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Impressed ♪ Konmari-style clothing removed

Hello (*^-^*) ♪
Thursday morning I received an unusual email from a friend inviting me to go for a walk today.
I wanted to go because the weather was nice and the conversation was fun, but…

However, I refused, saying, “I have things to do today, so I’m really sorry~” (。・人・`。)) Sorry

yes, thursday“something”I wanted to practice!

It’s my clothes that have been a source of trouble for years,Cleaning with the “Konmari (Marie Kondo) method of cleaning”.

This book became a big boom.

[Бясплатная дастаўка]Life-changing tidying magic
Price: ¥1,470 (tax included, shipping excluded)

However, I did not buy or read the book (laughs).
It was popular on TV, so I just looked it up online and copied it.

So I guess I could be wrong…

Still amazing.

It really cleared it up! !

Three garbage bags of 45 liters eachIt came out (◎ー◎;) Surprised

It will take a long time, but today please look at it with wonder, thinking, “Are you embarrassed to this extent?”

My clothes are mostly in this room.
this room

This is the room next to the stairs on the second floor (the room with the front door. On the right is the Japanese-style room).

This room is my husband’s study and living room (laughs).
This is my husband’s computer desk that was presented to the public for the first time.↓
Husband's computer desk

Places beyond my control…

This time you need to clean the cabinet behind the computer desk.
This dresser was used in my room at my parent’s house when I was single.
chest of drawers

I didn’t buy the wedding furniture, I brought the furniture of my room to my wife (^^)

These boxes are 60 cm and 90 cm wide.

Almost all my clothes are stored here.
There is a mini dresser on the opposite wall to store my husband’s shirts etc but that’s the only place my husband’s clothes↓ and the rest of the dresser is my clothes ( ̄∇ ̄;)
chest of drawers (2)

The out-of-season clothes I had changed into were placed in eight wardrobes stacked on top of the dresser.
Out of 10 closets for clothes, only 2 are my husband’s clothes.
It seems to show the power distribution in our house…( ̄∇ ̄;)
suit case

This time, as a result of the “Konmari” cleaningThe eight costume boxes above are now empty.! !

yeseverything in the closet~. I am deeply touched! !

After all, you won’t have to worry about changing clothes from now on ヾ( ̄∇ ̄=ノ ♪

First of all, let me show you some of the inside of the wardrobe.
Box 3 (front)

No, just before changing clothes, and somehow dirty… I can’t help but make excuses.
Various things also fall to the legs of the hangers … ↓
Inside the dresser (front)

This is really crazy and embarrassing…
Everyone says I know how to keep things, but I think you’ll find me wrong…
in the drawer

What is this Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)
It doesn’t match all my clothes, so it’s a mess.

I’ll start cleaning right away.

The first step of the Konmari cleaning method.

“Spread all your clothes on the floor and put them in one pile.”did
I took all the clothes in the closet to the Japanese-style room next door (my husband and I’s bedroom) and piled them up!

First, the minute it hangs on the hanger.
clothes hang in the closet

Wow, there was so much.

And take out the clothes in the drawer… Oh, what a mountain.
a pile of clothes

That’s not all.
Dump the contents of the case onto the dresser.
In addition, the jacket hanging in the Japanese-style room on the first floor, pajamas and underwear in the toilet are collected.

A large mountain filled the room.
Why do you have so many clothes when you only have one body?
a pile of clothes 2

Having made such a big mountain
“Ah, I have too many clothes. Let’s get rid of them.” I decided.
I will stick! (`・ω・´)

the next“Divide the mountain into every part”there is

・Tops (shirts, sweaters, cardigans, etc.)
・Jeans, skirts, etc.
・ Outerwear (coat, parka, etc.)
・Pajamas ・Underwear ・Socks
· Suit, dress
・Accessories such as scarves and belts

The mountain split.
separate clothing

And the first thing to do is to start with the mountain of “tops”.
That’s a lot.

take one and“Does this dress make your heart flutter?”I think.
It’s hard to say, “Is this interesting?” (laughs)“Do you want to wear?” “Like it?” “Do you want to use it?”I wonder if this is similar
Based on the fact that I throw everything away, I only leave what I want to keep.

If you go this way, howI lost about half of my clothes.
Separately with or without

For example, although it is beautiful, because it is rarely worn, “I didn’t like the color”, “It is difficult to move”, “I look fat (← it’s my fault)”, etc.If I want to wear it, I can wear it, but if I have other clothes, I won’t wear it. The clothes are called.

in the endI don’t wear such clothes even if I have themI don’t know…

So cleanthrow it in the garbage bag! !

Although there are clothes that you never wear and end up throwing away, for example.
look in the mirror

It’s actually a dress I bought about 20 years ago.
But I like this dress with flowers and I still wear it (laughs).
So save it. Because I like it.PulsatingThat’s what I’m talking about.

Next is the formal dress that my mother bought me when I became a university student.
formal dress

Clothes were expensive then. An ordinary dress cost about 60,000 yen.
The uniform is out of date and I bought a new formal dress so I don’t use it anymore.

But even though I paid 60,000 yen, I only wore it a few times.
It’s not dirty anywhere, so it’s a waste… that’s why I kept it.

I was worried and tried it on.
Partner!  !

Kyaa, absolutely impossible! !
I can’t wear this anymore! (laughs)
I don’t have that shoulder pad. inverted triangle. It is impossible. It’s a bubble~

If I sew well and can fix the lines around the shoulders and waist, it might be an ant to keep it, but I can’t.
Impossible (´・∀・)┌

When in doubt, it’s a good idea to wear it (laughs).

This is how I pack clothes in a bag.

I decided to dispose of three 45 liter garbage bags.
3 bags of garbage

I thought I’d feel guilty about throwing away decent clothes and I’d be annoyed, but it was the opposite.

A feeling of cheerfulness.

I have all my clothes

Everything that is needed is left

There are only clothes I like, so let’s wear them in order♪

I feel positive.

It’s been a while, so I’ll continue next time~♪
I’ll write about dresser storage and how to use an empty case.

See you soon♪

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Thanks as always♪♪

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