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Kitchen Storage Review Part 2 “Make a Tall Basket”

good morning♪
Yesterday I made a present for White Day with my daughter (^^;)

My daughter made “Nanchatte pie no mi” which was super easy and delicious to make (I was making it myself when I was at the parent meeting ^^).

tram trafficDelicious food and sweets @ handmade


I also packed the sweets I bought from Kaldi, bought a bag from Seria and wrapped it cutely.
Recently, when my daughter went to Disneyland with her friends, I had some candy leftovers, so I packed them…(*^-^*)
nice packaging

The original plan was to make 24, but the number increased to 30. When I ran out, I went to a nearby grocery store to buy chocolate and even made extra marshmallows and chocolate in between cookies.

It was 9:00 PM when I finished packing everything.

Was it difficult to prepare for White Day at home? ?

tram traffic☆White Day☆

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By the way, last time, when putting away the hob, there were things that got kicked out… I thought about where to keep them.

tram trafficThis is a handy “kitchen storage technique”

First of all, I made a basket with eco-craft!

It’s just a normal thin basket.

Width 18cm, Depth 48cm, Height 11cm.
Even if you’re looking for such a long and narrow basket, you won’t find it for sale (laughs).

The great thing about eco-craft is that you can make it exactly the size you want.
In addition, the material cost is cheap ( ̄ー ̄) Handmade is the fastest way♪

↓ What I use is a 400m roll called a belt.

Eco Craft can make most things in half a day

First make the base of the size you want to make. Just cut the string and stick it with a band.
eco craft 1

If you just adjust the size here, you’ll be fine after that (← Eh)

It is OK to cut the long vertical and horizontal strings to the length of the bottom part + height x 2 + 10 cm.
10 cm is 5 cm x 2 where the rest is folded.

After knitting the bottom, fold and stand up.

Knit the sides.

I’m going to store it somewhere I can’t see it.

It’s hard to get out without a handle.

So it’s so complete. Is it about 3 hours while watching TV?

I made it while watching a rerun of Aibo (I’m recording it ^^;) and Downton Abbey (Mary’s wedding was really fun!).

I wanted to put a disposable lunch box, disposable chopsticks, spare toothpicks and so on.
Until now it was in the basket I bought on the left, but with this shape it won’t fit where I want to store it next time (laughs)

It’s all light. Gyu gyu.
input a lot

I rarely use disposable bento boxes.
Sometimes when I go on a school trip I sometimes ask “Please let me bring a disposable lunch box” so I keep it.

What I made this time is just like the basket I made earlier for under-stove storage (here’s the story when I made this).

tram trafficeco craft

But the size is slightly different. This time I increased the width and shortened the depth depending on where I want to store it.

Well, next time I’ll show you where I put this.
I wonder if people reading this blog already know (laughs)


See you soon~♪

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Recently read book
It’s like Yasutaka Tsutsui’s book a long time ago, but it was the first time I read it.

From the start I felt a sense of incongruity (I think you’ll understand what’s wrong when you read it…), but at the end I wondered if that was it. I was cheated (–;) I think it is thin and can be read in one day. If you’re interested in story tricks, read on.

And the fourth book in the Housewives Detectives series.

This time was also interesting ~ the conversation is more interesting than the incident!
Every time there is a line that says something like “That’s right, that’s right!”
Jane, the main character, has three children in high school, elementary school and elementary school, but she is very busy picking up and eating meals every day.
“I thought about the short-sightedness of the intermittent labor that forced me to go to three different schools. We finished at the same time!”
Are there not many people who know this? ? Just when I thought the upper grades had finally gone to primary school, this time the lower grades went to kindergarten (laughs). Reading this, I think housewives are the same in every country.
Also the cat named Hector that appeared this time was too cute. If you are interested, read it ~

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