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How to manage school printed materials and school supplies☆

Hello (*^-^*) ♪

Today, I’m going to write about how to manage your child’s school printouts, used textbooks, notebooks, drills, and work as requested by Yuyu-san (´ω`*)

I get a lot of printouts from schools and kindergartens… It’s really hard to deal with (^^;)

I used to put magnets on the fridge and put a big cork board at the entrance to the living room to stop the printing.

But in the end, I thought the prints were missing and dirty, so I deleted them all (´・ω・`;)
The cork board is now in my kid’s room.

Now I keep my prints in a Seria file and keep them next to my computer desk.
In the storage slot door next to this computer desk ↓
Gap storage 2

I have my school papers here.
Gap storage

Three Seria 100 yen files are included in the Seria 100 yen case.
Case for series files

Inside is indexed and presented in an easy-to-understand format.
In the papa/mama file, we put things like neighborhood associations, school volunteers, garbage days, co-op schedules, and so on.
On the first page – the delivery schedule of the cooperative ↓ Because it is important when shopping (laughs).
Schedule of the cooperative

But if you put your printouts in your file, you might forget an important school event.

So, this is how I do it.

1. I have to print my child from school.
At the end of the month, 4-5 cards will be distributed in one day.

2.Refer to school news, class news, etc. and find out what you needwrite in the calendar.

Our calendar is like this every year.
You can write 5 lines every day, so it’s perfect for managing the schedule for the whole family☆

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Price: ¥924 (tax included, shipping excluded)

I only write unusual things.
For example, on days when classes last 5 hours instead of the usual 6 hours,
Write “○ 5 hours of classes”.
One kanji of the child’s name in ○is introduced. If it’s mom or dad, mom and dad will be entered (laughs)

“○ club activities from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.”
“○ Correction of teeth from 10:00”
It’s like “○PTA School Lunch Tasting Party 12:00pm – Home Economics Office”.
It’s a dirty scribble, but…
It’s okay if we can read it ourselves (laughs)

I write the schedule for my family of four on my calendar.
Also, I will write down what I need in my notebook.
Until last year, I didn’t need a notebook because I didn’t have many plans.

3. After writing what you need, look at the index and put it in a file.
File for daughter

Delete and discard the previous month.

That’s how it feels.

The first page for children is the class network.
When my child calls a friend, he pulls out his file from here and calls.
It’s right next to the phone so it’s easy to get to.

I look at the dinner table every day! I believe people should bring school lunches first.
I don’t look at the school desk… (laughs)
Even if dinner is curry and lunch is also curry, my mother will just say, “Oh, it’s just a coincidence”…

As for the index, I like the laminated index because it is durable.
I love the laminated indexes

[Бясплатная дастаўка пры пакупцы на суму ад 5250 ен і больш]Nichiban commercial label, seal, mark of my index label...

[Бясплатная дастаўка пры пакупцы на суму 5250 іен і больш]Nichiban commercial label, stamp, marks my label from the index…
Price: 170 yen (tax included, shipping excluded)

In any case, if there is an index, it is easy to find where the print is.
Even if you think it’s difficult to do, once you do it, you can save time, so it’s recommended☆

However, there are also prints that are used immediately.

I put them in a ¥315 basket that I bought from Natural Kitchen (laughs).
calendar (2)

Nowadays, it is called “junior school cultural festival brochure”.It’s fast

I also put the monthly payment for the child’s lessons (calligraphy and piano) in this basket so that I don’t forget to pay when I go to the lessons.

The calendar hangs at the entrance to the living room (above the phone), so it’s easy for all family members to check each other’s schedules.
My daughter would say things like, “Oh mom, are you having lunch today? It’s tricky.”

Next is how to manage textbooks, notebooks and exercises that children have finished using.

Textbooks → Keep only important items for one year.
I will quit morals and physical education.I’m sorry.

I keep the rest in the attic.
But hey, you may never need last year’s stuff.

Notebook → Cut out only the unused pages of the notebook after using them as settlement paper and discard the rest.

Drills → Keep only the kanji exercises distributed at school for one year.
Arithmetic exercises are not repeated, so discard them when you are done.

I give up everything. I don’t have much trouble throwing it away.

When I bring home arts and crafts, I display them in the living room for a while (a few days?).
After some time, ask the child to throw away the things that can be thrown away.
Of course, keep what your child wants to keep.
Living room → children’s room (my room) → attic storage The place will move.
In the attic there was a cupboard for children’s work (laughs)
I put it at the end.

But bulky products are still disassembled or thrown away.
Take a picture before you throw it away.
For example, my son made such a long time ago.
A crab I made from rocks I picked up in the river when I was 4 years old. I stuck it together with glue and worked on it myself.
Photo of my son's work

If you take a picture like this, you won’t forget (^ ^)

This is how I manage my house, and maybe it didn’t help much…?
I think that every family has different things that are important, so I think that the storage method that suits each family is suitable.
…If there is a place where you can use our method, please refer to it (o´ω`o)


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