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…I[Макіяж Igari]A lecture on the makeup technique of the person himself ✌︎ и¨

I will be detailing the makeup of Igari ☆

Mr. Igari himself gives a free lecture on Igari makeup!
So … I came to Nagoya ♡

It’s about 27 that gets lost in makeup. ←

Igor makeup
So cute! ! ! (੭ु ›ω‹ )୭ु⁾⁾♡

The Igari makeup I learned in Nagoya
Allow me to introduce you to Dadon‧⁺✧︎

... I[Макіяж Igari]Lectures on how to do makeup ✌︎ и¨_2

(1) Prepare the foundation with the foundation

⑵ Add[Шчэка асновы]. Reddish lip base with the same makeup ◎

Do not apply directly, drip the applied blush on the back of your hand. With the pad of your finger, lift the pom pom up from the part where the cheek is down.

Looks like those pompoms are important *ˊᵕˋ)੭

My makeup started with “eye makeup”, but if you start with eye makeup, the makeup will be darker and it will be difficult to keep the balance.

Then use the same blush to add a blush to your lips.

The blush of the base is easy to balance when there is a sense of unity between the cheeks and the lips ◎

⑶ Technology[цені для вачэй]in the style of a foreigner ✌︎

Apply a dark shadow to the opening of the eye as a base. By applying a dark color first, it seems that the eyes will look like an alien with a deep circle ✌︎

Don’t use too many dark colors. Just like blush, it’s all about dabbing the eyeshadow onto the back of your hand and then blending it in with your fingertips☆

If you use the pad of your finger, it will apply the right amount of oil and make your makeup look beautiful *ˊᵕˋ)੭

⑷ Make full use of it[Вылучэнне]for a sharp look ☺︎

The main thing is to put it on before powder! It seems that if the powder is first, then the degree of light emission will decrease✎︎

For highlights, place a small circle on the bridge of the nose (base of the nose). Many Asians have a concave nose, so if you show it, your face will look like a foreigner.

If you apply[шчаку][цені для стагоддзе]and[падсветку]all over your face, you will have a cute face♡︎(°´ ˘ `°)/

I didn’t know~( ⸝⸝ 。 ⸝⸝ ) sweat sweat

...I[Макіяж Igari]A lecture on how to do makeup ✌︎ и¨_3
...I[Макіяж Igari]Lectures on how to do makeup ✌︎ и¨_4

⑸ Lightly brush in the teak wood powder

⑹[Бровы]Use the same as mascara to give your face a sense of unity ☆

Comb and straighten with a brush.

They say that if you comb your eyebrows in the opposite direction, and then in the direction of the flow, the hair will stand up, and the face will change!

Then apply brown mascara (!). It is recommended to apply mascara instead of eyebrow mascara because mascara will weigh down the brows and make trendy thicker brows look beautiful.

After applying the mascara, draw the eyebrows so that the ends of the hairs under the eyebrows are connected.

By using this mascara to create a sense of unity, the balance of the face will become a natural finish.

⑹ Use brown mascara for[павек]! The thing is…

Apply as much as possible to the roots, not the ends. This will give you a nice rounded eye shape! From the next day, I applied mascara at the roots to create volume and the eyes looked natural. Good to know ☺︎

⑺ Like uru uru[губы]like Satomi Ishihara

First, apply blush with a pom-pom. At this time, the main thing is to apply from the inside to the edge ☆

Then apply lip gloss to the center of your lips. At the same time, the width of the lips will increase, and they will become plump, like Satomi Ishihara ✌︎

⑻Finally 【Agreement】

From the above, it seems that makeup can be beautiful ♡

If you want to add +α placement to this

[Накладзіце ніжнія вейкі]
[Патрасіце парашкападобную аснову пэндзлем ад жабраў унутр]
[Хаванне куткоў рота танальным крэмам (!)]

Igari makeup is uniform and natural makeup ♡
Instead of applying makeup to every spot, if you focus on the balance of the whole face, it will turn into a beautiful, slightly different face.

Good! Good luck! !

...I[Макіяж Igari]A lecture by the man himself about makeup techniques ✌︎ и¨_5

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【eye shadow】
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[Бровы і вейкі]
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To be beautiful, get rid of your makeup and buy a new one (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧︎

I am very sorry that this article was published without content. It seems that it did not display well due to the low connection speed. My apologies to anyone who has been looking forward to reading this blog. m(_ _)m

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