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I made a famous Zupagetti bag with Daiso materials

Good morning♪

It seems that ZPAGETTI has been chosen as the most popular item by Hirunandes♪ this year

I bought a book called “Mart Beginner Knitting Zupagetti Bag BOOK”…(* ̄∇ ̄*)

It seems to have gained popularity after being featured in the magazine Mart (*・ω・).
The rope called “Zpagetti” seems to be a trend that started in Holland, Shonan Mama (←this alone sounds cool)♪
Made from leftover fabric from t-shirts, it’s an eco-friendly material, so it’s nice to touch!
It seems that you can’t find threads of the same color and thickness, so you have to buy what you like as soon as possible (laughs).

I saw Zupegeti on Okadaya and thought I’d like to make it, but the price was so expensive that I couldn’t buy it there (‘・ω・`)

↓Rakuten is also sold.

Since I can’t afford to invest that much in a bag that I don’t know if it’s going to end well (I’m poor), I’m back with a bang.
Shop at Daiso

Its name is T-shirt yarn. And I got a crutch for 100 yen.

Japanese blog village theme 100 yen product ☆

Even though I made this mistake, I thought the damage was small (← Huh) so I immediately bought it and fixed it ☆
It’s a thick string, so I fished it out quickly.
Gear bag

I can make a bag like this in half a day because I can sew so hard!

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This was sold by Daiso.
Don't do it
100 yen for 1 ball 9 m. I bought a 10mm jumbo crochet hook. And this is 100 yen.

I decided to make this gear bag that is in the book.
Do this
By the way, I love knitting, but I’m not good at it.
I’ve made mafias before, but I can’t do anything more difficult than that (^^;)
Even if you are such a beginner, you can do it safely after reading this book.

Zpagetti has thick threads and large stitches, so it’s good because you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or missing numbers.
It might be good to do this free research for elementary school kids~

First, I put it on the top of the bag.
First chain knit the first row as usual and make a ring of your favorite size.
At first, the 80 cm ring was too big, so I made it again with a 60 cm ring.
It doesn’t hold or scrunch up like wool when it’s untied, so you can go back if it goes wrong.
Start doing it

Just pull it out from the second row. It is thick and very easy to assemble, so it does not take much time.
to wear hard

The miscalculation was high thread consumption.
3 fingers coming out means 3 balls of blue thread have been used so far.
3 balls

So far in 4 balls.
4 balls

Above all, I used 5 balls of blue thread.
5 balls

From here, change to gray thread and make the bottom part.
When you knit the pull-out, the stitches are gradually reduced. After you’ve crossed four, skip one.

The lower part is rounded.

Maybe you can stop here and use it as a bowl (laughs).
Bowl cover

The case is woven in a different way.
Make a handle

I knit by hand. It was my first time knitting, but it wasn’t difficult.
This is my first time knitting

So, it’s done♪ I did it in 4 hours. A small gear bag.
Mini Gear Bag (2)

Because of this size, it will be beautiful even if it is held by a small child.
Gear bag

But it’s a round bottom, so you can put amazing things in it.
A short walk can be good
It can accommodate small but varied items.

It is made of t-shirt fabric, so it feels good on the skin and does not hurt your hands while knitting.
You can do it in half a day, so if you are interested, please try it♪
Spaghetti bag

This time I made it with Daiso yarn, and I used this amount from 8 to 9 bags. (about 6 blue and 3 gray) I need about 7 meters for the handle alone, so I need about 1 of each (; ̄Д ̄)

If you want to make a big bag, it might be better to buy Zpagetti first.
Zpagetti rolls 120 meters long, but I think it’s easy to make because there are no joints.
Because at the end of the day, it’s difficult to process the stitches behind the scenes!

The point of the design seems to be the attachment of a decorative button called Concho ♪

I heard that fringe bags are popular ♪ I think I can make something like this ♪

Various books associated with Zpagetti.
I want to crochet or knit a rug ~ I think I can make an entryway rug!

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☆ “People of the Takadai Family” has been completed in all 6 volumes ♪

It’s my favorite manga and I have all the volumes.
It’s very interesting and makes me happy♪
My daughter loves it, so I read it with her (laughs).

If you haven’t read it, please check it out! !


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