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For hair that gets compliments from hairdressers ♡ My favorite hair care product ♡

How to make a hairstyle that will be praised by hairdressers! My big hair care discovery! !

As the saying goes, “hairstyle is a woman’s life”, a woman with beautiful hair catches the eye even from behind (*^-^*)
Even if they’re painted and fashionably dressed, women with long messy hair, women desperately touching their split ends, women with dandruff sticking out of their scalps… I feel sorry for them (@_ @;)
It’s time to rethink your hair care in the season when dryness is a concern ♪

This time I will introduce my hair care ♪
I’ve been to many hair salons, but I’m happy to say that the hair stylists always say, “Your hair is beautiful” (#^^#)
I’m happy ♡ but I’m not going to do anything special.
I would be happy if this was a hair care tip for about 27 girls (*´ω`)

Above all, from knowing your hair!

☆My Hair Features☆
Hair Volume: Normal Hair Quality: Normal Density: Normal Habit: None

· Difficulty creating volume
· The upper part is easy to crush
・Light hair
・Color comes off easily
・With bleach
・No split ends
・ Initially super straight hair
・Kitikula looks great

Every time I go to the beauty salon, I check my hair.
People call me “straight hair” but I long for fluffy curly hair (*´ω`)♡
That’s a request for something that isn’t there lol

Now I want to enjoy coloring and curling to the fullest, so I try to take care of my hair without damaging it!

I will introduce my favorite hair care products♪

We don’t have special products for shampoo, conditioner, wash or leave-in products, but we always have them.

Beautiful hair by Cocopalm

For hair that gets compliments from hairdressers♡My favorite hair care product♡_2

My latest favorite is Coco Palm.
Focusing on scalp care results in strong, firm and shiny hair.
The packaging and the smell are also my favorite points (*^▽^*)♡

Intensive repair twice a week! Basic equipment for intensive hair restoration

For hair that gets compliments from hairdressers♡My favorite hair care product♡_3

Special care twice a week♡
Your hair will become more moist and shiny (*^▽^*)

Maimu shampoo and rinse method

① Remove tangles with a brush
② Take a shower to remove the dirt from your hair
③ Shampoo 1st time. Image of removing stains from hair, such as wax. Just slightly on the surface.
④ 2nd shampoo. Photo of head massage. It lathers well, so take your time and be careful.
⑤ (Twice a week) Wipe away the moisture with a towel and let the product penetrate, focusing on the ends of the hair.
⑥ Gently pat the moisture out and allow the rinse to penetrate, concentrating on the ends of the hair.

Moisturizing and restoring L’Oreal Paris Elsave

For hair that gets compliments from hairdressers♡My favorite hair care product♡_4

A leave-in conditioner that repairs your hair when you notice it needs a blow dry in the morning☆

The one I’ve been using lately is L’Oreal Paris Elsave Extraordinary.
A luxuriously smooth cream with oil to repair damaged hair.
Blends instantly and stays moist without stickiness! It feels like a good place for cream and oil ♡

amica hair dryer recommended by hairdressers

For hair that gets compliments from hairdressers♡My favorite hair care product♡_5

I bought this on Amazon after my hairdresser recommended it. The finish is satisfactory and the price is affordable around ¥10,000!

You may not have seen it much, but I really recommend this dryer ☆
Light and strong air flow dries hair quickly ♪ Perfect for me, lazy (laughs)
It’s not good to expose your hair to the heat of the blow dryer for too long, so it seems important to dry it quickly.

When I am replaced by cold wind with one button, hot wind and cold wind are also easy to care for your hair♪
I blow dry about 70% of my hair with warm air, then alternate between hot and cold air to dry my hair completely, and finally apply cold air to make it shiny.

TANGLE TEEZER hair care products, which is very popular among celebrities

For hair that gets compliments from hairdressers♡My favorite hair care product♡_6

A hair care brush designed by Vidal Sassoon, a colorist from the famous London hair salon, who has worked with celebrities’ hair for many years.
As the name suggests, the great flexible detangling feature has spread among professionals by word of mouth, and it has become an award-winning bestseller! It looks like the name is on the rise because the hairdresser who deals with Princess Catherine also uses it regularly!

It just fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to hold ♪
It feels like you are brushing your hair directly with your hands, so you can adjust the intensity and the scalp massage feels great.
Hair can be combed smoothly without tangling.

Here I suddenly look back and wonder if it was really hair care…

To be honest, I’ve never had a hit!

For hair that gets compliments from hairdressers♡My favorite hair care product♡_7

Even if my hair is short, it’s long, and I’m clumsy and lazy (laughs).
I’ve never had a blow dryer while using it! Blow your hand when you blow dry your hair.
I dry my hair completely and then brush it.

However, I’ve heard that brushing wet hair makes the cuticles come off more easily, so…
Maybe it was the hair care that was in my own result?

Also, aside from my hair, I get compliments from hairdressers….

head shape!

For hair that gets compliments from hairdressers♡My favorite hair care product♡_8

I don’t really understand it myself but I get touched a lot lol so I recommend bobbed and short (laughs)

I think it has something to do with my pillow choice when I was a kid (*^-^*)
It seems that her great-grandmother taught my mother to carefully choose a pillow. Thank you (*´▽`*)

When the time comes, I want to choose a good pillow for my baby!

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