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[Herfst interieur]Change from blue to calm color (・∀・)

maintenance of a healthy lifestyle

good morning♪
The fragrant rhinoceros in the garden is starting to smell nice (*´∇`*) It’s autumn~

The summer clothes that were in the living roomFinallyI cleaned up a lot and changed into autumn clothes
As I suggested yesterday, first change the cushion cover to warm flannel.
The cushion covers and tapestries were also changed from summer to autumn.
Nihongo Blog Village Theme: Interiors* that create a lifestyle
Interiors that create a lifestyle*
WEB preview * living room
living room interior

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thank you forever

The embroidered items on the wall are also autumn/winter items~.
It’s all handmade by me (laughs).
If you’re interested in the story of when I made it, look for the “embroidery” category (laughs)
↓It’s so cute💛Kids keep changing attitude💦

Nihongo Blog Village Theme *Beautiful interior and various goods*
* Beautiful interior & various goods *
comfortable healing life
Enjoy the interior

The medaka fish tank looks like this and I put it in a place where I can see it anytime (・∀・)
I go peeping many times a day ~ (laughs)
The Four Seasons Angela was blooming again, so I cut off a branch and decorated it.

The single seater sofa is also spacious and roomy ~
When I read a book here I put a pillow on the ottoman and sit with my legs up (lol) It’s even more comfortable…

Just by changing the fabric and various goods, the atmosphere changes again
I love autumn! There are many tasty things (* ̄∇ ̄*)(←をい)
I’ve got some Yamanashi chestnuts, so I’m thinking of making chestnut rice tonight… fufufufu.

blog village theme

comfortable healing life

enjoy life

A life that loves the little things in life

See you soon♪
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