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There’s no denying that January can be a gloomy month and motivation levels often dip quite low. Sound familiar?! I often feel like I need to get everything done, but it’s more effective to be kinder to your mind in reality. Rather than setting myself up for failure with a series of ambitious plans and projects that I almost certainly won’t achieve (and therefore end up feeling guilty about not completing), I decided to tackle a few simple tasks that I have thought to do for months instead. It turns out that tackling those tough things in life and around the house that you know you need to do but keep putting off is transformative for smoothing the flow of everyday life. Here are five tasks you can do that are relatively quick and easy to do, but will help you throughout the year.

1. Set up a password manager and digital vault

I always seem to urgently need a document or password at the last minute. When it’s safe to travel again, imagine not rushing and trying to find all your airline check-in details just minutes before online check-in closes, or perhaps a copy of your driver’s license. the driver for an application. Having these things on hand and all in one place is so helpful. Recently, I signed up for a secure password manager that includes a digital vault. I’ve added all our passwords and important documents to it so they can be referenced from a safe place. It has made many things easier knowing that everything is at hand. Plus, it also means I’m not using the same password for everything, which feels a lot more secure.

2. Protect our family with life insurance

My best friend and I kept talking about getting life insurance, but didn’t get around to it until recently. Life insurance is really important to me as I wanted to know that should the worst happen; my heart mate won’t have to worry about the mortgage or face any financial problems. I was surprised at how easy it was to get a State Farm life insurance quote. You can start the process online or contact your local State Farm agent. It was also much more affordable than I thought, and it’s comforting to know that the things most important to me are protected.

3. Easy sock drawer organization you’ll appreciate every day

Is your sock drawer a complete mess? Do you just put your socks in pairs, but that’s it? If so, you need to know this simple yet revolutionary hack. It’s called the ‘sock quarter’ and it’s where you fold your socks as a pair into fours, so they end up folded into a cube. It means that each pair of socks fits snugly in the drawer, allowing you to always be able to see each pair when you open it. This method also saves you having to empty your entire sock drawer to find that one missing sock to complete the pair you want to wear – we’ve all been there!

4. Get out from under the sink mess

This week, I finally fixed up my sink cabinet. I admit it was a complete hot mess of spray bottles and empty containers. It was chaos and made finding anything to clean up a much more frustrating task than it needed to be. I was determined not to waste any more time looking for the cleaning spray I needed every time. To fix it, I bought a plastic lazy Susan online for less than $15 and it works great! I put all my daily cleaning items (kitchen spray, dish soap, duster, brushes) in the lazy susan, and now I can easily grab everything I need. This literally took me minutes but has made such a positive difference in my daily life!

5. Add a contrasting wreath to your front door

This year, I’ve seen a lot of people keep their holiday lights and decorations up well into January. To be honest, I understand that people want the cheer to last a little longer! For me, I had to take down our holiday decorations at the beginning of the year, as I like it to be fresh and clean for a new year. Instead, I bring the joy of January into our home with a spring-like wreath on the front door. I chose a bright yellow wreath to contrast with my blue door, which I think works really well and makes me smile every time I get home.

Let me know if you manage to check any of the above off your list, and don’t forget to protect the ones you love with life insurance from State Farm, just like you would with passwords, socks, and cleaning supplies.

This post was sponsored advertising content by State Farm®.