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I made something like this ( ̄ー ̄)

Hello (*^-^*)
Today I did a cartonnage for the first time in ages.

Cartonnage is the craft of sticking cloth on cardboard (← too rough explanation ^^;)
↓ For more information, please refer to the book near here ♪

I am cartonnage and ecocraftThe best crafts for storageI think (laughs)
↓Unlike my random works, there are many beautiful works such as artworks♪

tram trafficcartoning

tram trafficeco craft

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This is the cover I made today.

Open the front with a doll.

Well, what do you think it will be used for~?
If you’ve been reading this blog for years, I wonder if you’ve seen it before (laughs).

The correct answer is…

It’s an “electric pencil sharpener cover” ( ̄ー ̄)!

So far I have put an electric sharpener on the cabinet at the entrance to the living room.
If you leave it out as it is, it will look bad, so I covered it with cardboard.

(For the previous cover I made with Cartonnage, see “I finally made something like this…( ̄∀ ̄)”.)

But recently my daughter said, “I want a pencil sharpener in my room!”
“Well, then you can get the pencil sharpener out of the living room~”.
My mother doesn’t buy new things that easily!

When my son was in grade school we both sharpened pencils every day so it would have been handy to have one in the living room but now it’s a mechanical pencil. My daughter is almost the only one who uses a sharpener.
When that daughter starts high school next year, she won’t be using many pencils either.

So I decided to move this pencil sharpener to my daughter’s room, but the cover got dirty, so I made a new one.

This time a small change in form.

The shape to open and cut the front is the same, but I also added a back plate.

In the last form I pushed the pencil in and it moved backwards… (^^;)

I wasn’t sure which fabric to pick, but I figured if I chose pink because it was my daughter’s room, maybe she wouldn’t use it next year and be thrown into another room. .
↓ This is a cloth that I only bought 30 cm from Tsukuru Fun.

I still had some fabric left for the cover I made recently

For the inside I used dark colored wrapping paper so that the dirt from the pencil lead would not stand out.
I bought it from Daiso. If you use paper, you don’t have to clean up the ends, so it’s easier♪

I’ve posted how to make it, so if you’re interested in how to make it, click READ MORE.

By the way, this pencil sharpener was given to my younger brother to attend primary school (I got it from my parents’ house), and it’s been about 34 years? I use.
This is the oldest household appliance in our house.

When I think of the home appliances I bought when I got married (16 years ago), I still have them… electric fans, stovetops, futon dryers, microwaves.
Washing machines, refrigerators, TVs, DVDs, vacuum cleaners, computers, printers, rice cookers… we replaced them all because they were broken or had problems.
Modern electronic products have a short lifespan.

This sharpener is visibly built solidly and looks like it will last forever.
If you cover it, you can place it in your daughter’s room without any discomfort.
in my daughter's room

I hope you will use it carefully, not only to write exchange notes, but also to study hard (laughs)

↓I have a question… My daughter’s desk is a Karimoku set♪

Various electric pencil sharpeners

See you soon♪

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That’s how you make it

Materials: 2mm cardboard, wet tape, bond, glue stick, cloth, wrapping paper, bamboo buttons, etc.

Cut the thick paper with a knife.

If you cut it like this, it will fit in a sharpener.

If you apply water to the water adhesive tape, the adhesive strength will increase.

Assemble the box.

Stick the cloth with stick nori.


Stick the cloth around it once.

For the inside I used Daiso’s wrapping paper instead of fabric this time.

Pasting was tricky, so I glued two sides on the inside.

The board for the back is also made by pasting one-sided cloth and one-sided paper.

Glue the 3 sides with glue.

Ah~ I forgot to take a picture but I taped the front so it can be folded.
I drilled a hole to attach the button and rubber.

I made it so that it can be opened and closed like that.

It would be nice if it was made more carefully… (A teacher teaching real cartonnage would probably say, “This is not cartonnage!”)
Well I’m going to use it at home (it’s not for sale ^^ 😉 It’s good

If you want to learn proper cartoning, I think you should go somewhere to learn or buy a book. Once you learn how to make such a cloth box, it is very useful because you can make a case of any size you want♪
Please try to make it

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Nihon Blog Village handmade blog patchwork quilt
Japanese blog village

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