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Get rid of old photos! We managed to reduce the weight of the album, leaving only the necessary elements ♪

Good morning♪
Last month I attended a university reunion for the first time in 25 years. It seems they are making an album before the class reunion, so they are looking for old photos.

My album was left at my parents’ house before marriage (^^;), so when my father came here by car on business, I asked him to bring it to me.
I am already old, and I decided that I will not keep my photos in my parents’ house, but from now on I will take them.

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thank you for always

I asked, “For now, bring me my school albums~!” Brought me.

Seeing this makes me nostalgic. There were a lot of photos from my college days, but there were also photos from junior high.

↓This is the dog I had at home (^-^) Isn’t it cute☆

Look at that chubby! (3rd year of high school lol)
I think it’s different from the current face, so I posted it thinking no one would know (laughs)

At the time, I was working hard on the album, but the album is getting old and the edges of the album are discolored and yellowing.

Also, since it’s film time, I developed all the photos I didn’t need and inserted a lot of the same photos because it’s a waste.

So I decided to get rid of the photos! !

I bought the HAKUBA album on Rakuten. Going forward, I think I’ll be putting pictures of the kids in it, so 5 books!

Also buy a mount. Bought 3 sets of size L.

If you are interested in an article about our past album storage, see here ~

March 14, 2012 New photo album and sorting

Mar 16, 2012 The correct answer is for this album♪♪

The same album as this time is no longer sold, so I purchased a similar album from the same company, HAKUBA.
The seats inside were the same.

The new album has such a clean design.

The cover is even thinner than the one I bought before.

Since it is a binder, the pages are easy to move around. It is easy to splice.

Originally there were 10 bindings (can hold 120 sheets), but you can add 10 more, so I added bindings so that one book has 20 sheets. One book contains 240 sheets of L size.

I used a machine in my kitchen to remove the photos stuck to my old photo albums.

This makes it easy to pinch the edge of the photo and tear it off.

This is a photo from 30 years ago, so the album color change is amazing!

Then we will put the photos in a new album, but I set the photo selection criteria like this.

・For photos like this, keep only the ones that look good and discard the ones that look bad.
・Reject landscape photos you don’t need. (Since I’ve been to Nick and Izu’s many times, I’ve discarded the pictures that only show the waterfalls ^^;)
・Place photos that are similar, but you want to keep both, into a pocket.
・Give up photos that will remain a stain on the past! ! ! ←Such a shameless photo in a swimsuit that makes you look like you have such fat legs!
・Crop only the necessary part of the panoramic photo. (Make size L)

That’s why I have so many pictures to throw away. Like a mountain!

Throw them all in the shredder! ! Black history – disposal! ! ← Ha

And this is what it looks like when it’s finished

The photo was taken when I visited Noto Peninsula with friends. Kenrokuen was beautiful~I want to go again!

This is a photo I took in my university lab on the day of the graduation ceremony.

The high school group photo is large, so I placed it on cardboard to cut into four pieces.

My children were also interested in my photos when I was young (laughs).

So, surprisingly, the six albums were reduced to just that. Two and a half thin albums.

Liquidation, great success ~!

So far, every album has been heavy, and it was difficult to fit six albums, but this album is thin and light♪

And since I discarded all the uncomfortable stuff, I no longer hesitate to open any page. ( ← Ha)

To make it easier to understand, I have given the name with the name of the land.

The album is in the closet in the living room. Put it next to the book

It’s refreshing like that. You can watch it whenever you want.

↓It will be helpful♪
Nihon Blog Village Theme Storage Ideas ◎ Organize paper document albums
Storage ideas ◎ Organizing paper documents in albums

Everyone takes digital photos these days, but if you have them on your computer, you can always look at them.Don’t lookI don’t know

Creating an album like this makes it fun for the whole family to watch.
My kids love looking at pictures (laughs), so I open them sometimes.

If you want to display digital camera photos, Minami Camera and Digital Camera Print are good and cheap!

Do you also have a dark story (embarrassing photo) in your house (laughs)?

Before anyone sees this (!), I think it would be nice to take it back and make a new album with only good photos selected (^-^)

See you soon♪
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