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“Instruction overview” and “Leaving you in the spring”

Hello (@^▽^@)
The PTA board meeting took place yesterday morning and afterwards all the staff officers went to the end of the year party, the afternoon session. It was fun~♪ We all live in the same neighborhood and the kids are close in age… so much to talk about ( ̄ー ̄)
One thing that stuck out to me was a line from a friend who said, “Even if you do your best to raise a boy, your wife will still take you (tears)!” I’m worried about you.’ you think your child’s high school entrance exam is over, your friend is about to take college entrance exams…
That’s right ~ Yes, yes.
I would like to talk a lot about the continuation of the weekend in the “night part” (explosion)

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Well, today I went through the user manual and warranty (´ω`*)
For example, even if you want to clean the hood, if you don’t know how to remove the hood, you will waste time.

At the time, if only I could get the owner’s manual out quickly“Wife That Can Do It”this feeling (explosion)
And it would be perfect if I could say to my husband, “Yes, I have you clean the fan.”

That’s why I think you should always keep the instruction manual and warranty in order♪

My house is pretty clean because I put it away when I kept the “Owner’s Manual” and “DVD” ☆.

But even last year there are many things that you bought, threw away and so on.
So, as part of the big cleaning, we went through the owner’s manual.


I keep it organized in the closet in the living room.
Checking the instruction manual

When you open the door…there are lots of IKEA boxes.

I put the 100 yen document file I bought from Seria into a white IKEA box and tidied it up.

This method is really wonderful~♪ ← Self-praise

For each document file, I have compiled a “kitchen instruction manual” or “electrical appliance instruction manual”.

The inside is further divided into 9 pockets, so if you put an index on it, you can easily find it.
It’s built-in storage, so it’s easy to organize documents of different sizes♪

There are many instructions for the use of kitchen equipment alone.

Even non-electronic items like furniture and bicycles have instruction manuals…

Only the TV/PC manuals are as thick as books, so I put them directly at IKEA.

Expand one by one and view.

Then, even during this year, things came out that I no longer need.

I bought a new Blu-ray recorder, so the DVD recorder went to Yamanashi.

In addition, I threw away items such as “Entry light (bought new because it broke)” and “Faucet (thrown away because it leaks)” and only the instruction manual remained. was

Regarding the card, I canceled the Lumine card, but the documents remained (^^;)
They also say that the medical receipts are “retained for 3 years” for medical expense deductions, but I don’t need 2007 and 2008… (laughs)

I have to put this in the grinder…!

So it’s not much different, but it’s easier to find because you can discard the junk.

Once you’re organized, this review can be done quickly and easily, and should take you no more than half an hour.
Everyone, try to streamline the instructions☆

Well, today I will introduce you to a recommended book.

Agatha Christie “Leave You In Spring”

It’s long, so click READ MORE if you’re interested.

See you soon♪

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“I’ll Leave You in the Spring”

Speaking of Christie, Poirot and Miss Marple are famous. I couldn’t remember the names of the characters (explosion) so I always read by comparing the characters on the back cover.

That aside, Christie didn’t just write detective novels like this.

According to the introduction on the back cover…
Having a good husband and good children, the woman was satisfied that she had built a perfect family. However, from a conversation with a friend he met on his way back to England after visiting his sick daughter, he begins to question the relationship between parents and children and the love between the couple…

something similar.
Not that anything will happen.
I’m stuck in a place where the trains don’t run and I’m just remembering different things from the past but it’s terrifying….

From the beginning, the main character was a woman who looked down on others. I hated it, but from the middle I feel sorry.

And it’s scary. So what about me…

If I had read it when I was young, I might have thought it was boring, but when I read this book as a housewife at this age, I think that even though the book is set in a foreign country 100 years therefore, many things still concern me today..

When my husband says, “I want to do the work I really want to do,” I say, “My annual income will go down. I will have a child! Please think about your future family.’
Only “children, worthy children” are invited to the house… Children want to leave home, despise their mothers, marry early.

I think it would be interesting to turn it into a drama now….

What struck me the most was the conversation between husband and wife about children.
“Think about what we parents do to our children. They act like they know everything about you. Being under the authority of parents. It’s an attitude of knowing, always doing what’s best for a weak little child.”
– You act as if you are talking about slaves.
“Slaves of sorts, they eat and eat what we give them, wear what we clothe them in, and speak what we teach them. In exchange for the protection we give them.”

Wow… I often impose a lot on my children, so this sentence hit me hard.
I’ve always been bad at writing book reviews, so I can’t write well, but what comes out is… Don’t you wonder? ?

Everyone will be busy from now on at the end of the year, but if you have time, be sure to read this ♪

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