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Gradually add fall colors to your living room with new pillows♪

good morning♪
It’s the last weekend of September. This week I went shopping at the OK store with my sister and was amazed at how busy it was.
Full of people shopping for the tax hike ~. It looks like it will be busy this weekend as well.

Have you applied for the cashless payment PayPay?
When I introduced it before, I wrote that it was a bit scary, but after using it for a while, I found it very useful and profitable, so I recommended it to my friends recently (・∀・)
After recommending it to my sister, she started using it too. At my sister’s house, my husband registers a bank account and sends as much money to my sister as she needs (you can easily transfer money between individuals). In that case, you only need to register one bank account, so it’s safe. (Bank transfer is free.)
My sister’s house is Softbank, so she was happy to get a 10% return on her purchases at the OR store.
10% is a lot! I get 5% discount, but 5% is a big amount because the amount of groceries for the groceries is big.
I am happy to be refunded. It seems that from October many other supermarkets in the area will also introduce PayPay. It looks like there will be a “PayPay Thanks Day” (up to 20% off) on October 5 to commemorate the first birthday, so if you want to join PayPay, here’s your chance ☆

↓ If you have an iPhone (iOS), install the app here

↓ If you are an Android user, please install it from here. I’m an android so this was it.

Well, there are still warm days during the day, but as expected I heard the voice of October, and I thought it was time to change the blue and cool living room into an autumn colored one (*´∇`*)

The pillow I bought at the Rakuten Super Sale has arrived (・∀・)
As the reviews say, the pillows are firm and filled with a lot of cotton.
It is light, but nice that the bread is filled with cotton.
I bought four.

Shipping from one item is free in this shop ~ The more you buy in bulk, the cheaper each item ~

It’s so different from the pillows I’ve used so far.
After all, the pillow must be firm!

The pink cushion in the back is a combination of the two IKEA cushions I introduced recently (diameter 50 cm).

I have placed the nude cushion (diameter 45 cm) that I bought this time in white with purple cushion in front (*´∇`*)

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Just by changing the cover, the room has become a bit autumnal~♪DSC_2558

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I changed a little bit of the cushion cover and wall decorations.
I like having so many pillows (* ̄∇ ̄*)
It’s a three seater, but only one person can sit on it~ I like to lie surrounded by cushions.
I also changed the miscellaneous goods in the living room a bit, but I’ll introduce you to that next time~
It’s getting cooler now, so I want to warm up my room soon (*´∇`*)
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