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It was so dirty~(((( ;゚д゚))) I’m glad I asked! Air conditioner cleaning!

good morning

The other day, with the introduction of Your Meister Co., Ltd., I was able to follow the cleaning of the air conditioner in the living room.

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Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

“Anata no Meister” is a website representing professional cleaning companies.
In addition to house cleaning, we also offer a variety of cleaning services.

“I want to ask you to clean the air conditioner”
“I want my kitchen professionally cleaned.”
“I want to clean the mold in the bathtub.”

Even if you think about it, you don’t know where to ask when it comes to an emergency.
I don’t know the reputation of the local private sellers, so I can’t ask them even if I wanted to.
House cleaning will be especially thorough because you will be inside the house (´・ω・`)

When it comes to the question, after all, Major Duskin …?
But the price is too high… and I am worried about the time…

In this case, Your Meister has good reviews and the prices are clear and you can compare them among many suppliers, so you can order with confidence.

First, register on the Your Meister website and find a company that matches your address♪

For example, if you search for air conditioner cleaning in Tokyo, you will get 287 hits.
Without a name

Then look at the conditions you want (cities, towns, date and time, female staff, etc.), reputation, price, etc., choose the company you want to book and make a reservation.
You can choose up to three schedules, so we exchanged emails a few times until we settled on a schedule.
I’m glad it’s a very readable site (・∀・)

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thank you for always

I asked Mr. T (I don’t know if I can write his name on the blog, so if you are interested, please email me) (^-^)
He seems to work mostly in Tokyo, but he was a very interesting older brother~
We chatted all the time ( ← Were you on the road!?)

A Japanese blog on the village theme of house cleaning
House cleaning

Our air conditioner was purchased two years ago and manufactured in 2015.
It’s only been 2 years (of course I haven’t cleaned it ← yay) so I thought it wasn’t that dirty.

↓ Terrible because of the dirt on the filter…

It was amazing ( ̄▽ ̄;)!!

This is the most used air conditioner, so it was quite dusty and dirty inside.
It’s about half mold and half dust.
I was also told that it smells like cooking oil.

I’ve been using the stoves and pots on the dinner table a lot lately, so the smell of oil seems to have permeated the conditioner… (≡ω≡.)

Air conditioners near the kitchen tend to get dirty easily.

Well, let’s start working.

First remove the air conditioner parts ~

It turned out like this ~!

Later I took the removed parts into the bathroom and washed them.

Raise him carefully.

Spray a generous amount of detergent on the inside of the air conditioner.
They seem to use plant-based detergents that are safe for humans and pets.

Then use a high pressure washer pump to clean the inside.

When I looked at the water in the bucket, it was so dirty!

And the filter and cover of the main body were carefully washed in the bathroom!

Yes filter

I wonder if it was such a color… (tsu d ⊂)


Then wipe the main unit well, put on the cover and turn on the air conditioner.
Fresh air heals me~v( ̄∇ ̄)v

So far, about 90 minutes. You cleaned it very thoroughly.

If you can’t see it from the outside, you tend to miss it.
Mold and house dust in particular can cause allergies, so from now on I will try to clean the filter regularly… The filter is easy to clean, so I’ve been told it’s good to clean it about once a month. Ta (‘d` 😉introspection

I’m glad I asked for this before it got really hot…(* ̄∇ ̄*) I’m amazed at the professional skills.

It is expensive to ask a large company, but it is nice to be able to ask a relatively cheap private company to use such an introduction site as an intermediary.

If you are interested, there seems to be a flood of bookings for air conditioning cleaning this time of year, so apply early!

And this time I talked to Mr. T. and learned a lot.

the firstIf ordinary people buy an air conditioner, it is better not to buy one with an automatic cleaning function.. What?

It has an automatic filter cleaning function.
At first glance, it may seem that cleaning it is unnecessary, but it seems that cleaning the filter on the surface will not clean the dirt inside.
When I have a professional clean it, it takes more than twice as long as a regular conditioner and costs about twice as much.
Depending on the manufacturer, it can be difficult to disassemble and clean, and there are suppliers who refuse to work.

It seems that most air conditioning units now have an automatic cleaning function.
It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when purchasing.

Our air conditioner was a normal air conditioner without the auto cleaning function, so the price was cheap at ¥8,000.

“Anata no Meister” will also introduce you to whole house cleaning services such as screen door reupholstery and fusuma (*´∇`*)

Many people are busy these days, so it would be nice if a professional could easily clean it.

Cleaning the parts you can’t do yourself.
It was very nice to entrust it to professionals.
I would like to ask you again (´∀`)

See you soon♪
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