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Feels like a sneaker! Perfect pumps recommended for the working girl

Unusual updated 2 days in a row ٩( ¨ )ഡ

Today, I want to introduce you to the recommended pumps that are perfect for me, because I usually don’t wear heels! !

I don’t want to brag, but I usually wear sneakers or flats, and I don’t like heels.
Heels hurt, don’t they?
I have to keep walking, and of course I only have pumps I’m looking for a job lol

In the midst of all this, the pair of pumps I was presented with were very comfortable to wear and I was very impressed. !

Moon Star FLAG

SUGATA, the recommended pumps I found.

I heard that a new 2019AW model has been revealed, so I went to the experience event.

I was embarrassed to meet the SUGATA brand for the first time, but it is actually a very long brand with a history of 145 years, developed by Moonstar, a company founded in the 6th year of Meiji.

It seems to be a brand that invented jikatabi from American sneakers.

A trusted brand with footwear technology and expertise that has manufactured shoes such as boots and lace-up shoes.

4 secrets of ideal pumps

It feels like sneakers!  Too ideal pumps are recommended for working girls_2

I actually tried on SUGATA’s pumps at the event!

First of all, the impression of the moment you put in is amazing.
It is not suitable for pumps, what is already tabi? ?

I think that such heels will turn your heels on, but that is not the case at all.

We also asked the brand manager how they made these ideal and comfortable pumps!
I will explain the charm and features of SUGATA ♪

Custom designed outsole

It feels like sneakers!  Too ideal pumps are recommended for working girls_3

The first feature of SUGATA’s pumps is the outsole, which is specially designed for ease of walking.

There’s a hole in the bottom half of your foot, right?
SUGATA’s pumps have a concave part in the middle of the foot on the back of the sole, which seems to increase stability.

It definitely feels more stable than regular heeled pumps, and even with a 5cm heel it feels much lower!

It is also recommended for women who do not like heels.
With this stability, it’s easy to walk and you can maintain a beautiful posture even with pumps.

Anatomy insole that supports the entire sole

It feels like sneakers!  Ideal pumps recommended for working girls_4

SUGATA’s pumps also have an insole that distributes the weight throughout the sole of the foot, so that the weight is not applied to one point.

So you won’t get tired even wearing it for a long time.
I received the pumps that I was allowed to try on, and wore them all day at work, and they certainly didn’t tire me out!
I think the pumps actually come off in the evening, but I didn’t have one.

In addition, the entire sole of the foot is supported, does not slide forward, so the toes are less tired.
The insole is thick and the cushioning is perfect!

A bolognese manufacturing method that bends flexibly

It feels like sneakers!  Too ideal pumps are recommended for working girls_5

And that is the first point recommended for SUGATA pumps.

As I wrote before, when you walk in pumps, your heels will bend.
When I put it on and walked, SUGATA’s pumps didn’t have that.
It appears to be the Bolognese manufacturing method, which uses a manufacturing method that highlights the curvature of the sole.

I’m really surprised that the pumps don’t come off without slipping or anything!
This was the most emotional point of this period! !

Ag + antibacterial deodorant

In addition to being comfortable to wear, there are some ideas that make women happy in unseen places…!

There are many scenes where you accidentally take off your shoes, and in the summer, Ag + is equipped with antibacterial and deodorant functions to fight the smell of your shoes, which is especially worrying.

This is a really nice point.

I had a great time with the pumps

It feels like sneakers!  Too ideal pumps are recommended for working girls_6

In fact, at this event, there was also a course on how to wear pumps and walk beautifully with a beautiful posture.

Ms. Haruna Shimizu, a walking stylist who is the technical director of the Model Instructor Association, taught us how to walk with a beautiful attitude!

It feels like sneakers!  Too ideal pumps are recommended for working girls_7

We even took a picture together♪
(I’m nervous)

I actually walked around the class for about an hour, but my legs weren’t tired at all.
Good pumps and beautiful postures are still important.

It seems that wearing pumps two or three days a week, if not every day, causes my buttocks to lift, so I’m going to try wearing SUGATA pumps (laughs).

It feels like sneakers!  Too ideal pumps are recommended for working girls_8

Commemorative photo with sayu-san and Arisa-san who went to class together←

thank you! ^^

Recommended for students looking for a job

It feels like sneakers!  Ideal pumps recommended for working girls_9

The 19AW designs of SUGATA’s pumps are small and precise, with plaid and leopard patterns, as well as simple ones.

Of course, it is also recommended for office workers who wear heels every day, but I really want to recommend it to students looking for a job too!

I’ve said it many times, but I’m really not good at heels w
Pumps were the worst during the job hunt (laughs).

But if your feet hurt or it’s painful to walk while you’re looking for a job, you’re going to hate it, and I think shoes are very important.

That’s why I want you to wear the ideal pumps that fit your feet properly and don’t get tired!
Of course, even if it’s not the SUGATA pumps presented this time, please find a pair of pumps that suits you so you don’t get tired.

SUGATA is a reference candidate (*’ω’ *)

It feels like sneakers!  Too ideal pumps are recommended for working girls_10

They say good shoes take you to nice places!

I hope you find some nice shoes too!

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