for the official website

It won’t dry the next morning after application, even if the conditioner is left on.

When I check how my skin feels after application, I feel happy and say, “Ahh… it’s hydrated~♡”.

The Essence of Kikumasamune

I don’t know how many times I repeated that.
(Left used, right new)

Kospa is the strongest!  24 years of the best skin care 2021_6

Translucent and elastic, it’s a softness between gel and water.

This is a “sake” serum, but it only has a slight alcohol flavor. If you expand it, it disappears. Of course I’m not drunk.

It’s a serum, but I’m not sure about its effects other than hydration, so I think it should be topped up with a lotion or another serum.

MUJI Aging Care Medicated Wrinkle Care Cream Mask

MUJI Wrinkle Care

Click here for the official website

I’ve used another anti aging gel but didn’t know how effective it was.

In that case,
A chemistry teacher who teaches beautyTweet by KazunosukeAfter viewing, I decided to buy.

“Everyone, is this an incident? ♂️
New release from MUJI
[Лячэбная крэм-маска ад маршчын]
it’s just a price crash.
Niacinamide anti-wrinkle cream with active ingredient is 1990 yen for 80g? ??
Where was the era when you said, “The market price for 30g is 10,000 yen, and 5,000 yen is a bargain!”
It wouldn’t be surprising if it cost 10 times more, right?‍♂️”

(I quoted the tweet as is, but the emoji doesn’t display well)

Kospa is the strongest!  24 years of the best skin care 2021_8

I don’t know what it is, but it looks like it will be good value for money, so let’s buy it! So I bought it and am using it.

with a firm textureSmells of sweet and bitter fruits(What fruit is this).
I don’t expect much when it comes to hydration, so I’m going to rely on the lotion and essence above and just rely on anti-aging.

Comparing the aging rate of my skin and the longevity of this cream, I don’t know which is stronger lol
It’s never too early for antiaging and I think there’s a problem with my senses (I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that…) so I’ll try using it first.

matsukiyo cleansing balm

Matsukiyo Cleansing Balm

Click here for the official website

Cleaning of the original Matsukiyo stamp.

I used to use different cleansing balms and cheated on oils and foam cleansers, but eventually I went back.

However, this deception changed the favorite.Matsukiyo Cleansing Balm was chosen.

Matsukiyo Cleansing Balm

(The right one is worn out, the left one is brand new… or rather, half used.)

I don’t see any special difference in quality from other cleansing balms.

Maybe it’s because I’m wearing light makeup, but a light pat of the balm on my fingertips removes makeup cleanly and also clears pores.

However, it does not stretch after rinsing.

If it happens, it’s a boon. As you can see from the official online store here,1848 yen including tax for 95 yearsthere is Kospa, the strongest…

Also, my personal favorite point

Kospa is the strongest!  24 years of the best skin care 2021_11 that can't be beat at affordable prices
Spatula insideTakoro! ! ! !

Does it stick to the back of the lid? get caught? This is an important point for me because I don’t like to stick my finger in it for sanitary reasons.

Reviews say the scent is “unique” and “good”, but to me it’s almost odorless.
(It tastes bad if you accidentally put it in your mouth)

revlon kiss sugar scrub

Revlon lip care

Click here for the official website

Needless to say, this is also a well-known product. No enemies on the way! Lip care product.

Revlon lip care

Now the Sweet Yuzu flavor was available for a limited time, so I bought it.

(Plain White – “Candy Mint”)

Revlon lip care

According to the official website,

113 Sweet Yuzu[Абмежаваная колькасць]
Slightly sweet, delicately sweet flavor of yuzu (yellow yuzu) *Almost no color remains on the lips.
Was there a chance that the color would stay instead? I didn’t notice it at all during use.

The smell of sweet yuzu is the flavor when the tangerine flavored gum you ate when you were little started to lose its flavor. (transmitted)
It’s delicious, so I wish it was standard rather than limited edition.

Kospa is the strongest!  24 years of the best skin care 2021_15 that can't be beat at affordable prices

It’s a waste so I use a cotton swab to scrape the inside lol

Both sugar mint and sweet yuzu won’t sting, no matter how chapped your lips are.

However, the scrub is quite large and rough and if used many times a day, it will irritate the lips.

I only use it twice, morning and night, and during the day I use another lip balm that doesn’t contain a scrub.

If you use a sugar scrub morning and night, you can choose a lip balm throughout the day without feeling too dry.

It’s so popular that it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use it, but I still recommend it.

How was it?

With the exception of CLINIQUE, I think you can put everything at an affordable price,Kospa is the bestI think.

But… I’m turning 25 this year so I don’t want to use up depacos skin care any time soon. (whispering)

SABON Advent Calendar Day 13

Kospa is the strongest!  24 years of the best skin care 2021_16

Until finally! ?
foot cream
That’s right.

Contents of the SABON advent calendar

When you say foot, do you mean the top of the foot? No, you mean the soles of your feet, right? Or between the toes…? ?

I was so worried that I looked at the official website,

A healing cream for the soles of the feet that soothes with a refreshing mint scent. A cream with a very silky and smooth feel, which can be used not only for legs, but also for stiff elbows and knees. Soothe your tired feet with the refreshing scent of mint.

So I was convinced that it would soften the hardened areas on the soles of my feet.
I’m really looking forward to it! !

By the way, in the advent calendar, Christmas has passed, and the New Year is still coming! Please stay with me a little longer m(_ _)m

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